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B3 Bomber Maintenance

I've owned the Classic B3 Bomber Jacket for a little under a year now and I'm questioning whether I purchased it with some defects. 

I've worn it about 12 times (never in the rain or during extreme heat) and have noticed that the leather appears cracked and dry in areas (especially under the arms). Is this normal? Additionally, the fur along one of the cuffs appears "matted" and stiff when compared to that of the other cuff. Is this normal?


Please view the images and advise. 


Thank you, 

Right Cuff (Matted Fur) Left Cuff (Nomral) Close-up Close up 2 Underarm Tag (Loose stitching) Jacket Full

Gail on 01/26/19 at 08:15 AM

The Leatherized B-3 jacket has a finish that becomes more vintage in appearance with wear. With wear the leather will become more creased and lighter in appearance, in time and wear it is suppose to become a replica in appearance of a WWII pilots jacket. I have seen some of these leatherized jackets that are well worn and over 20 years old that the leatherized finish has completely worn off to a sueded smooth appearance. Please note this happens with many years of wear in all types of weather and in all types of working conditions. In regards to the cuff, it does look slightly discolored so possibly noy to your knowledge you leaned your arm on a surface that had something on it, maybe at a restaurant or at a bar? You can try very sparesly in the area a very mild soap to try and remove the substance, rinse the area well, absorb excess moisture with a towel, then with a hair dryer on low warm and dry with your fingers to separate the wool.


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