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A story and a thank you

This one's a couple of years old, but I'm happy to be around to tell it, and with the opening of this board it seems the least I can do to say thanks.


I've got a Classic Racer Jacket. Like so many of the posts I've seen here, it was through Gail's help that I found a local store to try on Schott jackets and get what I wanted. 


Anyway, I was out riding (coming back from a classic bike show, related to the Guggenheim's "Art of the Motorcycle.") I was on a parkway, bright sunny day and all that, when traffic had to merge left to get around a 'misplaced' tractor trailer. The road went from three lanes down to one, but in a very controlled fashion, no big surprises, you could see what you had to do from half a mile away. My big mistake? -Acting like I was in a car and trying to take my turn with everyone else. But to live and learn, first you've got to live.


I stayed in line as we all neared the merge, only going about 25 mph. I let the car ahead of me go and was following suit when a full-size SUV entered my peripheral vision on my left. I managed to think, "Man, that's close..." but that was all. The truck's passenger side-view mirror struck my left hand grip, pushing it forward and, naturally, turning my front wheel to the right. Then the A-pillar connected with my handlebars. That was a really solid hit, none of the flex that the mirror had. The whole bike hopped sideways, turning ninety degrees to my original direction of travel and starting to catapult me off. As I went, the truck just continued to slide by, front door, back door, quarter panel. I got the iceberg's view of the titanic with me seeming to hang there as the truck moved past.

I hit the pavement on my left shoulder and back, the bike landing on my left leg. Then (fortunately) we bounced a bit which cleared me from under. A mercifully short slide later, bike and I came to a stop. I curled into a ball and waited to be struck by the following traffic. It never happened. -Everyone else had managed to stop. A woman in a car about ten feet away was screaming. The truck that hit me never even stopped.


I stood, righted the bike and pushed it to the shoulder. Since I seemed to be in one piece, and the bike was close enough, I figured I'd try to restart it. This was about thirty miles from home so not much else to do. It fired up and I rode home (with among other things, no left side foot peg and decidedly misaligned handlebars.)    


The first question my buddies asked was, "Were you wearing leathers?"           Otherwise, they wanted to see the road rash. Well my jeans were toast so I had some great purple-black-yellow knots to show off where the bike landed on me. My engineer boots were gouged something fierce, plus several hundred bucks in parts damage to the bike. But the Schott jacket? A scuff or two across the back, a tiny friction burn on the shoulder, and that's about it! Really unbelievable.  


I bought the Classic Racer because I liked the style and I trusted Schott's reputation. I never really expected to have to find out what was real and what might be marketing. Well I did, and my Schott is the real deal. 


-Pic is not "my" bike, but is my bike.

Gail on 12/07/04 at 03:46 PM

Dear Doug, Great story! The entire Schott family wants to thank you for sharing it with us. We have had numerous letters and phone calls, prior to this message board, from riders crediting our jackets for preventing or limiting a injury when a accident has occured. It is nice to know you make a great jacket by consumer compliments, but it is definately great to here they saved someone from a serious injury.

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