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118 Naked Cowhide (Fake or Authentic)

Hey guys, just purchased this jacket from a seller on ebay (not the safest way to go about it I know, I know) LISTING: Paid 400, received the jacket today, things look good...schott snaps, leather feels right, and it came with a tag with barcode which matches the jacket (size, color, model, material) and the red schott tag with embossed seal. Tags were not attached to jacket though. Only concern is that the locker loop (part you hang the jacket from) is just leather and doesn't say Schott on it. Not sure if that was discontinued or just not included on this model, but was the first thing that didn't sit right. Also the belt buckle is indented on the back side, again...maybe this is just for all the jackets. Main zipper has schott NYC on it, as does the stamp on the leather pull tab attached to it, bottom of zipper says "IDEAL". Quilted lining has arrow leathercare logo with phone number inside.

JamesVDant on 09/12/13 at 07:24 PM

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Albatross on 09/12/13 at 08:54 PM

For what it's worth, locker loop on my brand new 618HH is also just leather without anything written on it, and the belt buckle is indentet on the back side as well so I really wouldn't worry about it. Looking at the pictures, there's no doubt that it's the real deal - and even if there's someone making fakes like this, they'd be worth the money! XD

If you want to be absolutely certain, post the jacket tag info and Gail will be able to tell you for sure. It's located inside the coin pocket.

Everyone seems to be somewhat dissapointed with the indented/stamped belt buckle, and that's one of the main beefs Aero uber alles people have with Schott. . . I really wish Schott would just switch to non stamped ones. I imagine this would perhaps cost a bit more, but having a stamped iron piece on such a tremendously beautiful and well made jacket really does seem out of place. Plus it scratches on the belt sides due to sharp edges. :(

JamesVDant on 09/13/13 at 07:10 AM

Here's the ticket pocket tag. Legit?


Gail on 09/13/13 at 09:01 AM

Based on the bar code number this jacket was produced in 1997. In regards to the neck hanger having a logo. In the much older vintage jackets prior to the 1970's the hanger did have a logo, which after the 1970's was not used. We recently started using the Logo neck hanger again in our selected Perfecto Brand jackets. and special production jackets. Gail

Boriskrastev69 on 09/14/13 at 05:21 PM

just to correct Gail - this jacket is true original one and it was made in 2012 - read teh fifth number on the ticket - it says the year of production. i bought the same jacket last year - the same hanger, labels, etc. furthermore before 2012 the 118 jackets did not have belt snap which I hate to be honest - it comes only with the new jackets to prevent scratches on the bike fuel tank, but it makes the jacket look stupid when not fastened. I also have 118 from 1996 and it definitely is a different one - naked cowhide, mush shorter and slimmer fit jacket. have fun with it and enjoy your purfetc deal. boris

Albatross on 09/14/13 at 05:52 PM

Boris, I never even knew about the belt snap! Do all Perfecto styled jackets have the belt snap now? I'm asking because, if you're right about the label info, my 618HH is also from the 2012 and it doesn't have a belt snap.

Boriskrastev69 on 09/14/13 at 07:55 PM

Albatross, My 118 has one and this was something you could not see on the Website pictures and nobody informed about, so it was an unpleasant surprise to me. When I asked Gail about it she responded the new jackets have it except for the 626 style but I think these are only the 118 styles with thi ssnap but neither 613 nor 618 have it. This is one of the reasons I am seriously considering buying a 618 hh - hopefully without the belt snap as I will have it as a fashion jacket and not as a riding one. The problem with the HH jackets is that there is a high risk that part of the front of the jacket or even worse - part of the collar/lapel is wrincled and I could not take this risk yet - as I really want my HH jacket to look like a metal one - all over smooth and even. One more thing - older naked cowhide jackets looked quite differently to new ones which appear as having a kind of greasy/shiny finish opposed to more mat look of the old ones. Greetings

Albatross on 09/14/13 at 09:55 PM

Boris, thanks for the reply. I know what you mean by wrinkled, but I have yet to see a HH jacket that's entirely smooth. Virtually all Schott HH jackets have wrinkled hide on the underneath part of the sleeves - even my Vanson's have different, softer and grainier leather there - and even the smoothest parts of the hide can end up being wrinkled on ends. My jacket is completely smooth and even, except for the left part of the collar, where it's wrinkled. It was ing me off too at first as it was really sticking out, but the more I wore it, I figured I would rather have it wrinkled more, as I prefer the leather-y look. This way, people who have never seen a horsehide jacket before ask me if my jacket is made from real leather. Also, on 618HH, even the smoothest parts get wrinkled very soon with wear, so even if you manage to find an entirely smooth jacket, the metal look won't last you very long.

