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2018 Factory Sale Discount Expectations

This question is for Gail or someone on the Schott team. I've never been to the Factory Sale, which I assume will end up being Sat 12/1 this year (I'm on the email list so will receive the details). I'm a couple of hours away and I'm struggling to decide if it makes sense to go given what I'm looking for.

I'm interested in a size 42 613. I've heard that several years ago, one could find motorcycle jackets at the factory sale for 40%+ off but in recent years, it was closer to 20%. Given the 15% off coupon for Black Fri, I'm deciding whether to take the chance with all the driving etc when I have such a specific item I'm looking for.

While I understand that you can't say exactly what will be there or how many, it would be helpful to know if the likely range of discounts on a 613 is significantly more than the 15% off I could use on the site right now. Also, would a 613 there be exactly the same or likely to have some minor flaw?

Lastly, I'm a 40 on my 118 and have tried on a 42 613S in the NYC store and it seemed right. I'm assuming the 613 sizing would be the same as the 613S, just with the addition of the underarm footballs.

Thanks for any guidance you can offer,


Gail on 11/24/18 at 07:50 AM


First let me say the 613S is a slim fitting jacket. I suggest you email Denise in customer service for the measurement specs of the of the 613 & 613S so you can compare any differences in sizing. If you have a 118 in a size 40 the the size 42 sounds correct in the 613, but everyone has a special preference in fit and a 613S is a slimmer fit. Email:

In regards to stock, pricing, discounts and availability at the sale I can not tell you what will be there. We do have seconds at a much greater savings then a regular stock jacket. We do offer our regular stock at a sale price but I do not know what the sale price will be and if we have the jacket style & size in stock. This is the busiest time of the year we are constantly shipping orders and at times we do get sold out in a size. 

If your looking for a specific jacket you have to be prepared it may not be available at the sale. If your looking for a bargain then I recommend you come to the sale. We offer all jackets at discount prices and we always have our famous $50 and under room. Bottom line with the 15% coupon, cost of gas and tolls and the distance in time to travel all have to be weighed on what you feel is best for you in your cost & time. 

Hopefully some other forum members can post their experiences at the annual sale, unfortunately I cannot guarantee stock or sale price on the jacket.


Dphillip on 11/24/18 at 11:34 AM

Wow! $50 and under room, what’s in there?

richgreene on 11/24/18 at 12:37 PM

Probably T-Shirts

lutein on 11/25/18 at 05:16 PM

Where can I get 15% coupon?



Gail on 11/26/18 at 07:26 AM

If you are on our mailing list a email was issued with the coupon code. The 15% discount coupon ends today Monday the 26th of November. When ordering on our website enter the coupon code: STUFFING15 to receive your discount. 

What's in our $50 and under room? Anything and everything, samples, protos, seconds, discontinue styles and some one of a kind items. NO! Richgreene, not just t-shirts, we usually have T-shirts on a table for $5-$10. Two years ago I purchased the Limited Edition Perfecto style #P560 for $40, which sold on our website in 2015 for around $1000. Our sale starts at 8:00 am but by 7:00 am we have a long line waiting to get the bargains.


wolverine on 11/27/18 at 11:05 AM

 Warning this is an  un-authorized post from a mere Forum Member...


I had a great post written and then my IPad crapped out and I lost my meager ramblings...but let me try to condense this for you:


The annual factory sale is the only day on this planet earth that you can access thousands of Schott jackets in their various, and I mean various styles and sizes.  This may be of interest to you if you are in search of the perfect, aka Perfecto fit.  For your purposes, arrive before noon and kindly ask to try on a few sizes of the style(s) you may also be able to do this at one of the Flagship stores if you request specific sizes/models in advance but for the best selection this would be the ideal place/date.  This is a cash only sale so if you find the right jacket you will pay less than ordering online plus you will not have to pay extra shipping charges for returned sizes.


If you look at the various posts on this forum you will see that members routinely have problems with getting the right fit.  Buying a slim fitting/tailored jacket, made out of non stretch leather is difficult.  Add to this the different model cuts that are designed for different body types and you can have a difficult task searching for that perfect fit.  The annual sale will give you the best shot at finding a jacket, if there is one, that meets your expectations.

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