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118 coin label relocation?


In recent years, has the location of the label in the coin pocket changed instead to the left-hand pocket? Please see image attached. Is the jacket genuine? Thanks.

ID label

Gail on 08/01/19 at 08:31 AM

To the best of my knowledge it is still the coin pocket, but the ticket could be in another pocket. The tickets are applied to the pocket linings and possibly this ticket was applied to the side pocket and not the coin. A operator making the pockets may have sewn it into the larger pocket. I always tell everyone to check all pockets when looking for a pocket ticket. While most jacket having a coin pocket have the ticket location in this pocket and the cafe racer styles in the breast pocket, it is not a rule that it must be in these pockets. I will check with our designer though to see if any changes were made to the pocket ticket. Based on the barcode and the 5th digit being a "7" and the black pocketing the jacket was produced in 2007 or 2017. I would need more infor on the jacket to confirm the exact year. If you do not know the age of the jacket, and want to confirm please send me the following. What is the name on the front and sleeve zipper pulls? Is there a name or number on back of the buckle? Is the care label Leathercraft or Arrow Leather care?


CRAZYtrain on 08/01/19 at 02:31 PM

Hey Gail,

Thanks for your reply. The seller claims that he bought the jacket last June in NY. He's provided a sleeve pic, and the zipper pulls are Schott. Idk about the buckle or the care label, pics were not provided. Sorry I can't give anymore info! I guess I could ask again if necessary? Thanks.

CRAZYtrain on 08/02/19 at 06:11 AM

Hope this helps?

Back of belt buckle pic

Gail on 08/02/19 at 07:17 AM

Based on the Schott zippers & Schott name on the back of the buckle the jacket was produced in 2017.


CRAZYtrain on 08/02/19 at 10:00 AM

Oddly, the seller can't seem to locate the care label?! Anyway, thanks for the ID Gail.

Gail on 08/03/19 at 06:51 AM

Because of it being a newer jacket produced in 2017, it probably has a small care labe just with the wording have the garment Professional Dry Cleaned. The Leathercraft label would be found in mostly vintage jackets, the Arrow care label was used in the jackets until the last few years. The Leathercraft & Arrow labels were labels that professional leather cleaners supplied to us to use in jackets. These cleaners were specialist in leather and is why we recommended the companies. 


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