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Arm fit

Has anyone experienced this issue? I just bought a new Black P613S, 2XL, it arrived today. Its heavy weight leather so its very stiff... I know its new and its gonna take awhile to break in, but the arms are kinda tight on the bottom, inside of the armhole.... I workout on a regular basis and my arms are 16"...It takes a little effort to put the jacket on and especally to take off, because of the tight armhole... Will the arms break in? As of now, its not comfortable around my armpit and upper bicep area...Besides the armhole, it fits pretty good... Does anybody have any suggestions, or knowledge on this little issue?


wolverine on 08/18/19 at 08:51 AM

With your body type you will need to select a Schott jacket model for riding.  That would be the following: 613, 618, 118, 141, plus there are others that are no longer offered but could be found used or NOS like the 1928(cowhide 75 anniversary).  These all have generous cuts in the upper arm/armhole area.  Many of the M/C style jackets that Schott now offers have a "fashion cut" and the patterns have been altered to give the jacket more of a tailored look.  If you check out LegendaryUSA they sell many of the Schott models and give a very informative listing of measurements.  I usually only go by 5 measures when trying to determine if a jacket will fit me without being able to try it on first...(across chest, across back, across waist, sleeve length and length from collar to hem)


Legendary lists other measures dealing with arm sizes that can be very helpful in a case like yours.  As I recall the regular 613 model will have 3-4 inches more diameter in the upper arm area than a fashion cut model along with a larger arm hole.  If you go to their site you will see what I am referring to.

Gail on 08/25/19 at 06:49 AM

Thank you Wolverine, for helping this Schott owner, you were right on in your reply based on his issue. I am on vacation, but I am trying to check the board periodically. My only other advise to him would be to contact Denise in customer service for jacket spec measurements on jackets, this will help knowing the arm widths on the jackets. Her direct email is:


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