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Brand New P6521 Chips Jacket

I was given a P6521 CHP jacket in Burgundy that is BEAUTIFUL. 

I love it, but it is too big for me. I like a snug fit. I want a small. Im willing to sell it for 1200. You will save 100 dollars AND tax. I will ship for free. I will buy one in small for me!

As it was a gift, I can't return. It's brand new, unworn with tags attached. If you are in the market, buy this one and save yourself some money! 

I can can send pics or any info you need. Let me know if interested.  My email is :



image23.png image24.png

treeman on 04/05/16 at 05:15 AM

If the tags are on you prob.could exchange it for a small. Looks like it fits you correctly, any smaller might be too short. What size is it?

Steve0504 on 04/05/16 at 10:28 PM


Gail on 04/06/16 at 06:41 AM

I would ask the person who gave you the jacket where and when it was purchased so you can exchange it. I am sure they want you to have the correct size as this is a very expensive gift. If it was purchased from our website just provide the name of the person who purchased the jacket and we can check our records for the purchase. If it was purchased from a retailer they can exchange it for you.


wolverine on 04/06/16 at 12:50 PM

I agree with Treeman...this jacket looks like it fits pretty good.  If you are close to either NYC or LA there are stores that you could visit to try on a size S...I would call first to make sure they have it but they should be able to order it in even if it's not in stock.  I tried one of these on in L and XL and found it quite stiff in both sizes.  But I would have probably stayed with the XL.  It's a tough call because after it breaks in it will get easier to move in. I also wanted to have room for a sweatshirt under it and the L was a bit tight with that extra should consider what you plan to wear under it and try it on again with a t shirt and sweatshirt or hoodie.

Gail on 04/07/16 at 06:58 AM

I too have to agree with Treeman and Wolverine the jacket appears to fit you very well. Not sure in a size small you would be able to zip the jacket up, plus the sleeve in a size small would be shorter and in the photo the sleeve looks to be just right. Once again I suggest you find out where the jacket was purchased, so you can exchange it, possibly even for a style that you would prefer. Most buyers paying almost full price for a jacket want a warrenty on the jacket, once it is re-sold it is considered a used jacket.


Steve0504 on 04/07/16 at 09:41 AM

It came from Nordstrom. It actually is okay in the arm length... Just very baggy... I want a fit like my 641hh in size 38... That one fits like a glove.... I just ordered the 613sh.... I like slim fit very much.... This CHP jacket is not slim fit at all... Way to baggy.... Ugh.

vegaspunk on 04/07/16 at 10:01 AM

Wow, what a beautiful jacket! And I agree with the other posters that this jacket looks like a good fit on you. As Gail points out, this will be considered a used jacket once it gets re-sold, and it could take a while for you to get an offer close to your asking price. The exchange route seems like the best and quickest option.  But if you are determined to re-sell it, I, for one, would like to see more than the one picture.  Can you post pics of you wearing it from the side and back?

treeman on 04/07/16 at 10:02 AM

Man... A 613sh is what I want too. Make sure you post some pics when you get it!!!!!

Gail on 04/08/16 at 06:25 AM

Steve, just a thought did you check all the pockets for a "Gift" receipt, I know Nordstroms provides these for gifts when an item is purchased. Have you asked the person who gifted this to you to help you in exchanging the jacket? Possibly look into the return policy for Nordstoms, without a receipt they may be willing to give you in store credit. I would seriously talk to your friend who gifted this jacket to you as I am sure they want you to be happy with the gift. It is an expensive jacket and you should look into all options so your friend is not out the cost of a jacket you will obviously not wear.


Steve0504 on 04/08/16 at 10:08 AM

Hi. Nordstrom said they could give me store credit... They are good about that... I just really wanted the jacket I the correct size. I made them check all their stores and they only had one other jacket, but it was a large. They said they could not get a small...

I love this jacket, but can't really spend that kind of money on myself. I'll just try to hold out and see if anyone would like to do a trade or buy it, then I will call SCHOTT and order one in small. I know that size 38 is my perfect SCHOTT size.... I own 2 SCHOTT jackets already, with my 613sh on the way later this month, that will make it 3. 




treeman on 04/08/16 at 10:25 AM

Maybe Nordstrom can order one from Schott. 

wolverine on 04/08/16 at 10:53 AM

I seriously doubt that a size S in Perfecto Brand is going to measure as a size 38.  It's possible that you are between sizes in this model.  Personally I order both size L and XL in this line and have a 43" chest.  An easy way to put this to rest is to call Jerri and ask her to measure the size S and then compare them to your tightest fitting leather jacket.  My guess is that at least one or two measures will be smaller and rule out a size S in this style.  Also keep in mind that as you consider all of the different Schott jacket models, and there are MANY...know that both sleeve length and torso length vary.  When you add to that a heavy and stiff HH you will find jackets that are cut longer will ride up when sitting.  This is not such a big deal with a model 141 because of the naked leather with a soft hand...the jacket will fold a bit at the waistline and crease where it needs to along the back, etc.  with heavy sheer or HH the collar will actually move up and hit your neck and the back of the jacket will balloon out.  For this reason I personally do not like most cafe racers since then are a model that is longer and I have a regular length torso.  

Gail on 04/09/16 at 08:19 AM

Graded sizing such as S, M, L etc. is sizing that is not a true chest measurement size such as 36, 38, 40 etc. The size small in most cases represents a 36/38 chest size, the small is a grading between these two size. As with any styling of a jacket the jacket itself can be a slimmer fit versus a normal fit. In addition everyone has a personal preference to fit and a individual body structure, so sometimes you have to research the jackets and get the spec measurements for comparison as Wolverne suggested to get the fit you prefer. I hope the 613SH is the fit you want in a jacket, just be sure the length is long enough as the P6521 does look short on you. The motorcycle jacket style should end below your belt at the top of the hip area, the sleeve should be at least 1" past your wrist. Of course I ahve seen people wear a M/C jacket that is both in body and sleeve short on them because they want that tight fit, they sometimes can not even zip the jacket up, like anything this is OK as long as you like it. It is not what fit it should be and correct in sizing in the jacket, in the end it is what you want and what makes you happy. If you do not ride the tighter fit and shorter lengths would not be a big issue in riding, as you are looking for a more fashion look.


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