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618 update!

All peices have been assembled on my Ramones inspired 618. Never found a perfect strap for the chain nipper so modified one with a repurposed bolo tie to make it function as needed.

Was sadly jumped the other night and blew out the stitching on the right underarm, but it's just the seam stitching. Little time with a thread and needle and all should be well :).

Rock 'n' Roll! 

PatTermite on 07/09/18 at 10:59 AM

Let's see some pics!

FYI, I also was able to make one out of a black leather belt blank,a leather snap kit. and a leather stiching kit I ordered from Amazon. It wasn't too difficult. You just gotta make sure you use a Red Bull can to trace the curved part and score it with a utility knife. You'll also need a 5/8" drill bit to make the hole where the nippers go through.

I recently found an original set of nippers with the leather holder on eBay but it smells like someone had it stored in a moldy basement. The nippers were rusty as well but priginal German-made.  They are extremely rare to find. So the set will stay in my box of collectible Ramones memorabilia. If I ever need to make another one, I'll use that as a template. After I got it I compared it to the one I made I noticed that the width slightly off by 1/4" but not enough for anyone to notice unless they were laid out side-by-side. However I think there are also slight size variations in the originals as well.




bobg12 on 07/10/18 at 05:48 PM

Great job, looks awesome. Gabba Gabba Hey!

Westcott89 on 07/10/18 at 06:04 PM

Super tight, man! I'll have to look into it!


Sgaren on 01/13/19 at 05:18 PM

I'm currently using a police belt keeper (3" wide) for my German Come Along Nipper (stamped) and the other one that isn't stamped. A bit thicker, all around, in size to what Johnny and Dee Dee had. Not what they used, but an alternative until a holder pops up...just throwing it out there as an alternative. 

Small cell phone cases work too. Used one until the keeper arrived. 

Sgaren on 03/10/19 at 01:48 PM

For those looking for the nipper holders, Dell Leather Works (online) makes saddle leather reproductions. Just ordered two off their website. Less than $13 each (shipping charges added) for new leather reproductions without the rot and smells associated with the rare vintage holders. For larger sized nippers, holders can be made by request (stated on the item page).

I was concerned about the website being http, however it supports https (secure) and the checkout took me to a https secure url without changing it to https.

PatTermite on 03/10/19 at 03:20 PM

It looks like the ones on the Dell website are very large (2.75 x 4.25). I just emailed them for a price for a custom size (2.25 x 2.75).

Sgaren on 03/15/19 at 01:06 AM

Mine came in today. Looks the right size to me. 


PatTermite on 03/15/19 at 02:30 AM

Can you measure it? I have an original made in the 50s and it's 2 + 1/4 inches wide by 3 in Long. Looks about the same size as Johnny's.

Sgaren on 03/15/19 at 04:39 AM

Its the measurements that are on the Dell Leather Works website.  A bit bigger than yours, but those vintage holders were all over the place in sizes and designs. Even the nippers vary by location of manufacture... New York, Germany, England, France, South America, etcetera. There's some photos online of the different types of holders, and a website with nothing but vintage police restraint photos (where I found the Dell Leather Works link). 

One of the vintage holders I saw online looked almost like an upside-down Y .  Location and manufacturing most likely played a role in it all, judging from the many photos on the aforementioned vintage police restraint site.

Sgaren on 03/15/19 at 04:45 AM

Sgaren on 03/15/19 at 04:56 AM

Mentioned above


PatTermite on 03/26/19 at 09:06 AM

Event the one pictured on that site


is much smaller than the one they currently offer. It's measurements are much closer to my vintage one.



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