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618 hh sleeves length

Dear colleagues by jacket, I am in a difficult situation not able to determine the sleeves length of 618 hh jacket in size 48 or 50 being my two alternatives for order placement. In the Schott 618 size charts dimensions are given from centre back which is not clear enough how it is measured or calculated opposed to very clear dimensions given for 118 style which shows sleeve length from epaulet seam to sleeve end. I would be very thankful if any of you who owns 618 hh jacket in size 48 or 50 can give me exact dimension of sleeves from epaulet to end of sleeve. I have 118/48, CAF1/XL and two vintage 118/48 and 50 Schott jackets so I can give information about them in return. Thank you very much. Boris

richgreene on 03/09/14 at 04:49 PM

Maybe--Take the shoulder width, divide by half and subtract from the CB to wrist ??

Boriskrastev69 on 03/09/14 at 08:25 PM

1. I did this of course but it not really correct as the measure available in th emodel specs is across shoulders which in shorter than shoulder to shoulder across the top of the back. So: 2. I asked Jerry ' exchanged 3 mail messages with no clear responce. Then: 3. I wrote to Gail - very kind responces to all my 4 messages but no real in situ measure was provided up until today. Instead I was informed that the jacket would be too short on me and adviced to lok for 118 L. I insisted to get a real measure and to be honest got even more confused as initially Gail informed for 25 inches for size 48, then she told me the sleevs are the same length as the 118/48 and the only difference is in th eshoulders, then the last message she told me the length was 25 1/2 inches. As all these did not really answer my questions I decided to ask an owner of such a jacket as I can't accept three different answers in three consecutive messages to be reliable. So, I am looking for a nice guy to measure his 618 hh/48 or 50 jacket and give me the real numbers. Thank you!

richgreene on 03/09/14 at 09:32 PM

Ive got 26" on my 50---BUT youve gotta be careful and demand actual sizing. Some 50s are 25" measured across the chest and others (like mine) are 27".  I tried to get accurate measurements on one of their lame 628s a while back and either the phone rep didnt know or wouldnt give it to me.------------My BEST advice------Call-- 877-LEGENDARY------  (LEGENDARY USA.COM) and ask them. Theyre a reseller of All Schott products and their customer service is the BEST--Bar None !!!!!        Good Luck, Rich

Gail on 03/10/14 at 07:08 AM

Boris, We have had numerous emails in discussing your size and what you need in a jacket. I have sent you the specs for jackets to compare to the jacket you have now for comparison. I have also provided for you the sleeve lengths for the jackets from from the shoulder seam to bottom of sleeve. You have not posted that you are 6'3" and posts from other blog members are unaware that you are this tall and need a long size for the sleeve length which I have been trying to tell you. I do understand that you want a horsehide jacket but unfortunately we do not offer the horsehide jackets in "Long" sizes. You are trying to find someone to tell you a sleeve length that will work for you so you can get a jacket you want. Wanting to hear someone say the sleeve length is long enough will not make the sleeve longer for you, if this person is shorter than you. As I tried to explain to you, just because the jacket is a larger size such as a 48 or 50 you are gaining width in the jacket not the added length you are looking to fit your 6'3" height. Gail

Boriskrastev69 on 03/10/14 at 03:06 PM

Gail, I just wanted one thing - in situ measure from epaulete seam to sleeve end of 618hh/48 and I got ... confusing answers. It is my choice and at the end it will be my jacket, so based on a real measure I can take my sober decision. Not having the Schott jackets available with retailers make it difficult for customers to order. Even more difficult for Europeans as I am. So, your role here is of utmost importance. I can't agree for the long sizes as my 118/48 from 2012 fits me more than comfortable and definitely long enough both on torso and sleeves. Even my 118/50 from 1996 has long enough sleeves for me although it's back length of 25'' is too short according to today's standards. Hope if I decide to custom order we will be having smoother communication in order to avoid collision.

Boriskrastev69 on 03/10/14 at 03:17 PM

Thanks Rich, Indeed I've been considering this option but they only sell up to size 46. So, the forum here is my chance to get the real measures. In the 618 hh product review there is a comment of a guy with a jacket in size 42 who claims that his sleeves are 25 inches long. This appears to be the same length which Gail confirmed applies for the size 48 as well. Really strange to me and difficult to believe it - three sizes larger jacket with the same length of sleeves. It will be interesting to see the real measure taken from a ready jacket. Boris

Boriskrastev69 on 03/10/14 at 03:54 PM

In my 118/48 from 2012 - NOT LONG SIZE. I am 6'4'' and 235 Pounds.

Copy_of_DSC02799.JPG Copy_of_DSC02800.JPG Copy_of_DSC02804.JPG Copy_of_DSC02805.JPG Copy_of_DSC02808.JPG

Albatross on 03/10/14 at 08:25 PM


Have no doubt, the sleeves on 618HH size 42 indeed are 25 inch, or 63 cm, long. Give or take a few mm's. All I can tell you is that so far, the pattern specs for every Schott jacket that I've handled have proven to be entirely true. If you wish, I can take a few photos of the jacket with a measuring tape on it.

Initially, I wanted a 641HH but I was also worried about the sleeve length because according to specs, sleeves on size 42 would be too short for me (I'm 6' tall). I asked Gail about it and she confirmed that the sleeves on 641 wouldn't work for me, and recommended that I go with either 118L or 618 in same size, and man, how glad I am that I listened to her advice!
Later on I got a chance to try a 641 in size 42 and the sleeves were definitely too short for me so Gail pretty much saved me on this.

Also, if I am not mistaken, 118 cut is different than 618/618HH. 118 is a substantially larger jacket than 618 in the same size which also goes to prove that Gail's right.

By the way, your 118 fits you extremely well, Boris!

Gail on 03/11/14 at 07:13 AM

As per your email to me yesterday, you have confirmed that I sent the sleeve measurements to you on 3/3/14 by email, which you must have missed when checking our emails on the sizing of the jacket. Looking at your photos the 118/48 fits you very well, so your height must be in long legs, with a shorter torso. I checked the bar code and the jacket was made in 2012. I then checked our spec sheet for the 118 made in 2012 and the sleeve length for a 118 size 48 is 26-1/2" from shoulder, but the 618HH is only 25" size 48 and 25-1/2" size 50. We want all our customers to purchase a jacket that is a good fit, especially our international customers, where returning a jacket can get very expensive. We realize it is hard purchasing a jacket without trying it on, so we really try to advise you what the best size and style would work for a customer. With all motorcycle jackets the back and the sleeves should be well past the wrist to allow when the arms are outstretched while riding. This is why when you see people wearing a M/C jacket the sleeves will be long. You also want the back long enough to protect the wind from going up your back when riding. If you are not a motorcycle rider then you may not be concerned with having the added length for these options for riding. Gail

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