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bi-swing back problems?

Something that REALLY bugs me (& most others) about motorcycle jackets, is when the bi-swing back doesn't work right. You know, they flex out but don't go back in....and you end up with them 'puffed' out all the time. Or worse, one side works OK and the other side is 'puffed' out. Then the leather seem on the back gets turned out and around and looks terrible! Is there ANYTHING that can be done to fix them, and get them to work right? I have tried mink oil, and twisting the leather in that area (even to the point of beaking the stitching on a Perfecto), but nothing worked? I have passed up so many jackets (that fit) because the swng backs didn't work!

Gail on 02/01/07 at 02:07 PM

I have never heard this as being a problem with the bi-swing back, or else no one else has contacted us with this problem. The bi-swing back should work fine, unless the elastic has broken inside the jacket, or from the age of the jacket the elastic has been stretched or lost it's elasticity. Guess we need to hear from other owners of these jackets and if they have a similar problem. Gail

WildBill on 02/01/07 at 11:12 PM

Hi Gail, I wasn't talking of only Schott motorcycle jackets, but bike jackets in general. I did have a 618 that had one side that would never work right, and never did from the wear marks, (stiff heavy leather). And the only reason the other side worked was because it had a VERY flexable piece of leather there. I had NO idea there was an elastic band inside any jackets? Has Schott always used elastic?

Gail on 02/02/07 at 08:41 AM

All our jackets have and have always had the elastic in the back. Without the elastic the bi-swing would not work. When you extend your arms the elastic will stretch and when you relax your arms the elastic will constrict pulling the pleat of the bi-swing back to close. Gail

WildBill on 02/02/07 at 12:03 PM

Then the elastic on the 618 I had was broke....yet one side worked OK? If the elastic breaks, does it break on both sides at once, or are there 2 seprate elastics?

WildBill on 02/02/07 at 12:06 PM

Can this elastic be fixed? I'm sure there must be a-lot broke from the 1930-90's. Is this elastic patented?

Gail on 02/02/07 at 02:37 PM

Bill, I cannot tell you if the elastic was broken in your 618 or there was another problem with the bi-swing on the jacket. We would have to actually inspect the jacket to determine the cause. Most of our styles with the bi-swing has 1 piece of elastic between the 2 pleats, which expands and constricts with your movement. Some of our newer styles we are using 2 pieces of elastic, but all old styles will have one. If you are asking if we have patented this bi-swing back, the answer is no. I am sure other manufacturers producing bi-swing back use the same elastic in their jackets to achieve the working bi-swing on the jacket. Gail

Sushi15 on 02/02/07 at 03:48 PM

I don't have a Perfecto, but I have a 184SM Flight Jacket with the Bi-Swing back.  Mine works just fine.

Sushi15 on 02/02/07 at 04:13 PM

I think that has something to do with a size of the jacket.  If the jacket is too small for you, the Bi-Swing will abound to stay opened no matter whtat your arms position may be. And then, the elestic band will stretch out sooner.  At the same time, the leather will conform to the shape in a long period of time.

reginald on 02/03/07 at 10:17 AM

guys, take a look at terminator 2 the galleria sequence where arnold was takingt he gun out of the rose box, when he reloaded the gun, his left side back poped out, just as you said.
the way double back works is there is a double fold of thinner leather inside, and some tiny elastic bands that hold the two folds together at some angle, when the fold is opened, the arm is flexible, when arm is hanging normally the bands pull the two folds back together. but, if you have a huge back muscle like arnold's, that is, a V shape body, then the back could be constantly stretched .
it looks stupid maybe, but you shouldn't be too bothered, it means you have strong back muscle, like arnold's.
since all of your double back jackets had the problem, which i had sometimes, it means you are probably pretty big back there, see, i even tried to puff them out but i need to train very hard to build my back to do that!
the two fold in there might not be stitched in place during production, but if allllll went wrong, then it's hard to conclude that.

WildBill on 02/03/07 at 12:32 PM

It's not that all of my jackets have done that, it's so many of the jackets I see other people wear....and I've been checking that out for over 40yrs. Also, when you try on new motorcycle jackets at stores many of the bi-backs (most in fact!) don't seem to work right....on both sides. WB

djapango on 02/04/07 at 01:10 AM

Then the simple solution is surely to go for a jacket that doesn't have a bi-swing back?

WildBill on 02/04/07 at 05:03 PM

Not really....the real solution is to find a motorycle jacket that first fits, AND the bi-swing works right....on both sides. I am a completely average size American male (aprox. 6', 185-190lb.)....but it is SO hard to find a motorcycle jacket that actually fits! Regulars are usualy too short, in the length or arm....and longs are TOO long! Add to this the bi-swing problems and it becomes a life long goal to find an exceptable jacket....LOL. WB

bilbok on 06/25/07 at 05:33 PM

 I have the same problem on a cafe racer. Alwaysmore or less open.

kink141 on 07/08/07 at 10:24 PM

same here. can't find a jacket that fits right.

kink141 on 07/08/07 at 10:25 PM

Always have this problem. Arms too short, chest too big.

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