Why don't you give Waxy Cowhide a try? I've seen one of these, and they're almost as shiny and smooth as HH, without the uneven parts.

Boriskrastev69 on 09/15/13 at 03:27 AM

Albatross, maybe this is not the correct place to discuss it but I will appreciate it if you are able to post some pictures of your 618hh jacket refering to size and your height and weight, year of purchase, also dressed on - did you order one size up? I am around 230 lbs and 6'4'' and have 4 Schott leather jackets, 1 of wool, 1 nylon and 2 fleece type so I can also be of help with some direct personal impressions about Schott jackets. Thank you. Boris

Albatross on 09/16/13 at 07:56 AM

Hey Boris! Sent you a PM, don't know if you got it.

Anyway, I'm exactly 6', 180lbs. My story goes, first I bought a brand new 618HH in size 42, size number that I usually wear. I'm around 40-42, sometimes 40 hasn't got enough shoulder space, or long enough sleeves. Well anyway, my ancient 118 in size 40 fits me really well so I reckoned how, considering it's supposed to run smaller, 618HH in size 42 will give me the same, fitted look that I was after - Schott size chart will also confirm this - so I decided not to order one size up, but rather to go with a smaller jacket instead. Unfortunately, I've found that the 618HH in 42 is exactly that - a textbook example of a size 42, perhaps even on a larger side as it has too much gut space. I honestly cannot imagine what kind of a belly would I have to sport to fill the jacket. So I put the jacket up for sale, it was brand new, you can still see it on the Trading post forum, and bought a sz. 40, which fits me a lot better, albeit I certainly wouldn't mind if the sleeves were a bit longer. That said, I think that I could pull off a 38, which is like insane.

My conclusion is, despite the order size up recommendation, I've found that the 618 is a roomy jacket, so my suggestion is, do go by a size number at all but rather ask for the measurements chart, measure yourself, or compare it to whatever jacket you have that fits you well, and get your 618HH cuz other than the size issues one might have, it is a unbeliveably gorgeous jacket. There was a topic here recently how Schott HH is thin but now that I can testify first hand, only thing that I can say is that the guy is full of BS. My jacket is made of HH that's thicker than any cow/steer that I've seen Schott use. Beautiful leather, kinda stiff so that the jacket will stand by itself, but it's also soft and doesn't get that paper-y look where it folds. I am infinitely happy with it and can't recommend it enough.

Anyway, maybe it's the way I'm built, but from all this I've learned that the so called vintage Schotts fit me a LOT better than the new ones.

Gail on 09/17/13 at 08:32 AM

My apolgies on dating this jacket, I thought the the part of the Ebay address  "schott-perfecto-Size-40-/290971913568"  was the bar code on the pocket ticket with the 5th. digit being a "7". My mistake and the jacket was indeed produced in 2012. Gail

bth88 on 09/07/14 at 05:55 PM

@Albatross: The was a topic here recently how Schott HH is thin... that guy is full of BS


I think it depends on what run you're getting your jacket from? They likely use different thickness hides with in a certain tolerence.

I have both the 618 and 118 and my 618 is supposed to be thicker and stiffer hide than my 118. I can tell you that the oposite is true. The 118 is a bit thicker and the 618 is much more supple. My 118 is my "heavy duty" jacket and the 618 is for milder climates.




There was a topic here recently how Schott HH is thin but now that I can testify first hand, only thing that I can say is that the guy is full of BS. - See more at:
There was a topic here recently how Schott HH is thin but now that I can testify first hand, only thing that I can say is that the guy is full of BS. - See more at:
There was a topic here recently how Schott HH is thin but now that I can testify first hand, only thing that I can say is that the guy is full of BS. - See more at:
There was a topic here recently how Schott HH is thin but now that I can testify first hand, only thing that I can say is that the guy is full of BS. - See more at:

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