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4 Questions on 641

Hello, team!

1. I can't get a 641HH (horsehide) with a zip-out liner, right?  ...No matter what.  ...Right?  :)

2. Can anybody with experience with the 641HH (horsehide) please share wisdom about temperature range?  What is the warmest temp in which you'd wear it (maybe even with just a t-shirt)?

3. I see others discussing the 641 in Steerhide with a zip-out liner.  I can't find it on the site.  Is it discontinued?

4.   I want a very fitted, 3-season, cafe racer.  (My preference would be horsehid.)  Any opinions?

Thanks for taking the time!


slimjim on 12/05/12 at 10:34 PM

1. The one with the zip-out liner was made for Japan. I had one in sz. 32 I sold on ebay not too long ago. I don't think you can find one in the US market though. 2. They are quite heavy. So I wouldn't recommend wear them casually in hot weather. But if you ride. they'll be good for all 4 seasons. 3. Yes, check Japanese market. 4. If you want the 641, definitely get the 641HH. You'll thank yourself forever. They'll be hard for first dozen or so wear, but once broken in, they'll fit like glove. From what I recall, 641's are the slimmest of all Schott. & for the sizing... Don't size up if you want the jacket to be fitted. If you have small waist, go down a size. BTW, I do have a 641HH in 34 for sale if you are interested.

TJC on 12/06/12 at 09:13 AM

Thanks, Jimmy.  My chest is 44", so I 34 is a bit too small.  But thank you for the offer, and thank you for the info!

Gail on 12/07/12 at 09:04 AM

We do make custom jackets so a horsehide 641HH with a zip-out liner can be made, but custom jackets are expensive and we quote 10 weeks to be made. Under our styles on our site is the option "Custom Form", once you fill out the form with your request and modifications we can then quote a cost. The 641 has been discontinued on our style, but 644 is the replacemnt number for the style. Gail

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