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Another Perfecto story..

hello everybody, i was always mad about the perfecto and finally, in the mid 90s i decided to go for one. at first sight, everything looked fine because there was an official dealer here in berlin. but when i went there, it turned out that i was a little too optimistic. although the shop was stuffed with perfectos they started at size 48: a perfect fit for anybody but me, needing a 40. (note: the were asking the incrdible sum of 1.200 marks fo it at that time, nowadays about 650 euros!) the dealer was very understanding and really tried his best for more than a year to turn up a jacket in my size. unfortunately, all his efforts were in vain. so i had to carry on without a perfecto, but it never slipped my mind. even worse, i live in a city, where cheap and ugly replicas can be found on each and every corner - a real disgust to me, quite like seeing all these fake ray-bans! but in 1995 i was in paris again and to my unspeakable joy, there was a great schott dealer close to my condo at the place de la république. but this wasn't my lucky day too. even though he had the size i needed and the jackets were about 30% cheaper, he only had stocked the laced version, not the belted one i was looking for. i must have looked a bit disappointed and so he quickly promised to try to get hold of the object of my desire. some months later, it was a very hot summer in the meantime, the jacket still had not turned up and as it was a saturday, i decided to take my girlfriend and pay a visit to the fleamarket at the porte saint-ouen, a market famous for art deco objects and lots of african art. after strolling around for some hours, we decided to look for a shady place - the temperature was around 35° celsius - when i spotted a huge army tent, covered with perfectos on the outside. it didn't take a minute to run over there and to check these were originals. and another minute later, i had a perfect 618 on my shoulders, which fitted like a glove. i was so terribly excited that the seller had no real problems to keep me from bargaining. in fact, it was completely unnecessary because he sold it to me for 1.500 francs, about 250 euros today. i guess you can imagine how happy i was after all the years of chasing around. the only minor problem was the temperature and my refusal to take this jacket off. i really loved it, although i guess i lost some pounds during the next two days. and my girlfriend was a bit annoyed that i even refused to take it off while i was sleeping.. ;-) today, i finally managed to hold my other favorite in hand, the classic racer 141, a terribly beautiful jacket! i bought it on ebay last week and thanks to one of the most fantastic sellers ever, it didn't even take a week from philly to berlin. not even the grotesque import taxes could prevent me from being just incredibly happy. so a very big thanks from here to all at schott who make sure that there are such fantastic, classy and perfectly crafted jackets! as long, as there are pepole devoted to superior quality, there's hope for this world! also a big thank you to gail, who replied to my mail within hours. such a fantastic customer service is very rare indeed.. :-) cordially, sasha

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