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618 size 40

I'am new here,frome France.My english isn't very good. One month ago i order a perfecto 618 size 40 frome a store in France.I buy a previously one in size 38 frome this site,but it was little to me. I got it,the size 40 seems ok, and after wearing it 2 weeks i got a pain in my right shoulder,first i don't understand but after looking on the jacket,it seems me that the right shoulder is smaller by one centimeter than the left.Here i post you some pics,and ask Schott why this???In my previously ordered size 38,the both shoulders where equal but not in this sizez 40. On these pics you can see the difference in size between right and left shoulders,also the back button isn't in the center. In the last pics you can compare between size 38 (back) and size 40 ( front);you can see a notable difference on the epaulette and particulary on the place between them : in the 38 they seems to be on the same place on each side but in the 40 the left is further by 1 cm from the neck.

P1020650.JPG P1020654.JPG P1020661.JPG P1020666.JPG P1020669.JPG P1020671.JPG

Gail on 01/14/13 at 02:43 PM

You will need to return the jacket to the place of purchase and request an exchange showing the problem on the jacket. They can then return the jacket to our distributor in France for a replacement. Gail

france on 01/15/13 at 06:37 AM

I say it them, but they claim it is the standard perfecto  cut because the jacket isn't symetric,and now i have no replacement recour...

You also said me that size 40 is 25 inch back length,but this jacket looks shorter by 1/4 inches than my 38 from this site which is 24 inch back length

Gail on 01/15/13 at 07:03 AM

Back lengths on jackets are all graded as per as size, and there is always a 1/4" tolerence on all measurements. Older jackets can also have different back lengths as patterns have been updated through the years. Since the retailer is not helping you, you can contact our distributor in France with the problem. You can tell our distributor that you are contacting him directly as per us at Schott, since the retailer will not help you in solving the problem. Gail


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