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Authentic 689H?

I just purchased my first Schott jacket online and was wondering if I could get help determining if it is authentic.  The main concern I have is that it is suppose to be a 689H but it does not have the collar snaps.  I do not know what year it is and I am not sure if earlier years of this model did not have these.  Also I am wondering where I could find a replacement zipper pull for the front pocket since this was missing?

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Gail on 07/27/19 at 08:23 AM

Based on the pocket ticket's barcode number, the 5th digit being a "7" and the Lenzip sleeve pulls the jacket is from 2007 production. The collar snaps were added to this style in 2015, so older production would not have the snaps. Unfortunately on pocket pulls you will need to replace the entire zipper as the chain can not be replaceable on this type of slider pull. You can send your jacket into our repair department or request a replacement zipper to have the repair done at a local tailor. For either option you can contact Jerri in our customer service. I have listed her direct email address below, she can provide the cost & shipping instructions to have Schott do the repair or supply the zipper for you. If requesting a zipper please advise her the style of the jacket, which pocket you need the zipper for as breast pocket and bottom pockets are different lengths and you need the zipper in Brass finish.


TNass78 on 07/27/19 at 11:47 AM

Thank you Gail I am glad to hear it is authentic and I will definitely be reaching out to Jerri about the zipper.

finnjacobson on 08/02/19 at 05:07 AM

I prefer kidskin leather

richgreene on 08/02/19 at 03:38 PM

finnjacobson wrote:

I prefer kidskin leather


Gail on 08/03/19 at 06:57 AM

Possibly he meant Goatskin, as Goat is a very strong leather, where as Kidskin is a very soft leather used in fashion items, definately not for a motorcycle jacket needed for protection. If he wears the motorcycle jacket for fashion and not a rider he is not at all familiar with the specs for a real riding jacket. The motorcycle jacket is now a very popular fashion item, most people wearing them have never been on a bike, but a true riding jacket and rider you can spot a mile away.


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