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att. GAIL help with JD Perfecto

Hello Gail I have a Perfecto like James Dean model, but without the badge inside. 

I heard that sometimes the zipper breaks and this has happened to me, the side without the handle (forgive my English I hope I make myself clear enough) has come off its side, and there’s no other way to fix it than to change the whole zipper, on both sides. 

Can you help me find the same zipper? This one is a Talon, so I don’t know if the exact same one can be traced, but one that fits. 

Thank you! 

Gail on 12/18/18 at 08:58 AM

First did the pull come off from the top of the zipper or the bottom of the zipper. If the pull came off from the top you can repair the existing zipper, all you need is a top-lock (U-shape piece of metal) that is above the last tooth on the zipper & prevents the slider from coming off. If the pull came off from the bottom, then the parts that prevent the pull from slipping off cannot be replaced, you will need a new zipper.

We can send you what tou need, but not until mid-January. This is our busiest time in the factory and customer service so we have put on hold parts/trim request until mid January. At that time Jerri in customer service can help you, I have listed her direct email below. If you need a complete zipper you will need to tell her the length of the zipper, color: Black, Size #10, Finish Silver.  Our zippers now have the Schott logo on the pulls. If you need just the pull or the top lock you can request that. If you find you only need a top stop, you may be able to purchase a zipper, remove the metal "U" shape piece from that zipper and use it on the jacket's zipper. Using needle nose pliers are the best for removing and replacing the part on the zipper.



danigramm on 12/18/18 at 10:38 AM

Thank you! 

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