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Are Schott jackets high quality, higher than fashion brandnames?

I understand the need and desire for high brandname leather jackets like ralph lauren, things that costs thousands..

but what I want is something that looks nice but has really high quality. High quality leather, great tanning process and great construction with consistancy in the panels used and no huge blemishes.

Can I find that with Schott?

Also I am curious if basically all you are doing, with the brandname fashion designers, is paying for the name and design, and that Schott makes better quality jackets?

Gail on 10/08/09 at 09:55 AM

We are a "Brand" name in leather outwear since 1913, and we "manufacturer " 60% of our jackets in the USA. Fashion brand names do not manufacturer, they have manufacturers produce items under their private label and most are imported items. We too have done private label work for name brands such as Harley Davidson. If you have read any of the posting on this blog I think most of your questions can be answered on our quality and workmanship of our jackets. I am sure you will get some posts from our members on our product. You can also check the internet as there are numerous articles on our company. Gail

namvetfxdwg on 10/08/09 at 12:41 PM

stay  with schott, fashion jackets  are just that,, " fashion"

sea0bass on 10/08/09 at 12:56 PM

Fashion jackets are often over designed. Unless there is a must have fashion jacket I'd go with Schott instead. My Schott jackets get more love from me then my John Richmond and  Buckler jackets.

Fashion jackets often use thinner and light weight lamb and calf skin so they are not as durable and get damaged easily. Schott motorcycle jackets are made from heavy cowhide or horsehide, much heavier and much more durable.

BTW love the new Schott 'fashion' jackets. I just might end up getting one.


pwang on 10/08/09 at 02:56 PM

Schott's brand name carries more weight in my mind than most private labels since they design and manufacture their apparel and have done so for almost 100 years.


On the other hand, there are other lesser known brands that do likewise and their leather quality is even higher since these are specialized motorcycle jackets. Schott's quality is 100% adequate unless you plan on using the jacket for riding.

namvetfxdwg on 10/08/09 at 04:35 PM

What???????????  WTF

dmtheblue on 10/08/09 at 08:17 PM

What.. what don't you get?


i'm just asking if Schott makes higher quality products than the stuff that costs $2000 because it's a fashion brand like ralph lauren

namvetfxdwg on 10/08/09 at 09:00 PM

the previous  statement 

namvetfxdwg on 10/08/09 at 09:01 PM

when he said  this,,,,,,,,,,,,,Schott's quality is 100% adequate unless you plan on using the jacket for riding.

sea0bass on 10/08/09 at 09:13 PM

Ralph Lauren leather jackets, I assume you are talking about the made in Italy Black Label jackets. I have seen them and they are very nicely made, its a shame the BL never have XS size. The RL jackets will have a more torso enhancing European cut using lamb skin with a soft luxurious and slim modern look, more design details and very fine stitchings to give you a seamless look. Where as a Schott jacket is more functional and durable, the construction and leather is comparable but different. Schott jackets have a more nostalgic feel, rugged construction and weight considerably more. In a manner of speaking the difference between a fashion jacket and Schott Jacket is like a shirt and a denim jacket.
If I were to choose between the RL BL leather jackets this season and the Schott 1928H, I'd pick the Schott. The photos on the site do not do the jackets justice.

pwang on 10/08/09 at 10:55 PM

Well lemme qualify the previous statement... After having worn Hein Gericke, Fox Creek and Vanson I wouldn't want to wear anything less than 3.5 - 4 oz leather with integrated body armor and some form of venting. Schott was state of the art gear 50 years ago but the times have changed.


I still like the various leather Schott jackets I own including a nice horsehide racer. But rarely do I grab one when  I go riding as I have more suitable stuff for that.


So to answer the OP's question, Schott's leather is defintely a step above the fashion leather u get at the mall. Still a rung below the best the market has to offer tho if you judge the quality of leather by its thickness and suppleness. 


So far, the highest quality leather I have had first hand experience in terms of thickness and softness is Fox Creek. Feels almost twice as thick as Perfecto leather but is super soft too. Hein Gericke's older stuff is almost as good and Vanson is damn good too but pricier and a bit stiff for my tastes.

wolverine on 10/13/09 at 09:35 AM

Thought I may be able to provide a little insight on this topic and maybe mention a few things that the Schott Brothers People will not mention.  Schott does quite a bit of private label production runs.  Since they compete heavily with Vanson for this business they make it a point to not mention specific names except for Harley...who as a large company, "name", goes to many different manufacterers from all over the world.  I have run across at least 20 various pieces of HD leathers over the years that were produced by Schott.  Jackets, chaps, vest, etc. and for the most part I thought these leathers were on the crappy side.  Let me explain the process:  HD specs out a particular jacket style and basically puts it out to bid OR specifies a price point (price per unit they get charged and want to pay).  Then Schott LOWERS their standards and orders lower quality leather, adds extra panels in the arms and back to meet this specified price (kind of similar to their own "Dur o Jac" line).  


So to answer the first question posted about fashion jackets:  Honestly it depends on where you are buying... a big name like HD that needs thousands of pieces will tend to be cheaper quality (their production runs may go to the low bidder).  A small high end shop who order 100 pieces in a production run (Schott's smallest run) will tend to order a higher quality of leather, panel layout and hardware.  This may not happen ALL of the time but MOST of the time.


There were also comparisons mentioned in this thread by Pwang regarding leather and the quality of it.  Thickness and being "supple" really are NOT a measure of the quality or durability of leather.  If we are speaking about cowhide/steerhide you would look at the finish...if the leather has a stamped pebble grain or heavy applied finish it is lower quality(cheaper).   Typically, a thick and supple type of leather has been made that way at the tannery by over conditioning the hide.  This type of leather may feel thicker and more broken in from the start but the trade off is less tear and abrasion resistance...this is exactly why Schott does not recommend that you use conditioners on their leathers.   I would suggest that you read up on how leather is processed/tanned and then graded.  Or get some leather samples from both leather suppliers and jacket manuf. so that you can compare these various types.  This may help you to understand what you are trying to talk about better.  


In an attempt to learn more and better educate myself I recently asked Aero to send me some samples of their naked steerhide and oil-pulled HH (Horween Tannery).  A couple months ago their was a bit said on this blog. about Horween and I wanted to see for myself, first hand, if all this talk was accurate.   I was very impressed with the HH sample.  Neither of these samples were overly thick/spongy or supple and they are some of the most expensive and highly regarded leather that is used in jackets today.  The steerhide seamed comparable to what Schott currently uses in their Perfecto line with the exception of the minimal applied finish Schott uses...(they do this to protect their leather from rain and staining).  Although I prefer naked style leathers because this leather shows the natural scars and grains better, they are not good when it comes to stain/water resistance...motor oil, even olive oil will darken naked, unfinished leather and leave a pronounced stain.


Pwang, You do seem to be on the right track regarding armour...unfortunately most serious/fatal injuries occur from blunt impact (tree, minivan, SUV, a stupid person driving whatever on the phone) as opposed to sliding on the pavement.  Obviously, wearing a good quality leather or armoured jacket will provide better protection than a cotton t-shirt.  But this is going off the original thread posting...







treeman on 11/10/15 at 04:26 PM

Well said Wolverine........There's one co. that mentions thickness ( FC ) all the time. Total spongy, saggy junk............SCHOTT RULES IN MY BOOK!!!

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