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Any idea who makes the jacket Tom Clancy is wearing??

I think this is such a cool looking jacket, I was wondering if anyone knew who made it?  He is wearing it on the rear cover of his book "Rainbow Six" which was published in September 1999, but thats all I know about it.  Im thinking to having some work done to my 184SM possibly seeing if they could do a similar shearling collar, etc.


copsunited on 09/17/08 at 06:47 PM

Being an old military person (old being the operative word) I want to have everyone take note of something.. just for your information and enlightenment.

Clancy was never in the military thus I find the picture a little offensive. Second what really has ticked me and all other older military types off is this: If you look at the scarf he is wearing it has white stars on a field of blue. This particular display is reserved for "Medal of Honor" winners only. It is/was a blatant attempt to portray himself as something his is not and never will be. He is not all that popular with "real" military veterans. Small thing yes but to those what have been decorated in true military fashion it is offensive.

The hat is Navy. The jacket is off the rack ( WW II look alike ) and the military emblam is "Military Airlift Command" all of which he was none

Enough said. JD

JLStorm on 09/17/08 at 06:52 PM

No, its not a small thing at all.  On another note, I was always under the impression that it was the photographer / publicist that had all the ideas for photo shoots, I never assumed Clancy was behind all of his military type photos. 

I have heard that he has done some contracting with the DoD, but I have never heard that he claimed to be in the Military, in fact I have read several biographies in which he blatently stated that he wasnt in the military at all (which is sort of odd given his age).

Anyway, all that being said...I still like the jacket and I would really like to know who made it?  It looks like an offshoot of an ANJ-4 and an A2 to me, but cant be authentic I dont think due to the pockets...I just think its cool.

tim on 09/18/08 at 09:15 AM


It looks like a stylized AN-J-4. It may have been made by (or sold by) American Mystique...look on their webpage...there's a pic on it that is a reasonable facsimile of the jacket he's wearing except it's hard to see if there is a throat tab on his jacket. 

namvetfxdwg on 09/18/08 at 09:19 AM

yes the jacket is cool

  hey cops,i undertstand  about military wannabes

when i came home from nam in 70,  we were treated like we had the plague

now years later, we are heros, and adored by many.  im still getting  . " welcome  home ", and  "thanks for my service" by many of that era who were either draft dodgers  or anti war protesters, ami i still bitter ?  YES, but i am working on not being bitter.

many guys today ride around on there bikes  with there vests plastered witrh patches   giving the impression that they served. now its  " cool" to be a nam vet,

that being said, it is a nice looking jacket




RVN service,68,69,70

tayninh, cu ci, hobo woods, michellen rubber plantation,Danang, Hue,Monkey Mountain

2/12/25th, inf div, recon LRRP{ LONG RANGE RECON PATROL} TEAM "A "RECONDO


tim on 09/18/08 at 10:57 AM

I have found that just being in the military and living here in NH that even 25 years later that many times we are castigated by some people...NH used to be the "Live Free or Die" state but the likes of NPR (National Public Radio) changed all that when they came into the state in the early 80's....when I go to my town offices and ask for veteran's license plates or ask for a tax abatement due to military service, I'm sometimes made to feel like a second rate citizen (don't get me going).

When I'm asked where I got my flight jacket that I wear sometimes I tell them that Uncle Sam gave it to me but it cost more than most people are willing to me, it's priceless. Too much blood, sweat and tears (literally) was given up to wear that jacket.  

JLStorm on 09/18/08 at 11:33 AM

Well people are idiots for the most part and the thanking of military troops is probably just a fad while the military is popular.  I believe most people say thank you to make themselves look better of feel better, not because they truly mean it.  If they truly meant it they would be petitioning for better health care, benefits, and GI Bill benefits for the troops among other things.  You dont see people doing that...they just put their ribbons on their car and do whatever else is convenient.

I was refused for military service due to medical issues when I was younger (bet they would take me now though with the shortage!) but I have worked extensively for the DoD and the pentagon.  I have learned a lot and heard more than I care to remember about things I wish I didnt know and I truly believe that no one really gives a crap in the long term...loving the military is just a fashion statement for most, a political statement for some, and a genuine feeling for very very few.

