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(SOLD) 641XX (38) FS or TRADE

So, in my ongoing quest to find the perfect-fitting Schott motorcycle jacket, I picked up a Steerhide 641XX size 38 from Japan. I already own a Medium CAF1 and while it's my go-to riding jacket, it doesn't quite fit like a second skin. The 641XX size 38 is just too small all around.

I'm asking for $425.


CAF1 Small


Brown P571 Medium

As you can tell, I'm obsessed with finding the right fitting riding jacket. Although, I know the P571 fits me, as I've tried it in the NYC store.

The 641XX I have is in very good condition. Very light wear, with a spot or two of abrasion wear. Nothing like the artificially vintaged CAF1. 

Looking at the white tag in the pocket, you can just see top of the 641XX print. Apparenty ( as I've read from Gail in this forum ) the stitching has been known to cut off the model number in these jackets.


It was produced in 2007


SIDENOTE: I'm going to post a comparison to the CAF1, 641xx and the 141, with pictures, which I have all tried.


Schott 641xx Schott 641xx sl1600_714.jpg sl1600_813.jpg sl1600_432.jpg sl1600_341.jpg

analogueforever on 04/05/19 at 09:45 AM

What is the shoulder width and back length. Also sleeve length. Thanks.

SuburbanDad on 04/05/19 at 11:37 AM

Shoulder from top of the sleeve measured across the back to the other top of the sleeve: 17.5 inches


Back length from the bottom of the collar to the bottom of the jacket: 23.5 inches


Sleeve length from the middle of the jacket down the shoulders and to the end of the sleeve: 34 inches


Sleeve length from the top of the sleeve to the bottom: 24.5 inches


In another post, I have pictures of me ( 6' thin guy ) wearing it.


analogueforever on 04/05/19 at 01:30 PM

Would you be interested in a trade for a brand new HD branded jacket? I have two in size medium [40] that are too big for me. One is a distressed leather cafe racer style. The other is more of a Perfecto style.

SuburbanDad on 04/05/19 at 02:05 PM

I'd feel like a real hypocrite wearing a Harley jacket without owning a Harley.


It's good offer, but I have to pass.

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