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Back to the future jacket

I have been searching for a replica of the jacket as worn by Michael J Fox in the BTTF pt 2 since first seeing the film many years ago.


Having now seen it on DVD, i believe it to be a schott perfecto.


Can you confirm if it is, what model it is and the era it was produced.


I notice that the one in the film does not have the popper stud in the centre of the back beneath the collar line.

Jason_Schott on 12/07/05 at 03:48 PM

I deferred this question to Oren Schott, connosieur of the Delorean and all things related, including the Back to the Future series.  We can confirm that this is our jacket.  There was a period of time (about 15 years ago - which coincides with the filming of the movie) where we produced the 118 and 618 without the snap on the back.  We stopped making the 618 fur collar, and therefore there was no need to continue adding the snap on the back of the jacket.  Urges from purists convinced us to add back the snap, and now we even make the fur collar again.  We cannot tell if the jacket in the movie is a 118 or a 618.

darrenhankin on 12/07/05 at 10:14 PM

Thanks for the info Jason.

By pausing the DVD on my large tv, you can just make out the word Schott on the poppers.


I know that the 118 comes in standard and long lengths but what is the actual difference between the 118 and the 618?

Secondly, would the label inside the jacket made 15 years ago without the stud on the back, have a bull on it or a motorcycle?


Any other pointers to look for to verify it's age if i manage to come across one.


Funny questions but thanks if you can help

Gail on 12/08/05 at 01:51 PM

The #118 is a Naked leather Cowhide, which means there is no finish on the leather. It has a non-shiney appearance with a softer pliable hand. The # 618 is a Steerhide leather which has a finish on the leather, a shiney appearance and a stiffer rigid hand. Both leathers are 1.2-1.4mm in thickness and a 3 oz. wt. which is very durable. On the style # 618 the patterns are the original sizing when this jacket was made 50 years ago and they are a smaller cut, we do advise to order a size larger. Due to our customer's demands to preserve the original #618 jacket, we have maintained and produce the jacket to the original specifications The #118 patterns have been adjusted to a more updated fit.

The Perfecto with the Bull is a older label, which we discontinued arround the mid-1980's. The label with the motorcycle is the newer Perfecto label. Gail

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