I have tons of pentagon clothing from the weeks that I got trapped there unable to leave the area and I wear that proudly, but I would never wear any military patches or even hats that were given to me by different military units that I have worked with simply because I did not cheapens the badges and patches IMO.


Regardless of all that, I still wear and love my bomber jackets (none have patches or insignias) and I still really like this jacket.  Although I have to admit I didnt notice the CMH colors in the photo until copsunited pointed it out and that is distasteful. 

tim on 09/18/08 at 11:57 AM

I live literally right next door to our State Veteran's Cemetery where someday I'll be buried (pretty convenient). They have many ceremonies over there, especially on Memorial Day, 9/11, Independance day, etc...I'm not embarassed to say that there are times I weep like a child when the National Anthem is played or taps, or whatever...There is a Viet Nam memorial there that has the names of all the guys and gals that gave the ultimate. Three of my friends are on that block of granite that didn't make it back alive. I see their names and 40 years later, I still get choked up.


One thing I need to do before I'm too old to do it is the Run for the Wall motorcycle event that happens every Memorial Weekend in DC...right now it's just too hard to get the time off and also, the pocketbook won't allow it (trying to find a room down there in the DC area is muy expensive). One of my friends has been going for several years now and he is really encouraging me to go in the next year or two...

JLStorm on 09/18/08 at 12:10 PM

I remember one day a few years ago I was working in the pentagon we got the fly over warning due to the  burial of someone who was deemed important enough to warrant it.  I went to Arlington for the first time later that day (I think it was a saturday or sunday?) and I was so overwhelmed by it, I must have spent several hours there.  I was brought to tears by all the photos on letters that accompany the photos in that main building they have.  Anytime I have to work in DC and anyone visits me I make sure I take them to Arlington, it really helps to put things in perspective, especially when you find the memorials of people who you grew up with but lost touch with.  I have seen a few others brought to tears over that as well, just due to the shear difficulty of acceptance and even survivors guilt.

DenSchott on 09/18/08 at 02:08 PM

I have a few close family members that have fought in WWII, Korea, and VN. Worship these guys and when I wear my flight jacket, I often think of them. I honor them, love them, but did not belong to any military service (other than teach middle school kids, which is a battle all its own). I'll wear my "wanna be" military jacket even though I didn't honor of them and the dozens of kids that came back to see me with their military uniforms on. I don't need special permission to wear my jacket.....and besides, the jacket looks darn good on me.

copsunited on 09/18/08 at 03:12 PM

As usual I stirred something up. Did not mean to. The simple question was about the Jacket of WW II genre. It is beautiful and costs a bunch. I know because I have one similar.

The Picture is the same one on the back cover of a Clancy book. I read the book before I saw the picture. I've never read one since. In his interviews he does, in fact acknowldege he has never been in the military - granted ! But to don those 4 items of military garb and pose like some sort of regal being or icon.. well it made me angry. The worst part was the scarf which was arranged in such a manner as to replicate the "Medal of Honor".

I said nothing to anyone about it ever until it was brought up by another Veteran (a Silver Star) recepient. That set the ball rolling.

I have never claimed to be anything other than a hard working G.I. that started in the Marines and finished in the Air Force 22 years later. Yes, I was decorated numerous times for stupidity under duress and eating cold rations while in a latrine slit trench ( for all the medals are worth).

Veterans are honored by their peers and loved ones but are a liability to the "estate" and Govenment Budgets. Who wants to pay us after we are retired and/or disabled? The VA is an expensive proposition so who needs or wants it? Just being practical. How do I know this?

I am Retired and totally disabled.. I get money for all that. Who cares now? See above.

I was going to post pics of my bomber jacket and A-2's with all the patches (glory hound) but for some reason this board will not accept them.


JLStorm on 09/18/08 at 03:21 PM

When I click on the link Flicker says its a bad link.


