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626 medium - sizing problem

I always wanted a Schott - no vendor here in chance to go to a store and try some on. After digging through so many reviews and google hits on various styles I gave it a shot on a used (but like new!) 626 in size M.

My goal was: finding a style which resembles the good old punk rock times, one that fits snug but not tight...with sleeves not reaching my thumbwrist.

I was stunned when I recieved it...looked like I hit just the right size for me.

After 4 days I think I'll have to let it's why:

The overall length is spot on. The sleevelength is ok, I whish the sleeves were just half an inch or an inch shorter but ok, no big deal.

The problem is the area at the shoulders / back.

I cant wear a hoody underneath - no way. So I tried a thin flanell shirt (ies jacksonville)...just ok. But after wearing the jacket for a few hours I literally have bruisestreaks in my armlet (from the shirt wrinkling in my armlet under the jacket).

When I sit in the bar, leaning a bit forward with both forearms on the table...I feel the leather in my back where my shoulderblades are so tight that after sitting in this position for minutes it even cuts my bloodflow in the arms.

I cant lift the pint up to my mouth without feeling very uncomfortable...

The overall length is great, also the sleevelength just as I've said before but in the back it stretches so damn much that its very unpleasent around the shoulders, in my armpits and my armlets.

I can close the jacket just fine.


Whar are my options? Sizing up to L (same model) would mean that the sleeves would also come longer - which I dont want! Also the overall length of the jacket would increase - which I also don't want!

My chest is a 39 and I am 5.10. Average built but more on the slim (not skinny) side.

So my logic says that just going one size up on the same model isn't an option for me.

Is the 519 or the 613s a better option for me? If yes, should I take the 519 in size M also or would this be just the same as with the 626? 

Same question on the 613s.


I don't plan riding my motorcycle with it...I just want that slim punk rock look. 

I've attached some pics of my 626 size M below...



8294763F474E468B84E730C13B202BB61.jpeg 8100DC5CCB404A26BB171AEE0C7FB26D1.jpeg E667E7BD49A44A8CB8C6EC421E3A95511.jpeg

Trunk on 01/10/20 at 05:44 PM

It looks like you have an older 626 that does not have the bi-swing back panels. I think a newer one would alleviate the tightness you're experiencing in the shoulders. BTW, I think the sleeve length looks fine.

Ramonesome on 01/10/20 at 09:59 PM

Honestly, it looks pretty good to me. Sleeves are bang on and you probably won't be wearing it zipped up much anyway. I would break it in with a t-shirt underneath and that shoulder tightness might loosen up. 


Or, and this is an "off the books" approach given to me by a sales associate, you could get the jacket damp and wear it zipped up to stretch aspects of it. I did this with a jacket that was tight in the armpits. I zipped it up, jumped in the shower and then wore it for another hour on a hot day. It dried on my body and fits me perfect now. 

Gail on 01/24/20 at 11:56 AM

I can only suggest you contact Denise in our customer service and request the measurement spec sheet for the 626 and any other styles that you have a interest in to compare sizing. The 626 is a slim fitting jacket and based on your 39" chest you should be a Medium, butths may not be a good size if you are trying to wear a hoody underneath. It is also possible you have a athletic build, so you need to purchase a jacket that wil fit your shoulder measurement, but the may have a looser body fit.



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