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689H the real deal?

Hi gang, I just received a like-new 689H and it looks real enough but the HH is very soft/flexible and not much heavier than my 618 Steerhide, if at all. I just want to make sure it's not a knock-off. Can you please verify that this is the genuine article? It's so soft and feels more like lambskin and nowhere near the horsehide that my Aero is. Thanks!

Gail on 04/19/13 at 07:56 AM

The ticket in the pocket confirms it is the style 689H, which is horsehide. First both the steerhide and horsehide are the same weight and thickness, it is the different type of hides and finsh that can make a jacket feel a different weight. Think of it as starching a white shirt the more starch used the stiffer the shirt will feel and heavier then a shirt with less or no starch. In regards to the jacket having a softer feel, with any used garment you never know what a previous owner has done or applied to a jacket. Looking at the front zipper pull it appears to be tarnished possibly by a product or a home procedure to soften up the leather. Through the years we have had many posts on this blog on methods people had used to break a jacket in.  I wish I could tell you more but when buying used you just never know the complete history of the jacket. Gail

CycleSchizo on 04/19/13 at 09:24 AM

Thanks Gail, the seller did confirm that he spent untold hours hand-working the hide and used saddle soap a few times. The net result is an extremely nice and very pliable jacket that looks virtually new. Actually I'm pleased with the weight, I find my Aero HH Highwayman and Vanson HH Hard Core too heavy for prolonged wear while the 689H has a great all-around riding and casual wear weight. Every manufacturer has an idea of how to make a HH jacket, most too stiff and heavy for practical every day use. Way to hit a sensible, wearable target!

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