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141 care

Hello Schott forums,

I'm sorry if this has been asked a thousand times before, but I'm just wondering on the best care procedure for a schott 141 naked cowhide. I recently purchased an otter wax set, but is the saddle soap and everything necessary? I don't mind spending as much time as needed to care for this jacket, but I figured I'd just check first. The jacket itself was bought new in about 2014-15, I don't remember. It's worn while motorcycle riding, and has been moderately  covered in dirt once. Wet a few times from a random downpour. I wiped it off with a damp cloth after the dirt. Other than that, nothing major.


weegeebee1 on 09/22/20 at 11:02 AM

From what I remember reading on here was not to do anything unless the jacket is really under extreme conditions.  I think previously Gail had mentioned mink oil.  Personally, I don't like it.  The smell is really funky.  Then at some point, Schott added the Otter Wax line for sale, so it's assumed that's kind of the preferred method.  I've talked to the guys in the LA shop, and one of them says he uses Lexol.

Assuming you have a black jacket, you definitely have a lot of options.  Brown gets wonky because most of the conditioners are going to darken.  But even with black, depending on whether you want to preserve the patina.

The other thing most people mention was not to use any silicone based lubricant or petroleum base (like vasoline).  But even this is debated.  Saphir which is considered one of the best conditioners I think has silicone, as does some of the Red Wing conditioners (although those are for shoes you could argue).  And I think Pecards which apparently the Smithsonian uses to preserve leather historical goods has petroleum.

So basically, who knows... LOL.

I haven't done this to any of my Schotts yet, but I've got a homebrew of coconut oil and beeswax I've used on other leathers and works beautiful.  Will darken though.  Smiths Natural Leather balm is real nice too.  All natural and only darkens a touch.

But the naked leather of the 141 might require different tactic.  I'm watching though as I have 3 100 series Schotts.  They all pretty new, so I think I'm good for a few years, but was getting curious myself as to what to do when the time comes.

treeman on 09/22/20 at 04:15 PM

I would not use mink oil anymore. Most mink oil has silicone mixed in with it. Also it can turn rancid and it does the stitching no good. I have been using Pecards and have liked the results

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