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Best Slim Fit Jacket

I always have a problem shopping for leather jackets, since I have a very slim upper body with very long arms (I'm 6'3", ectomorph upper body, and wingspan longer than my height, which is abnormal). I don't have my actual measurements (will try to update this question when I get them) but I wanted to see which jackets were the most slim-fitting. I've been keeping an eye on jacket styles at AllSaints for a while since theirs are made with the very slim fit that fits me best. BUT I've heard all kinds of great things about Schott, and I LOVE the Cafe Racer Jackets (660 and 664) but I want to make sure I'm looking at the Schott jacket with the slimmest fit and longest wingspan/arm length. Does anyone have any experience with this? Secondarily, I love soft/pliable leathers as opposed to the rigid/thick steerhide types, since even though I ride a motorcycle, I live in SoCal and would like to use this as my casual everyday jacket. Any input would be hugely appreciated, as I'd like to pull the trigger as soon as possible. Thanks!

Gail on 07/16/13 at 08:05 AM

Baswd on your height both the 660 & 664 styles will be too short on you. These styles are only offered in regulars not long sizes. At 6" 3" you definately need a "Long" size  as the sleeve length will be too short on you and the 664 will also be short in the back length for you. In our slim fitting jackets we currently do not offer long sizng, but in the fall the 626 will be available in Long sizing. Though it is not the style you are looking to purchase it will be a slim fit in long. Your other option would only be the 141L which is simmilar in styling to the 660. If you need sizing help please contact our customer service under the conatct option at top of page. Gail

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