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641 weird sizing

Anyone else out there have this same problem - a few months ago I bought a 641(steerhide) and ordered 1 size up as chest size is 40 so i ordered a 42. I waited too long to send it back as it without a doubt fits like a 42 especially in the body circumference. Why in the world tell customers to order 1 size  up??? I know exactly what the awesome folks at Schott would tell me -(not being sarcastic here by the way, just frustrated at this point)- vintage patterns, cut smaller, etc., etc. yeah yeah...  with my personal experience folks, this really is not the case . My  whole point here is order your true size first and take it from there. No jacket made in the U.S.A. labeled 42 should fit like a 40...does that really make sense to anyone? Leather gives, stretches, and conforms to your body like a glove after it's broken in. So here I am stuck with a 641 that doesn't fit properly and I've worn it maybe 3 times(barely broken in). Such a dissapointment  because I fell in love with this jacket when I bought it, but really needed a size 40. Anyways, hope this helps some of you out there considering this awesome line of leather jackets. Happy and safe 4th to all !

Fritz on 07/04/11 at 01:47 PM

Ok first off, the 641 is a great jacket on or off a bike. Second, all Schott jackets have such an awkward cut that you find yourself sizing down. I can't wrap my head around why all the excess material is justified on these jackets. Don't label a jacket with a number if it's not the proper size. Especially American made clothing, supposed to be true to size no? just like a suit? It's also funny the way some of these product descriptions are worded, "fits more like"  and "snug fit". So basically Schott is rounding numbers and measurements down, when their stuff is in-between sizes at best, then telling you to size up. Confusing to say the least and they should really consider labeling their jackets sizes appropriately. All in all, I definitely agree with you here.

richgreene on 07/04/11 at 06:27 PM

The folks at Legendary Leather gets around this crazy problem providing a chart with all the dimensions. I cant see why Schott cant do the same. Too bad for you that you didnt senderback. Hope you have good luck trying to recoup most of your cash.

slb on 07/04/11 at 07:46 PM

Brilliant. You buy a jacket that does not fit. OK, frustrating, I get that. But then YOU fail to return or contact Schott until it's too late and now you want to gripe about it here? Lazy. Even if sizes are confusing, you had the chance to swap it.

Chris781 on 07/04/11 at 08:39 PM

Lazy? far from it. I purchased the jacket while it was still winter time  so it was tried on with layers on underneath . Didn't try it on with just a t-shirt  on until the weather got warmer.  Steerhide is stiff leather and it takes a couple of times with the jacket on to loosen up and thats where you run into problems.

richgreene on 07/04/11 at 09:55 PM

Still no arguing that you should have known i straight out of the box whether it fit or not. No matter how stiff they are at first they Dont Change sizes. Still wish you luck and next winter if you buy another summer jacket, dont be too quick discarding the tags.

Harlock on 07/11/11 at 09:44 AM

If the jacket is too small to wear people will most likely return it, but if it's too big customers are less likely to detect the problem and keep it (plus, most Americans are fatter than they care to admit and usually NEED a larger size than they think). I think this is why Schott says to "size up."

Going forward, you CAN ask Schott for a size chart (like they have at Legendary) before you purchase. You and me are about the same size and I would think I'd most likely wear a 38 (unless it really does have period-correct sizing -- t hen I'd be in a 40).

If you only make this mistake once (and an expensive mistake it is) then you're ahead of the curve. Many people make this mistake over and over and over...

wolverine on 07/12/11 at 10:16 PM

Another take on this is that the 40 would not fit how you expect.  The size 40 is not going to work if you wear more than a t-shirt from what you now you also need a winter jacket.  Expectingonejacket to fit with different gear underneath and at different body weight is nearly impossible.


This particular model tends to run longer in the body than other styles like the 613 or 1928.  One trick if the jacket is riding up on yoiu when you sit down is to condition,and crush the collar a bit. 


You can also soak the jacket in water and then hang dry with a dehumidifier...this will tighen it up a bit but it can be a bit hit or miss...different panels of the jacket are going to respond to water differently, some will shrink with others don't.  If the sleeve length is close now I would not do this.


Take the time now to carefully measure this jacket!!!!!  There are generally 5 measures that get taken and it is covered in this blog...from those you should be able to figure out what other jackets will fit you.  Most likely at least 1 or 2 of these measures from the 42 is right for on that.  As Rich Greene points out, Legendary will help you with sizing, if you call and speak to Herman he will take measures of jackets for you and Schott does this also if you ask. 

Gail on 07/14/11 at 09:33 AM

Dear Chris,

I am sorry to hear you had trouble with sizing for one of our jackets. We always recommend to our customers to try the jacket on with and without items that will be worn under the jacket, once they receive their jacket. We would certainly have exchanged or credited a return if the fit was not good for you.

Our  steerhide and horsehide jackets are still cut on the original vintage patterns which are a smaller cut as people were smaller in their measureements 50 & 60 years ago. The 641 in the size 42 has the same basic measurements in the chest as the 141 size 40 which is an updated fit. Our customer service is here to help anyone which sizing questions if a customer is unsure of a size. We realize it is hard to order a jacket without trying it on especially a motorcycle style where other measurements such as waist, shoulders and height can determine the size, which will be a good fit for that individual.

In regards to the snug or fitted descriptions we put in our information about the jackets, we hope this will help the customer. Some styles are designed for a fitted or snug fit, but looking at a photo you could not determine if a jacket was designed for this type of fit. Customers wanting this type of fit are aware of the fit and customers not wanting a snug fit will also know, this is not a fit they want.

In closing I just want to stress our customer service is here to help anyone who has a question on sizing or our styles. We want all our customers to be happy with their purchase. Gail

Harlock on 07/17/11 at 07:13 AM

In my experience, if you buy a jacket to wear with a sweatshirt underneath, you will ALWAYS have to wear it with a sweatshirt. It will ALWAYS be too big to wear with just a t-shirt.



RK on 07/20/11 at 10:37 PM

I have a Perfecto 125 (size 40) that I ride with and wear during the summer months, with only a Wickers long sleeve undershirt underneath.  Another Perfecto 125 (size 42) fits me beautifully in the colder months when I'm wearing more layers underneath.  For me proper sizing seems to boil down to what I'm wearing under the jacket when I'm riding or when I'm out, and what season it is. 

Rory on 07/27/11 at 04:21 PM


I definitely empathize: I am in a similar situation except I am size 38 and purchased a size 40 641.  Let me know if you're interested in my 40 at a discount; I've worn it about 10 times so it is still nearly brand new.

Rory -

richgreene on 07/27/11 at 06:11 PM

My 6th grade son grew out of his 38 that we'll trade for that 40"

slb on 07/27/11 at 06:22 PM

Dang, I wore a 40 at 11 years old. Sporting the 52L now.

Rory on 07/28/11 at 09:39 AM


I'm interested in your proposed trade.  Please send me an email at:; I would appreciate confirmation of the style (641?) and condition of the jacket.  Also, a picture or two would be helpful; I will, naturally, reciprocate.


richgreene on 07/28/11 at 05:32 PM

I spoke too soon, my cool teenaged niece grabbed it.

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