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641HH Bunches Up

I've had my eye on a 641HH for almost two years, and a few weeks ago—I finally saved up enough to buy one (I'm still in college, and $710 for a leather jacket is quite an investment). I know the jacket must be broken in, and I can already see that it's beginning to soften somewhat, but there's still a big problem: when I sit down on my motorcycle, the jacket bunches up in front—and the more rigid area around the front zipper and the collar protrudes all the way up over my chin. It fits perfectly when I'm standing (it's the perfect size for my arm length and chest), but I need this jacket for riding. How much can I expect the HH to loosen up over time? Will it soften well enough that some of this bunching doesn't force the jacket to protrude up?

Martyk on 09/26/12 at 04:29 PM

I'm sure one of the experts is going to offer more insight than I can  but it sounds to me like your jacket might be a little long for you. I think that's one of the reasons motorcycle jackets appear shorter than non motorcycle jackets. To avoid the riding up problem. It's possible when the leather softens up a bit with breaking in the leather will tend to give a little and you may not notice it so much.

swellison on 09/26/12 at 04:53 PM

That's what I'm hoping: it will soften up enough to where this isn't such a problem. Otherwise, there wasn't a length option for the jacket, and the chest size and arm length are perfect. The length would probably be perfect, too, if I had a beer belly, but I haven't had a chance to get one of those yet. Maybe after graduation.

Martyk on 09/26/12 at 06:46 PM

I would think instead of being rigid it would tend to bend and not push up on you. Good luck with it.

Gail on 09/27/12 at 09:13 AM

When a jacket bunches up and is pushed up into your chin, it usually means the jacket is too long in the body length. You have not posted your height, but even a person of average height can have a short torso and long legs. The horsehide will break in but if the jacket is hitting the seat on your bike it will continue to push up. Though we do not do alterations on jackets, other then shorten sleeves for our customers, you may have to have the jacket shorten. In your jacket there is a label for having the jacket professionally cleaned, Arrow Leathercare. This company also does alterations and may be an option for you at some point. You can check out their website, which is very informative and they do excellent work. Gail

swellison on 09/27/12 at 04:39 PM

My jacket length in back is 24 inches, which I submitted as a custom request for the 641HH but was advised to purchase a stock model instead. If I may point out, most respectfully, I wish my custom request would've been taken seriously. I don't think having the jacket altered is going to be any less expensive when all is said and done, and I don't think I'll be as happy with the results. I do have to say, that aside from this length problem, the quality and design of the jacket is outstanding.

Gail on 09/28/12 at 07:36 AM

I am the person who responds and handles all custom requests. I do sometimes advise a customer to try a stock jacket first if their measurements are within the perimeters of a stock jacket. Our custom form that you filled out is a basic form to provide basic information so I can quote the cost to make a custom jacket to their modifications. Once a customer proceeds with a custom order we have the person provide much more detail measurements, which includes confirming the sleeve and back length to finish at on the jacket. If you knew you had a short torso and needed a 24" back length you just needed to inform me that the longer back length would not work for you in a stock jacket and you needed a custom jacket. Unfortunately you did not try the jacket and sit on your bike to see how the jacket fit while riding, before wearing the jacket. On all our jackets we have a 90 day return policy proviidng the jackets are unworn and hangtags are on the jacket. The jacket could have been returned and the cost could have been applied towards a custom jacket.

I just want you to know that your custom request was taken seriously, but I always try to offer our customers the best option in purchasing a jacket. Custom jackets are expensive so if I feel a stock jacket would fit I do suggest to try a stock jacket. Even if the stock jacket did not fit you well, you now have a better idea on what your custom jacket's modifications should be and you have seen the quality of the jacket.

I would still suggest you contact the company I mentioned as they are very good at what they do, at least you would have an idea of the cost from them. on shortening the jacket. They have a great website that is very informative on what they can do. Gail

wolverine on 09/28/12 at 12:53 PM

I had this happen to me with a 689hh tracker model when I tried to up size for more room.  The 641 Cafe Racer has the longest torso length of all stock Schott M/C jackets.  I'm a bit surprised that you did the custom form and Schott did not suggest their Tracker model because if you can handle the different collar, this jacket has the torso length you need.  It also has an inch or two of space below the main zipper that minimizes the whole riding up into your neck thing...when you sit on a bike.


If I were you I would NOT send it to Arrow...shortening this jacket requires replacing the main zipper which is expensive and even an expert shop(I am not saying Arrow is expert...) will never get it perfect.  You could condition the jacket and it would help a little but still you probably have 2 to 3 extra inches there.  I would post it on this forum either for sale or trade (for a tracker).


Another option is to get rid of this 641 and get the Thoroughbreed that Schott produces for Legendary USA.  It is a hh cafe racer with a shorter torso length.


Good Luck,



CycleSchizo on 02/05/13 at 06:04 PM

What type of bike is it? If you're on a standard or a sport bike this isn't the right choice. I doubt you'll break it in enough over 5 years to fix the issue. If you're on a lay-back cruiser with peg extensions and apes it may work as the front won't hit your lap. I have a HH that I can wear on my lay-back cruiser 'cause the front of the jacket doesn't hit my lap and push up but I rarely do as the stiffness and weight are fatiguing. I much prefer my Schott 118 and 141 on the bike, they're lighter than HH and way more flexible/comfortable right out of the box and they'll hold up if you meet mother asphalt. Our "normal" Saturday ride is 350-500 miles and there's no way I'd be wearing HH, I'd rather be concentrating on that road than be distracted by the jacket. I wear my HH to dinner if at all, it mostly hangs. If you want HH (and they are cool) be prepared for unexpected issues that you never had with cow or steer. I wouldn't have it altered, as soon as you do the value goes down. Good luck.

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