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141 for a bigger guy....

I'm 6'3" about 220lbs....I ride a Bonnie Café. I think I'm going to get the 141, but I'm not sure about fit. Fairly broad shouldered, roughly 33" arm length (mid back to mid hand). Do I need to buy a larger size and have the jacket resewn to fit my waist, I like a little room in the shoulder and chest, but I don't want it riding up everywhere when I ride....or is there a cost effective "custom" option? Thanks for your help.....

Bunyip on 02/23/13 at 05:45 PM

Gday mate, Im roughly your size, I have a 48.5" chest. I bought an Easy rider before xmas, in size 48. Fit is great. I was a bit stressed that it would be a skin tight nightmare, and maybe should have gone the size 50. I have enough room. Im fairly self conscious, and love the look of the cafe racer jaxkets etc, but dont want to look like a goose or a fat chick in a crop top. Tis looks schmick. Just order your chest size, the 141 is a great cut, and a modern style fit for decent sized blokes. I tried twice to order Vanson, followed their instructions on fit etc, they make their jackets to be skin tight, and I could never get it right. The 141 cut is great. Im hoping to pick up a brown one in the near future. Hope this helps. Ben

Gail on 02/25/13 at 08:15 AM

Based on your height I can only tell you that you need the 141L in the long size. We do not do siizng questions on the blog as we need measurements to determine your size and this can get to involved on the blog. Please contact our customer service department with the measuremnts I have listed, measured as instructed. Gail

Customer service:

1. Chest: measure your chest around the body from under the arm.


2. Sleeve: measure sleeve from center of back @ base of neck, across the top of the shoulder and down the sleeve. When measuring have your arm down at your side, not outstretched.


3. Top of shoulder to wrist:

4. Shoulder to shoulder: across the top of your back  

5. Height:

6. Waist: (at belly button)


Boriskrastev69 on 02/28/13 at 03:34 PM

Hi there, I am 6'4'' and 240 pounds. I have tried both 141 and 141L and could tell you 141L is quite a big and tall jacket - sleeves come almost to my fingers. While 141 size 48 fits perfect to me - a bit tight as I like it. There are two important things about this jacket: 1. It comes with a zip in linning which makes it tighter, so if you are about to wear it in warm climate you should consider taking it out, so jacket will fit you a bit larger without it. 2. The shoulders cut angle is a bit too high - at least for my body type, so collar comes high up to my ears. Probably this could sattle up with wearing and breaking in the jacket. Hope my comments were useful for your decision. Greetings

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