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1928 Anniv. Jacket

I've had my 1928 (#516) jacket for about a month now and have been lovin' it since taking it out of the box and trying it on for the first time. many thanks to Gail for answering several questions helpfully, cheerfully and most importantly accurately to ensure that I got the size that fitted me best. I ventured out for a ride on my Sportster today and got caught in a torrential downpour and thunderstorm. By the time I got home I was drenched from the waist down but bone-dry and warm from the waist up thanks to the protection of my Schott jacket. I guess i can really say that it's truly "broken-in" now & i'm starting to think that maybe chaps would be a wise investment.

Gail on 02/23/05 at 02:17 PM

I was sorry to here that you were caught in a rainstorm, but pleased to know the jacket did provide the protection for you. I just wanted to post a brief message on the care of leather. As we all know there will be times when a rider will be caught in the rain in their leather jacket. With leather it is extremely important to let the jacket dry completely before storing. Wipe the jacket down of excess water, place on a hanger and hang in a airy place. At a local auto supply store you can purchase a sheepskin leather item that is used for polishing of a car. The sheepskin wool contains the oils of the skin, buy wiping down your jacket after completely dried the oils will be applied to the leather, which will help the jacket from drying out. This is also good to remove top dirt and help maintain the leather even without the jacket having becoming wet. We also recommend that any leather jacket be professionally cleaned periodically to avoid deterioration of the materials from dirt and sweat. The Schott family knows you have made a investment with your purchase and we want to provide the best knowledge for care of your jacket for many years. Let me know when your ready for those chaps!! Gail

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