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618 vs 118 sizing differences?

First, let me make clear that I'm not complaining about this, just making an observation.

I've got a Perfecto 618, and my friend has a new 118, both marked as size 42. From a tactile standpoint, his cowhide leather feels softer and more supple than the steerhide of my 618 (which may change when the 618 breaks in). However, when we tried each others jackets on, there was absolutely no discernible difference in the fit.

This confuses me a little, as the website advises purchasers of 618 jackets to order one size larger than normal, while purchasers of 118 jackets are told to order their regular size. The 118 is "supposed" to have a fuller fit, but you certainly cannot tell it from these two coats.

Also, the 118 is "supposed" to be an inch longer, however measuring from the seam where the collar attaches, down to the bottom edge of the back, his 118 is one-half inch shorter than my 618.

Any thoughts as to why this seems to be?

Gail on 04/16/09 at 09:07 AM

I can only say that the today' patterns of a 118 jacket in a size 42 will have the same pattern measurements as a 618 in a size 44. Except the 618 will be approximately 2" wider at the waist and 1" shorter in back length. If you send me the bar code numbers on the white ticket in the pocket I can research when the jackets were made, this ticket will also confirm the jackets style number & size. If your 618 is an older jacket it could be a 618L that we did make at one time. Until I can confirm the styles and age of jackets I can only speculate on why the difference. Did you just recently purchase these jackets from our website, retailer or Ebay? The naked cowhide leather will have a more pliable hand then the rigid hand of a steerhide leather, which will break in with wear. Gail

ron521 on 04/16/09 at 06:46 PM

I learned that my friends 118 was purchased used, and not new as I stated in my previous letter. It was supposedly very recently new, and certainly looks it. When he showed it to me, he said "How do you like my new jacket" which he later explained meant "new to him". Apologies for passing on misinformation.

The tag inside the pocket of my friends 118 says "Lot 1001" and "Bndl 040" on the first line, "118" on the second line and "42" on the third line.

There is no bar code visible, but there is a dotted line on the left side of the tag where the tag was cut, perhaps there used to be a bar code there? Not sure if I'm even looking in the right place.

There was also a separate loose slip inside the pocket which said "Inspected by 18".

The label inside the collar says "Perfecto by Schott N.Y.C." and has a picture of a motorcycle and rider. The size tag is to the right of the label, it is an American flag with the words "Made in U.S.A" and the size "42". It it sewn to the lining on its left and right edges, so it can't flap up.

The main zipper does not have any manufacturer marked, but the sleeve zippers are "Ideal".

The belt buckle is a casting, on the back side it bears the words "Century  Canada" and a number, 55272.

The snaps all bear the name "Schott", twice on each snap.


My own 618 differs only in a few points:

The tag inside the pocket says "Lot 5190" and "Bndl 031" on the first line, "618" on the second line, and "42" on the third line.

The tag lacks the dotted line where it was cut, and there is a separate loose slip bearing the words "Inspected by 20".

My belt buckle is stamped steel, not a casting.

My main zipper is "YKK", however the sleeve zippers are still "Ideal".

The label inside the collar is identical, as is the size tag, however the size tag is only sewn on its left edge, so can flap up (not that I can notice it).

Both jackets have the inside "map pocket" sewn to the lining, however the one on the 118 is slightly larger, and feels like a slightly heavier fabric.


I appreciate your assistance, and hope these details are helpful in solving this puzzle, it isn't much of a big deal, just curious why this particular 118 is shorter than my 618.


ron521 on 04/17/09 at 11:53 AM

I think I figured it some time in the 80's or 90's, the fit of the 118 was changed to be "fuller", but prior to that time, it may have been made with a pattern identical to the 618, the only difference being that the 118 was made of cowhide, while the 618 was steerhide.

My friends jacket may be from before the 118 was "updated" to a fuller fit, and the 1/2 inch difference just normal variance. If this is the case, I was thrown off by its new appearance, my own 618 looks excellent, but his 118 looks even better.

If I'm right about his jacket being a decade or two old, I'm impressed again in how  well the Schott product has held up. I even had one unsolicited offer from someone on this forum who wished to purchase my 618, based on the cellphone images I posted in another thread.

So, unless some revelation is forthcoming, I'm going to consider this puzzle resolved. Thanks

Gail on 04/17/09 at 02:34 PM

Sorry I did reply to you earlier, sometimes things hectic hear and I do not aleways ge ta chance to reply quickly. Since both these jackets have no bae codes on the pocket tickets they were produced prior to 1996. The 118 patterns were changed to a more updated fit. Prior to that  the style 618 and 118 were the same only the leather was different. Based on the zippers not having the Schott logo pulls, I think these jackets are from the late 1980's - early 1990's.Gail

ron521 on 04/28/09 at 07:20 AM

Recent development here, my friend saw a Joe Rocket jacket he liked the look of, and sold me his 118 for a very favorable price, so I now own two Schott Perfectos, my 618, and now the 118 which had belonged to my friend for a few weeks. His loss, my gain.

Rode the Sportster to work today wearing the 618. Temperature was in the low 60's, so the Perfecto really was "perfecto" in keeping the chill off, not flapping in the wind. The length was just right to reach my waist and cover my belt without  getting pushed up by my legs and raising the jacket off my shoulders.

No wonder this style has survived for so long.

fgiannini on 07/21/11 at 03:50 PM

Hey Ron! Congrats on your two jackets! I want to get my first Perfecto and I am in between the 118 and the 618... Which of your jackets do you like the most? Which leather is more resistant? And how do you feel the fit in both? Hope you can help me decide! I want to get the perfect one for me.

ron521 on 07/24/11 at 01:08 PM

The steerhide 618 is certainly "tougher" feeling, thicker and stiffer, more like armor, so will take longer to break in and feel comfortable. The cowhide 118 is somewhat softer and more supple. Not sure how much difference there is after both are fully broken in, they may end up feeling about the same, but the cowhide 118 clearly has a head start in achieving that "custom fit to your own shape" point.

reddrascal on 08/15/12 at 08:04 PM

'hi' there which of these looks ' cooler' as im gona be buying one of these this payday?

franctastic on 01/12/21 at 04:58 PM

reddrascal wrote:'hi' there which of these looks ' cooler' as im gona be buying one of these this payday?


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