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141 & LCW 1257



Just bought this 2 jackets : 141 naked cowhide and LCW 1257 Cowhide/Sheepskin. I would like to know how to preserve them. Advices ? Cleaning products ? Annual cleaning ?



Gail on 01/03/20 at 02:14 PM

Like any clothing item cleaning and maintaining a leather jacket is based on how much you wear the jacket, the conditions you wear the jacket such as rain, snow, motorcycle riding or just daily use. The 141 is made in the USA and the Naked leather has no finish which allows the natural oils to surface conditioning the jacket, the LCW1257 is a European style not made or offered in the USA, so I am not familar with the jacket if it has a sueded finish for the sheepskin you can not condition the jacket or apply any products to the jacket. The Naked cowhide because it has no finish products you do supply will be fully absorbed and cause darkening or sometimes spotting of the leather depending on the product. Never apply a water repellent product as this will seal the leather which can cause dry rot as leather must breathe, once sealed no conditioning products can be absorbed into the leather. Never store jacket in a hot closet during hot months and never cover with plastic. I also like to recommend to have used jackets professionally cleaned to remove any dirt or sweat from lining, once cleaned you know you are starting with a clean jacket.


Cr4sH94 on 01/06/20 at 04:37 AM

Hi Gail,


Thank you for your answer. May i ask few more questions ? :)

The LCW1257 is Sheepskin same as a B-3 i think. I understand that i can't deal with it, i should contact a professionnal.


About the 141, i guess i should use Otter Wax products ? Saddle Soap for cleaning, then Leather Oil for conditionning ?

What about the leather Salve ? Is it for a "bigger" conditioning ? When the leather need more than the Oil ?

And the lining of this jacket must be clean professionally.

Gail on 01/23/20 at 05:05 PM

Sorry for the delay but I was inthe hospital since 1/8. The salve is for a more heavy conditioning, such as when leather is cracking or excessively dry. Yes the lining on the 141 must be cleaned professionally.


Cr4sH94 on 01/24/20 at 05:42 AM

You don't have to be sorry, taking care of your health is more important than giving me an answer :)


I thank you so much for it and wish you the best.



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