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Authentic or Fake Schott?

Hello all.  Thank you for allowing me to ask a  question.  A friend who claims to be a vintage leather jacket aficionado gave me a Schott jacket a few years ago.  I never wore it until I bought a Triumph bike this summer.  Here is my question:  I was in the NAVY (US) and it was my understanding that all navy fliers wore brown.  This jacket is black and it has a label that reads US NAVY G-2.  Schott NYC.  Contract #... There is no elastic anywhere on the jacket, the front pockets snap instead of button and the zipper is "ideal."  The jacket looks old and I want to have it treated and a few stitches repaired, but my intincts tell me that it is fake because I cannot find any info on it on the internet, plus it is black leather.  Before I spend any money on it I would like a few opinions as to its authenticity.  I'd rather apply my money to a "real" vintage jacket instead of wasting it on a fake one.  Does anyone have any info on this jacket?  Thanks for your time.  Roger

roalru on 10/04/08 at 06:19 PM


tim on 10/04/08 at 09:44 PM

Hi Roger,

In the history of Navy flight jackets, I believe that the G2 preceded the G1. The little bit I know about the G2 I seem to remember  that they were black. They also had wool ribbing on the cuffs and the waist. I would be willing to bet that what you have is a "stylized" G2 made by Schott and not an actual military issue jacket. Gail could verify that I'm sure.



BTW, yes, navy aviators and aircrewmen are issued G1 jackets (brown goatskin), at least they were in the seventies when I was in the navy as I was issued two G1's (I was aircrew) .

castillian500 on 10/05/08 at 12:41 AM

It could have been redyed and customized extensively.  You know elastic replaced , zipper replaced Ect.  Counterfeit ?  Possible but I have never heard of a counterfeit Schott and I have quite a few of them.  I do have a jacket that's a very high quality copy of a Shott but it's definitely not a Shott.  In fact it has no identifying labels on it at all.  I did see someone wearing one 30 years ago so I am guessing it's just some factory somewhere that made a batch of jackets at the bequest of a retailer with orders to leave no evidence of where it came from.

Counterfeit ? This is an interesting question for Gaile.

roalru on 10/06/08 at 01:11 AM

Well I feel like a real dope!  Thanks you for the replies, by the way.  My jacket is a G-8.  I was Googling for info on G-8 and I kept seeing "G-1 and G-2."  My wires must have gotten crossed (as they often do) and as I was typing my post, I intadvertantly typed G-2, instead of the correct G-8 that it is.  So--anyone know the answer to the same question, but for G-8 Schott?

Gail on 10/06/08 at 03:06 PM

We did make the G-8 jacket in 1988, it was in our jacket line in that year. It is a commercial jacket not a military issued jacket. Gail

roalru on 10/07/08 at 12:21 PM

Thanks Gail, but why the "US NAVY"  and DOD Contract # business on the label?  Also, the black leather is starting to fade to gray in certain places, which looks really cool but I realize that this is due to neglect.  What would be your recommendation of products to use to condition and protect the leather without restoring the luster appearance?

Gail on 10/07/08 at 02:24 PM

The label is just a label we had made for the commercial jackets. All military issued jackets have much more information and are usually made from a white tyvek material for the label. If the jacket has not been cared for it may be best to have the leather professionally conditioned. Being a used item you will probably have iy cleaned anyway before wearing it yourself. With all leathers we caution about putting protects on the leather. We only recommend Saddle soap for a light cleaning and spareingly applied mink oil for conditioning. Gail

sundowner on 05/05/16 at 03:42 PM

The word Authenic and Original are used a lot when it comes to Navy and Airforce flight jackets. Maybe I can help,, I am a 30 year Vet going back to Korean war beginning and also a  PQA specialist for DLA  retired and Am familiar with Government contracts and wording

To have a original or authenic G1 or A2 it would have to be issued to some one by the Military and depending on Contact year what and who manufactured it and what the Mil Spec called for, If you google these two you will see a list of original and up to date contrators and the Mil Spec numbers and that will tell you what the jacket was made of at that time. I have been issued the ww2 M422 a and some of my ww2 ship mates had older Mil Specs. when some were made with Horse Hide . But my issues were all Goat skin up to 1975, and all had Mouton collars of sheep skin. All jacket were seal brown and the collars didnt become golden brown until long wear or age. No hand warmer pockets and the early M422 had a wider left pocket for maps. Many companies has done well ever since Top Gun movie but Buyer Beware.. some US Made ar pretty good as I just bought a G1 and an A-2., But its still not original issue,, its a copy,, also some companies are pretty expensive like 1500 bucks for one so its all what you feel good about and can afford  The good copy of G1 is Goat skin and if it has a golden russet collar its been died to look like old. A2 were Horse hide ww2 original then Goat skin,, how ever the color was on some Russet,, The Lamb skin they make now is very soft and more modern and lite. Horse hide is stiffer than Goat skin. And break in is longer. but goat skin is is sofetr and very wearable.


