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Brown Perfecto 618? Any thought?

I have many leather jackets including 3 Schotts and one of them 618, all of which are black. I have come up with a new question if I want to get a brown version of 618 partly because it is not so brown.

Some questions would be:

Would you buy a brown, if so why? if not, why?

Would brown be any different from black in terms of leather? 


Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts!





AussieJagman on 09/09/17 at 09:12 PM

I have a 618 and wish it was the brown 613 in the recent thread "Authenticity Check for Schott One Star Jacket". Even though I own about eighteen black jackets to four brown ones, black has always seemed a bit showy for me. I don't like to be noticed and I reckon a dark brown jacket helps keep things a little more inconspicuous out in public.

I also think the brown 613 perfecto has a more old-fashioned down to earth honest look that looks less out of place in a non-bike environment.

Must have brass hardware

Noabaak on 09/10/17 at 09:58 AM

Thanks! Well I thought about and slept on it, will just pass that. If you are interested, there's a neat 618 in brown on eBay ending in about an hour. I think there are people betting thinking it's black haha. It's really dark brown, which I have many on my shoes, like oxblood. I do not find much justification on top though, bombers maybe. Cheers! 

TradCat on 03/01/18 at 05:14 AM

Can't justify it? So you don't own any brown belts or shoes? All leather should match as close as possible. When I wear black shoes I wear my black belt and my black 641HH. I'm getting a 618 in brown this month to have a riding jacket to wear with the same boots in brown and the same belt in brown. I also own two of the exact same leather cowbot hat; one black and one brown. 

This isn't OCD or being a snob this is just basic not looking like a jackass or a moron.


Get a brown leather jaclet. You need it.

PeterSilecchio on 06/05/20 at 01:27 PM


Just bought on EBay a New Brown 618 in size 50. Don't Ride though the Brown Leather was more a Fashion Look. 


Bahabp100 on 06/05/20 at 03:05 PM

How much on eBay ?

PeterSilecchio on 06/05/20 at 06:11 PM


In New Condition $430.00.  
Expect to pay around that much money on eBay

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