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626VN sizing question for new guy

Hi guys

I live in the UK and I'd like to order a Schott 626VN but I wanted to check the correct sizing first with those who have experience of this model jacket. I'm quite tall and slim (73 inches tall and 154 pounds in weight) and I want a slim fitting jacket for a rock look similar to Brandon Flowers etc. It'll just be for streetwear rather than riding so I don't need the extra padding.

I've measured my chest and I'm 38 inches so a small. I'm the same size in my current All Saints Conroy jacket which fits really well with enough room to also wear a hoody underneath - please see the pictures for reference.

Should I go for a small then? I've read some guys on here say it's best to go a size up in this jacket but I think a medium 40 inches would be too baggy for me? Could I still wear a thin jumper or hoody under a small jacket?

Thanks for your time, really just want to get this one right :)

12823381_1010077139066015_7258806949290699369_o1.jpg 12248030_1010076449066084_2745373182834816666_o1.jpg 12829423_1010076135732782_4242716011985928011_o1.jpg

Gail on 03/08/16 at 06:26 AM

When looking for a very specific fit it can be hard to purchase a jacket without actually trying on. At Schott we can only advise you what size you are and based on your chest measurement of 38" you would be a size small. The 626VN is a slim fitting jacket, you will need to check the sleeve length though as you are tall and probably have a longer sleeve length. Since you already have a jacket that fits you well I recommend you contact Jerri in our customer service department, she can send to the measurement specs for the 626VN to you and you can compare the measurements to the jacket you have now. I have listed Jerri's email for


BackInBlack on 03/08/16 at 07:14 AM

Thanks for getting back to me Gail, I sent an email to the address you supplied but I just got a bounceback with the following?



"The domain name of the email address is not valid."

Gail on 03/08/16 at 08:01 AM

I am not sure why it bounced back as this is her direct email possibly you need to capitalize the first letter of her name try:

If it since comes back as invalid and try scrolling to bottom for Customer service and click onto that option to Contact us, let me know how if you reach Jerri under her direct email.


BackInBlack on 03/08/16 at 05:50 PM

Thanks Gail, the capital J seemed to do the trick, Jerri got back to me and advised a small. 

Gail on 03/09/16 at 05:02 AM

Both Jerri and I do recommend the size Small, but since this would be an international order and you are looking for a certain fit, I would still have Jerri email you the spec measurements. This way you can compare the measurements to the jacket you have now. On international orders it is very expensive to make a return or an exchange so it is best to have all the information you can before ordering.


BackInBlack on 03/09/16 at 10:45 AM

Thanks Gail, I've emailed Jerri for the specific measurements so just waiting for a reply.



BackInBlack on 03/10/16 at 05:21 AM

Hi Gail, sorry just a couple more quick questions please. Are there any stores in the UK where I could try on a 626? Also, roughly how much could I expect to pay on mailing back to you if the 626 doesn't fit? - Appreciate this would just be an estimate. Thanks!

Gail on 03/11/16 at 06:25 AM

I do not believe our distributors in Europe have ordered this jacket but you can check with our distributor in the UK. On the bottom of our page you will see the option "Store Locator", click onto this option, then select "International Distributors", our UK distributor's information is listed.

Any shipment cost is based on weight and destination, we ship international orders by Fedex, which you can calculate this cost on our website under the jacket style. Our shipping cost do not include the Custom Fees that will be charged for your purchase. If you would need to return the jacket you would need to check with your post office on the cost. If you are returning for a credit you will also have to contact your Custom's Dept. for return of the fees you paid. If you are returning for an exchange you will be charged for the return shipping back to you of the exchanged jacket. As you can see it can be costly to return a jacket and why I recommended you get the specs for comparison.


BackInBlack on 03/11/16 at 09:30 AM

Thanks for all the info Gail, that's great. I'll have a look for stores first and then order direct if not.

Doc on 01/08/17 at 01:51 PM

A quick response to your question on the 626. I recently purchased the 626 so I've not had the opportunity to wear it on a ride. That being said, I'm 5'5" and wear a 42R in a suit jacket and my chest measurement is closer to a 43. Given Schott's measurement table, I ordered a Large. Their next smaller size was a Medium starting at 40" which would have been much too small as my current jacket fits snugly across my back. It is not a particularly slim fit as I have ample chest room and room to breathe through the stomach area. This works for me because although I purchased the lightweight jacket for riding in Southern California, temps do drop and a sweatshirt or hoodie is nice to have beneath the jacket and the 626 offers the room for that. It might be slightly long but once I'm on my bike and reaching for the throttle, I know the jacket will hike up a bit while still offering enough protection from the elements. I do find the sleeves to be a bit longer than I care for; however, with outstretched arms the length just breaks the wrist and I think I can live with it; if not I may have to have it altered. So that's the take on the fit of the 626 from a guy who's built like a dwarf from Lord of the Rings!

Gail on 01/09/17 at 07:16 AM


Based on your height and jacket size I can understand that the sleeves would be long on you, as M/C jackets also always have longer sleeves for riding. Schott can alter the sleeves for you up to 2" shorter. Jerri in customer service handles all repairs. I have listed her direct email address below to contact for information.



Doc on 01/09/17 at 01:00 PM

Thanks Gail! I'll give her a shout!

Doc on 01/10/17 at 02:35 PM

Hi Gail,

Any chance that Jerri is on vacation? I sent emails to her but received no response. I wouldn't normally sweat it, but I would like to have any alterations done within a specific timeframe and need to know if she can do it or if I should shop elsewhere for a leather alterations shop. Thanks!

Gail on 01/11/17 at 07:19 AM

Doc, I see on 1/9/17 you posted me you were going to send Jerri an email, but since you have not heard from her by the next day you are getting anxious. Jerri does get at least 50-75 emails a day beside doing her other jobs, she does answer all emails based on how they are received. If you have not heard from her yet it means she is replying and helping other customers that have contacted her prior to your email. I do understand you want immediate service with your repair and unfortunately that is not always possible. It is your choice to have the repair done wherever you feel you will get the best service and repair in your time frame. I can tell you sending your jacket to Schott will not be a one day turn arround service, all repairs are also done by dates recieved. If this doesn't work for you then you may want to research a leather tailor in your area. Just don't settle for quick service versus good service in your repair. 


Doc on 01/11/17 at 09:08 AM

I hear you Gail. I bought my bike on Christmas Eve and I pick it up on the 23rd of January. I've been trying to buy everything I need beforehand so that I'd be completely outfitted by then. The last time I was in the saddle was about 30 years ago, so needless to say I had to repurchase everything. So if I hang onto the jacket until I can have it altered by Schott (my preference), I suspect it will be after my pickup date. That means that I either buy a second jacket off the rack while mine is being altered or I don't ride--hence, the anxiety. But I get where you're coming from--I blame my's their fault I'm so damn short! ??

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