Gail on 05/06/16 at 07:57 AM

Thank you so much for your informative post on the official military issued jackets. If you have not been in the military as you have or have worked on military contracts for garments as I have the differences are unknown to a buyer who is looking to purchase such a jacket. When a factory's contract bid to make jackets is accepted by the military for a contract every pattern spec, materials and trim must be made to the military spec on the contract and purchased from a company that can comply to that spec. Everything that goes into that jacket and is purchased must be accompanied with a "Letter of Certification". Throughout the production of the jackets, government inspectors will stop in to check on the production inspecting the jackets and purchase order certifications to assure production is made to military spec. Though it has been several years since I worked on a contract, newer contracts for horsehide leather was not required but goatskin and cowhide were the options with all materials and trim having to be made in the USA. It was always a challenge to do a contract from the initial bid, production and the final product all "I's" and "T's" must be dotted and crossed on the jacket.


sundowner on 05/06/16 at 08:29 AM

Sounds like you and I worked the same areas in the Government.  I was retired from DLA a month before they turned DCMA on its own. I had 22 years with the Gov and DCAS/DCMA as a Quality Assurance Specialist GS12 and had over 400 Military weapons contracts. was Qar on four Major companies and a non resident for 42 small companies.

I am not explaining the Flight Jacket authentic to show off but trying to help those that dont know the process, and are confused on how some companies and even EBay identify product as Authenic or Original..


sundowner on 05/06/16 at 08:50 AM

I totaly agree Gail I am no stranger to the process as i have explained. I was the Involved with Contract reviews and contract approvals with CO nad CAO evry day for years as a QAR also my area of expertese was seeing it went out the door IAW with Blue Print, Contract and Specificatons  ,, I also have three sons that works for same Gov, in DCMA two are QAR and one is Transportation of goods.all GS12.

In the days of DLA and the Mil-Q 9858. Mil I 45208 rules as well as DSAM 8200.1 The requirements were pretty regulated and veriufied,, How ever when the ISO 9000 went into the sytem for quality around the world the requirements arent as tight or watched as close.. Much is done now by COC,, I am always intopuch with my formet agency and office and Us old timers are shocked how fogiving the requiremnts are today.


Gail on 05/06/16 at 09:07 AM

It is kind of sad in a way to see such changes, probably a lot has to do with companies not wanting to bid on the contracts because of the strict requirements. It is also harder to find materials to use that are Made in the USA, companies now import the item they offer or the components to make the item. Sometimes things have to change because there is no other choice, there are very few factories left in the US manufacturing clothing especially leather jackets. After 30 plus years working for Schott I have seen the changes in manufacturing, sad as it is, it is nice to know Schott is still making jackets in the US.


sundowner on 05/06/16 at 09:55 AM

I agree,, ISO 9000  came on line as a Quality requirement and out with the old because of Demmins Idea Of TQM Total Quality Mangenment. and the NATO plus the world market. Anmd yest Military contactors was always crying how tuff we were but they didnt feel bad whenthey sigen the contract and when the got the pay check. I fought thiose battle every day with contractors that want to get paid but didnt like what they agreed too.

But as Budgets cuts and less contracting the Government decided to be a Kinder more Gentel Giovernment and become a team player. So we gave them the candy store,,  any way I am also Glad some companies are still USA,, I believe the one of your competitors is US Made ,, on Flight Jackets,, I have G 1  from Cockpit, I did get stung on a Authenic Navy Pee Coat.. But I understand the Navy has down graded the spec on that now, so I gave it to a friend,, I still have my original from Korean war..


Gail on 05/06/16 at 10:11 AM

I just want to let you know that I believe we are the only company still making the Naval peacoat in the 32 oz. Melton wool. I believe other manufactures are using a 24 oz. or lesser weight in the wool. The quilt used in the jacket is from and produced in a US factory, the buttons are also the Military Spec button used in goverment items.


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