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Cafe racer?


Found those jacket, do u know their id?

They look like a cafe racer

Thx you :p



cafe11.jpeg cafe21.jpeg cafe31.jpeg cafe41.jpeg cafe51.jpeg cafe61.jpeg cafe71.jpeg

Gail on 10/04/17 at 06:48 AM

This is a Pull-Up Steerhide leather style #670 in the color Luggage. This Pull-Up leather was designed to become more modeled with markings when worn, providing a unique look in aging the jacket. This particular style with the Pull-up steer and wool lining was only offered for one year in 1997. After 1997 the leather and lining was changed to a pebbled cowhide and quilt lining.


RotationSensation on 10/04/17 at 07:44 AM

Thanks Gail, what about the second one? (Last 3 pics)

It look like the first one but i dont think it is the same style

Gail on 10/05/17 at 08:49 AM

I do believe the jackets are the same, but the first jacket is in the color Brown which we did offer in the style. If yo look closely you ca see the wool plaid lining, the decorative sleeve cuff, banded leather bottom, both with side buckles and both have the shirt collar. I just think the first photos are very dark and not very clear in actual coloring of the jacket which I believe is brown.


RotationSensation on 10/05/17 at 09:24 AM

Thx you Gail :)

Also i purchased my first Cafe Racer, a brown 141 size 38 with arrow label, i'll receive it soon, paid only 160e and it is almost new.

Gail on 10/06/17 at 07:17 AM

When you recieve your new purchase, post some photos including that important pocket ticket and we can date the jacket for you.


RotationSensation on 10/06/17 at 08:21 AM

Just received it, BEAUTIFUL, 5th digit is a 4 and care label is arrow so it is from 2014 !

It is my first cafe racer and i'm in love with it.

Gail on 10/07/17 at 08:43 AM

Based on the photos you posted for this jacket, the pocket ticket does not match the jacket. This actual jacket is in our 1997 catalog and not in a 2004 or 2014 catalog. In addition we offered this wool plaid linings in our jackets in the late 90's. The main Schott label is also in the color Brown which we discontinued using in the color brown in the early 2000. Can you post a photo of the pocket ticket for me? If the pocket ticket has a barcode it will also have the style number on the ticket if the jacket is a 2004 or 2014 production. Can you also post a photo of the actual jacket you recieved? 

I know you are referring to this jacket as Cafe Racer, but the photos you originally posted are not a Cafe Racer Riding jacket. The jacket is based on the styling of a cafe racer style, but geared more to a fashion style jacket. A cafe racer motorcycle riding jacket would have sleeve zippers, this jacket does not.

Please send me some photos of the jacket, because based on the photos you first posted and what you recieved does not appear to be the same jacket.



RotationSensation on 10/07/17 at 08:51 AM

Hello Gail,

It is my bad i was unclear, i didnt purchase the 670 yet cause i'm not sure if i want it and if it will fit me since it is a 42


The jacket i just purchased and received is a #141 size 38


Thx for aditional informations about this 670 and cafe racer jackets in general

20171007_1024271.jpg 167.jpg

Gail on 10/07/17 at 09:50 AM

OK, so it is the style 141 you want to confirm, got it! The pocket ticket does confirm the production year to be 2004 or 2014. To confirm the actually year what is the name on sleeve zipper pulls?


RotationSensation on 10/08/17 at 04:32 PM

Thx Gail :)

Sleeve zipper are Schott, arrow label inside the jacket

Gail on 10/09/17 at 07:21 AM

I believe the jacket is from 2014, can you post a photo of the actual sleeve zipper pull?



RotationSensation on 10/09/17 at 04:26 PM

I joined a picture :)


20171007_1405491.jpg 20171007_1405361.jpg

Gail on 10/10/17 at 07:57 AM

This bell shape "Schott logo pull on the sleeve zippers confirms the jacket was produced in 2014.


RotationSensation on 10/12/17 at 04:34 AM

Thanks you Gail 

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