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Build my own for men?

Why is Schott's "build your own" custom jackets not available for men?

meckintosh on 11/03/13 at 03:48 PM

Yeah, let`s do that! I want my custom Schott too .. :)

Jason_Schott on 11/04/13 at 08:42 AM

What kinds of customization would you like? We decided to start with women's as a test. One of the main advantages with the women's jacket is that it's 1 style offered in a number of different options, but there are no pattern-making adjustments which is a whole different level of complicated. We have heard from a number of men who would like to be able to customize their jackets as well, but the question is, what customization options do you want to see?

meckintosh on 11/04/13 at 11:24 AM

My dream? A Cafè Racer custom. - Different kinds of leather, more or less grain, steerhide, horsehide, more grain, less grain - Colors like black, brown, black cherry, antique born/black/cherry, cordovan - lining like different tartan or plain black, beige, red, etc Alpaca wool maybe? - stormcuffs? - choose your own pockets, inside and outside - talon zippers! - possible collars Just stuff like that... but I got to stop or else I have to buy a new Schott right now! :)

Albatross on 11/04/13 at 01:11 PM

meckintosh, I think you've listed pretty much every single option that a certain Schotish manufacturer is currently offering, down to the exact name. :)

But think of it this way; let's take the 618 style for example - that jacket, one that's being sold right here, was first created by Schott and it's being made exactly the way it's supposed to be, so I believe that any kind of serious modification to it would no longer make it an original Schott. Don't forget that no matter how great the jackets from other companies are, fact remains that they're copying from Schott.


Anyway, to answer Jason's question - I personally would like to have a choice in lining. Simply a choice between Schott standard nylon quilt lining and plaid cotton flannel lining would be enough for me.

Also perhaps, I don't know how much of an adjustment would that require as I understand that decades of development have gone into getting your styles as close to perfection as they are now, but I would like to have an option of zip-out pile liner on all MC jackets, as I really do find these things very useful for when I'm riding.

Other than that, I'm good.

meckintosh on 11/04/13 at 01:54 PM

@Albatross Not only one certain scottish manufacturer does this, I know of two (three?) german companies and a french one too. All using similar names and styles... but after all I Iove my Schott and I would love to buy such a jacket from Schott. So for me, I would not choose every option of those listed, but I would love to play around and get my custom jacket not from Scotland, Germany or France ... from NYC! :)

Boriskrastev69 on 11/04/13 at 02:52 PM

This is a cool topic and I can't resist the temptation to respond. I dream about having the following options: - Base style should be 118 as the most universal one; - Alternatively you can also offer 141 cafe racer; - Then clinet should be having at least two options to tailor his custom jacket in body width and length e.g. normal/standard fit vs slim fit and normal/standard length vs long version; - Then for me personally I would love to have an option for a red satin lining and oxydised metal snaps; - With/without belt and with/without epaulets options; - Other options - with/without or hidden snaps, epoulets' stars, guilted lining or zip out extra lining, wind cuffs, different types of leather - HH/ Naked Cowhide, etc., zipper pools, etc. Of course all these may be too complicated for you to bother with when you have all your standard products immediately disappearing once being produced but dreams are what move us forward, so we all should keep on dreaming. Boris

Albatross on 11/04/13 at 03:28 PM

meckintosh, I hear you. There are all manners of customizations other manufacturers are offering, which, in my opinion, is the reason why many people go for the copies instead of the original. Then again, fact of the matter is that Schott is still half the price of any of the other brands and I don't know how much they'd benefit from offering all these alterations, since then they would have to considerably raise the price of their gear. Schott already makes a tremendously good product that does a perfect job for what it's designed for (I'm talking mainly about Schott riding gear) and I really can't think of a single thing that needs to be addressed on any of my Schott jackets. Other than the lining, perhaps. I'd really like my MC jacket to have one of the cotton plain linings.

Boris, good thinking! Choice between brass and chrome hardware would also be a big plus, too, and seeing as how Schott already included brass snaps and zips with the PER2 model, this shouldn't be a problem! Also, Schott is offering custom tailored jacket, but it's a bit pricey.

zdogtru2 on 11/05/13 at 09:28 AM

Color options would be good enough for me.

richgreene on 11/05/13 at 03:38 PM

Albatross, I had a local leather shop remove a quilted lining on one of my Schotts and replace it with a light nylon one for $80. I know some say that this is sacrelige and ruining future collectibility and other nonsense, But now i've got one for Springtime. As you say I've looked at some of the foreign brands and in MY opionion theyre cool. but Not Schotts.

Bunyip on 11/08/13 at 12:24 AM

I would be happy enough with a choice of colour for 118 . Horse wold be great, I love the Legendary hh d pocket jacket. Wish it had a Schott label. I think a choice of hardware, and maybe a choice in lining,( removable liner or an aero style choice in tartans or wool) with or without belt( or at least a removable belt), Tat would be a great start. I own 6 Schotts now, but would own more if there was a possibility of customizing somewhat. The Japanese market d pockets or legendary d pocket with a schott label in size 48 and I'm yours forever...

rosleesikin on 11/08/13 at 01:24 AM

My desire? Vintage Cowhide Perfecto Asymmetrical either PER2 or perhaps 626 with a choice of color. e.g combination of black and brown sleeve or maybe red belt.

Albatross on 11/08/13 at 07:11 PM

richgreene; thought about going that way too, but the only leather shop that I've got where I live doesn't even have sewing machines powerful enough to sew through Schott hh so they said they could go about it by hand, which I refused.

I don't really think of these sorts of modifications as sacrelige or anything like it. It's my leather jacket, one that I plan to wear for a long, long time, one that I intend on making a part of who I am, and I'm thinking, the more I personalize it, more I will love it.

Bunyip; but Legendary leather jackets - Black Stallion D pocket included - are made by Schott! :)

richgreene on 11/08/13 at 09:34 PM

Yes Albatross you definately need a leather shop that can sew through leather. I had it done on one of my Legendary D-Pocket  Horse models (Still Shakin my head on the guy that said he'd buy one only if it had a Schott tag in it-- HAHA) and the seamstress said it was a chore.  The sacrelige reference was to some that think theyre better off storing their relic for future .profits instead of wearing the Damn thing .

Bunyip on 11/08/13 at 11:33 PM

Sorry guys. Wasn't being a snob re legendary branding. The ltd Edition black stallion is the one I like, but I'm a 48 and they only go to 46. I would love it if Schott stocked them as a regular item in their store in ll Izvestia with a few options... Cheers

Albatross on 11/09/13 at 01:30 PM

Bunyip, ah, I get it now, but don't worry friend, it's not that they only go to 46 but rather, they're probably out of stock for larger sizes. If you check a standard Black Stallion jacket, without the mouton add-on collar, you'll notice that you can order sizes up to 52! I don't know if they'll restock the ltd Edition but you can always buy a standard one and a mouton add-on collar. :)

richgreene: I know some people do that and it's ing me off, as there are others like us who'd really love to buy and wear these jackets but we can't because someone bought them all off for profit.

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