Who made the jacket you own that looks very similar the the one Clancy is wearing?  Do you remember the model number?

copsunited on 09/18/08 at 07:20 PM

Ok.. try just then look for Copsunited1 that should take you to my site. I have lotas of pic there.. I'll try to get the infor you want/need. Don't recall the specifics of that coat/jacket... JD

namvetfxdwg on 09/18/08 at 07:36 PM


  its ok to stir things up a bit, thats called, freedom of speech, altho this is a blog  about jackets,  i think its ok to stir things up , if it gets people thinking.. talk  is good, talk resolves issues, { sometimes}.

i love stiring things up , hell before i was in the army  i was a hippie

namvetfxdwg on 09/18/08 at 07:57 PM


I did rolling thunder back in 92 to say it was an experience is an understatement.It took some talking by my wife and daughter to get me to go to rolling thunder, as i waited in the pentagon parking lot for the parade to start. i saw all sorts of people, Bikers. yuppie bikers. 1% ers, hondas , harleys, all kinds of bikes.As parade time drew near, we all decided that my daughter would ride with me in the parade. at the time she was like 14 or so, never asked too many questions  about nam, nor did i volunteer any info about my time in country., we left the parking lot , and the sound  was unreal. so many bikes, all in unision,  very hard to discribe. When got on to the main route, the street was filled , both sides  with people waving flags,  signs s aying thankyou and welcome home. People were actullay reaching out and touching myself and the vets that road alongside us.. it was hard to see where i was going  with tears in my eyes..

 we got to the wall, and  dismounted our bikes, it was a short walk down to the wall, most people were silent, some spoke , but in very low tones. as i was walking, i almost bumped into a young lady about 20 years old or so , i side stepped her, she on the other hand, moved right back into my path.  she looked at me,  and with a soft smile and tears in her eyes,  she said " sir"? "thankyou",took my hand , then hugged me,,,,,,,   with that she walked away,

that whole experience for me  , was My welcome home parade, the whole weekend was spent talking with other vets, having some beers  and saying some prayers, weeks  later  my daughter  asked me to tell her some things about nam,, which i did. 

to this day i go every year to a local high school, and talk to the kids  about nam,  the misconceptions  about nam , and the tyruths  about nam, its worth every min of it.

if ya all want to see a movie  about nam, with no bs  and no hollywood crap,  rent the dvd,

" WE were soldiers

 TIM   dont wait too long to go,,,

copsunited on 09/18/08 at 09:02 PM

"we were soldiers". Good flick for sure.

Like you, I don't talk a heck of a lot about it, the Nam that is. I was in Lebanon, North Africa, the Sout Pacific, some of the Bloc nations, India ( a real war that no one hears about), France when Algeria invade in the early '60's and injured in conflict while riding in a chopper on the DMZ. I don't go to Rolling Thunder events even though I've seen many and heard the throb of the engines.

To you "sir", thank you for your service also. I've had the hand of gratitude offered to me many times now and I never know how to react. The last time I came back was in '75. One of the very last C-130s to leave Saigon What a horrible feeling knowing we were leaving and nothing could change the fate of the 58,000 real heros we left behind. Everyone remembers only the films and newsreel stuff but no one recalls the blood, the smell and the screams or body bags left in the sun on the tarmac.

I have met hundreds of Army personnel.. all Green Berets of course, same with Navy.. all SEALS, AND AF Rescue and Recovery but no Graves Registration troops or cooks,mechanics, munitions people, clerks, communications specialists etc. Everyone a hero in their own minds and probably rightfully so but I take my hat off to those that really did the JOB!!


I don't know the name of the young man that rescued me nor the name of the chopper pilot that got killed on my watch.. I only know they were the true heros that we never read about nor hear from.

I don't want to get off topic... I still resent the "hero" Clancy standing there with the Stars on a field of Blue. Look up the Medal of Honor and see what it's really all about. Me? Well I know the heros I was with and even though they did not get the accolades and recognition from Congress they have my un dying loyalty and respect.


Thanks to all that have participated and contributed through service and testimonial.. JD

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