90th Anniversary Jacket Fur Collar

I’ve been looking at getting a fur collar for my perfecto, but it’s hard to settle for the one on the Schott website with it’s synthetic fur and big, prominent snap on the back. 

The collar on the 90th anniversary steerhide perfecto caught my eye, being that it was real mouton and only snapped on to the front snap and under the collar. I figured I would offer to take it off of one of the owners of one of the jacket trying to sell it. Unfortunately, the lowest price I was quoted for the collar seperately was $400. Short of paying half the price of a jacket just for collar or just flat out buying the jacket, I ran out of options.

I guess I’m just curious why Schott chose to make the collar an exclusive rather than selling it seperately as well (I get it makes the 90th more attractive as a buy, but I don’t need two indiscriminately different perfectos). I can guarantee my money would already be gone for the collar produced for the 90th jacket.

I suppose I’m holding out hope that an excess of the collars was produced or that they’re available as custom orders, though I doubt it.

Gail on 02/19/19 at 06:36 AM

The optional collar we offer 618M, has always been an optional collar for the classic style 618. We have made several styles not only 90th anniversary jacket with Mouton fur or Sheepskin collars as part of the style. We do make custom collars in your choice of materials and we can add a collar to your jacket providing yor jacket has the snaps for attaching. The cost of a custom Mouton Fur collar would be $140 up to the size 46 jacket size, larger size would be slightly more to cover the cost of more Mouton needed. Jerri in customer service handles all custom orders, she can help you with a order. You would need to send it your jacket so the collar can be made to fit your jacket.



Leatherjacketguy101 on 02/19/19 at 11:21 AM

Thanks Gail, that’s exactly what I was hoping to hear. I’ll send them an e-mail sometime this week!

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