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618HH random sizing questions (38 vs 40) etc.

Im going to buy my very first Schott Jacket, however I am stationed in Germany so I wont be trying any jackets any time soon (although my hometown is in the NJ/NYC area). I will be using it when riding my Harley but it will be a fashion jacket as a priority as I have a dedicated riding jacket anyways. However some questions and considerations to those that had this jacket since it cost quite a pretty penny.


1. I measure at 39 inches around my chest, I am planning to wear the jacket mostly unzipped except when Im on a bike. What will be the main difference in size between 38 and 40? Is the difference drastic or tiny? I will be layering with a Hoodie at the most and I heard leather stretches some (not sure about Horsehide though). So I dont know if I should get my exact size of 40 and sacrifice a slimmer silhouette for only a little bit of room. With that said, I am into bodybuilding and will be getting bigger through bottled/injectible assistance soon ;) and worry the Horsehide wont stretch enough to accomodate my hopefully bigger physique (trying to move up a T-shirt size from SM/M to M/L).


2. Will the Horsehide shine fade? How long will that take? I am also thinking about getting it custom made through Schott and replacing the hardware to black. Will the black hardware make it look cheap/vinyl-ish and clash too much? Will it cost that much more and will it be worth it?


Any insight is appreciated and thank you all for your $0.02

kaka on 04/29/20 at 05:36 PM

servus! How tall are you? wie große und wie schwer bist du? :)

blobsterroll on 04/29/20 at 11:36 PM

kaka wrote:

servus! How tall are you? wie große und wie schwer bist du? :)

Sorry I dont speak German lol I just work here. But I am 5'9" or 175cm, and 160 lbs. or 72.5kg

kaka on 04/30/20 at 08:16 AM

40 should be great for you.

masterlacus on 05/18/20 at 06:58 AM

Definitely go for the size 38!
I have the same built and I have a 618HH in size 38.

Leather do not stretch.
The shine will fade with wear.

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