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Our design team is currently unable to take any custom orders. Please check back later.

Made to order sizing and special modifications are available on many of our styles. Please fill out the information below, and we will get back to you with a price or additional follow up questions. In general, custom production pieces require 8-10 weeks production time.

Please don't try to take measurements yourself! You'll get more accurate results (and it's more fun) if you have a partner help.

100 101 110 118 118L 125 135 136W 137W 140 140L 141 141L 184SM 184SML 214D 215D 218W 233 257S 359 395 463 604 613 613S 613SH 618 618HH 619 626 636W 641 641HH 645 650 660 664 671 673 689H 693V 705W 740 740B 740C 740L 750W 751 754W 81205 A501 A502 C729NE DR1490 DU756 FLT1 P613S P613SH P6521 PER22 SPERC STUD
inches (around fullest part with tape high up under arms with arms at sides)
inches (at navel with tape measure parallel to the floor)
inches (around the fullest part with tape measure parallel to the floor)
inches (from center back neck seam)
inches (from center back neck seam, across to shoulder point, to wrist)
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Published: Tue, 6/30/2009 by custom
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When, I was in search, for a real custom Motorcycle Jacket, from a time I remembered quality products being made, or designed in America, and fashion clothing being made, of quality materials from mills in the east, some under big design names. I thought my brief web search, had taken a slow submerging boat to China. Then at a casual glance, I captured the product name of Schott Leather, and upon further investigation, and a long story short, I was pleased, and surprised to find the family of Schott to be alive, and still an American business, with quality garments, including leather. After reading the family history, the name I remembered the most was Perfecto, and after reading further discovered why. Thanks to Gail Hawkins, I'm now in Possession of a new, custom fit, well sewn, and constructed 585 Jacket, in the weight, and color I requested. This was of course made easier, by Gail who's husband is comparable to my height, and easily frustrated as I have been, at the usual fitting of common sized garments, in various store chains. Not only am I now, a proud owner of a Schott 585 Perfecto Jacket, I am planning to order another 585 in the future, and that will be in the color shown, in the Schott catalog.
If I paid, $1.00 for every mile I have ridden with my Schott 585 Perfecto, I will have easily paid three times its valued worth by now.