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Legitimacy check

Hey, I'm about to buy a 118 from a private seller in the UK and wanted to check that it's legit with you guys first, if that's not too cheeky? Here are the details I've been given; 1078206034 Lot no. 42 Bndl 011 Cheers, BC

Gail on 03/25/13 at 01:38 PM

Unfortunately the bar code is no longer in our system. On our bar codes the 5th. digit represents the year the jacket was produced. The 5th. digit being a 2 could be 1992 when we first starting using bar codes, or 2002 which is over 11 years ago. We are unable to access the much older bar codes in our system after a period of years they must be perched. If the jacket was produced in 2012 we would still have the bar code in our system, so we know it is not a newer jacket. Being the ticket has a 10 number bar code, lot and bundle number I would asssume this is a Schott jacket. Gail

batcountry on 03/25/13 at 02:45 PM

Hey Gail, Thanks for replying. This is slightly strange, as the seller has stated that the jacket is only a few months old (although that might just be how long he's had it). I've attached some photos, does anything obvious strike you as looking dodgy? I thought the buckle looked wrong but the seller has stated that it's just a bad photo and is indeed nickel finish. BC.

Gail on 03/26/13 at 07:01 AM

After looking at the photos you posted the jacket did look very new, so I checked the lot number. Since I enter all the production for our comapnay I do keep production records for the past year. For this lot # 1078 we did produce the style 118, so this is a legitimate Schott jacket. I am not sure why the jacket is not showing up in our system as I entered the bar code number you listed. I am going to ask our computer programer of the possibilities of why the bar code is not in the system. Gail

batcountry on 03/27/13 at 07:54 AM

Hi Gail, That's great news, thanks very much for looking into it for me. BC

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