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118 - snap fasteners on collar

Excellent message board - just stumbled upon it.


I had a couple of questions relating to the classic 118 style.......


Does anyone know the dates when the snap fasteners on the upper part of the collar were introduced? It seems the older jackets had just the two fasteners on the lower part of the collar.


Also, do the labels showing the model number also contain any kind of date code?


Many thanks



Gail on 08/29/05 at 03:56 PM

Dear Rob, The original jacket was the Steerhide style #618 first made in 1952. This was the jacket Marlon Brando wore in the 1954 movie the "The Wild One". The 118 in a a Naked leather was introduced inro our line in 1978. Both jackets have had the collar a lapel snaps since first manufactured. We have had numerous spin-offs of the original jacket, some of these styles may have not had both the collar and lapel snaps. I would need a style number in order to try and date a jacket for you. Though the jackets may have looked similar in styling they did have varitaions from the classsic jacket. For example in 1995 we did have a Horsehide jacket #611H, very similar to the 118, which only had snaps on the lapels and not the collar, it also had brass zippers and slightly different front pocket placement. With today's technology and computers we are now capable of determining the age by the bar codes on the white ticket inside the pocket of the jacket. Of course if the ticket is removed than we loose the bar code and would be unable to date the jacket. Gail

robwln on 08/29/05 at 06:55 PM

Gail - many thanks for the response. My interest in dating my jacket was to check the type of leather, and the question about the jackets with lapel fasteners only was in order to date various used models I've seen, which I don't know for sure are 118s as I haven't checked the inside pocket labels.


My jacket was bought new in 1993 in England and has the model number

118 J, has a Lot number 1029, and BNDL number 035. I guess that makes it naked leather?  


It is also quite short - with a 24" back length from collar seam to bottom - am I right the current 118 has a 25" back length? 


Unfortunately my beautifully worn in size 48 118 is now too big since I lost 20 pounds or so 4 years ago. So I am on the look out now for a smaller one! So my  questions above would be useful to have answered so I can know what differences there might be between my 118 and a new one.


All the best 



Gail on 08/30/05 at 01:29 PM

Rob, The jacket you currently have the 118J was a special cut for our distributor in France. The 118J was produced to their specifications, though I could not locate the old spec sheets for this style, this maybe the reason the jacket is shorter. Based on other special cuts for them it may also have the Schott logo embroideried on the chest. This is a good example of what I was trying to explain earlier about the style variations, though changes are slight in styling they can make a difference, such as in your jacket. To actually compare sizing you need to know the style numbers of the jackets. Based on what you have written I am asuming you are going to try and locate a used jacket possibly on Ebay to purchase. Please ask the seller to confirm the style with the pocket ticket in the jacket. I have checked some of our jackets on ebay and unfortunately I have found some discrepancy in some descriptions of jackets. Gail

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