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Design Your Own Perfecto® Motorcycle Jacket

Shoulder Epaulets Main Shell Sleeves Top Collar Under Collar Lapel & Inside Facing Pocket Flap Zipper & Hardware Pocket Welts Body Lining Belt Shoulder Stars Buckle Belt Loops Rivets sleeve1 sleeve2 lapel topcollar pocketflap epaulet1 epaulet2 belt pocketwelt 1 pocketwelt 2 pocketwelt 3 mainshell 1 mainshell 2 bodylining
For the first time in our 100 year history, we are giving you the chance to design your own custom produced Perfecto® motorcycle jacket! Irving Schott designed the first motorcycle jacket in 1928 and named it The Perfecto®, after his favorite cut of cigar. The asymmetrical zipper, snap down lapels, shoulder epaulets and belt are all classic riding details that changed how people rode motorcycles forever. Now you can decide how to rock your Schott with this slim fitting, cropped lightweight women's lambskin leather motorcycle jacket.

Choose your leather colors, your hardware color and your lining in unlimited combinations. The first 2 colors you select are included in the price. Each color you select after the first 2 is an additional $100. Delivery time is estimated at 4 weeks and confirmed orders are final sale. Due to the nature of these custom produced pieces, we are not able to accept returns or exchanges. Please contact us with any questions before placing your order.
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Published: Wed, 4/1/2015 by Deborah Frost
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For years, I have dreamed of just this jacket, after seeing a photo of someone wearing a similar, but different two-toned one, at least a decade ago. I have even sought out others to make it, but knew that even the most accomplished leatherworker could not really approximate the Schott cut and quality I truly craved (based on other classic jackets- which never fail to draw unsolicited raves just simply walking down any street, practically anywhere in the world- that I have cherished throughout my life). I knew my size- but thought I was taking a bit of a chance ordering online. What arrived within only two weeks (and with no PROBLEM whatsoever- something that has been the case when ordering motorcycle jackets from less reputable outlets for friends or colleagues on previous occasion) exceeded ALL of my expectations. It looks and feels like a dream indeed. It is completely unique, totally "me" (I'd share a pic, but I prefer no "copycats" as long as possible : ) And given the wear and absolute joy I know I (as well as anyone who appreciates a thing of true beauty) will get from this FOREVER, it is an absolute bargain. THANKYOU, Schott!

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