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Women's Classic Racer Leather Motorcycle Jacket 141W

Material: Naked Cowhide

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Our 25" Women's Classic Racer Leather Jacket has a bi-swing back stand-up collar and side buckless, piped zipper pockets and sleeves, polytwill lining with a pile zip-out liner. Styled to match with our Men's Classic Racer Jacket.
Union Made in the U.S.A by LOCAL 169 of WORKERS UNITED A/W SEIU.

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Product Review for Women's Classic Racer Leather Motorcycle Jacket
I've been wearing the same Schott Perfecto jacket for the past 16 years, and it shows no signs of giving up the ghost anytime soon. However, I wanted a slightly more conservative-looking cafe racer-style jacket for commuting by motorcycle, one which is also comfortable enough for casual wear. So when I saw the Women's Classic Racer Leather Motorcycle, it seemed to fit the bill. The leather quality and workmanship are the supple, gorgeous quality I love so much about my Perfecto. Likewise, customer service is top-notch. Sadly, though, I had to return it because it simply didn't fit. The Size 4 was fine in the shoulders, but huge and baggy in the waist and hips. Even cinching both buckles all the way it was too big, letting wind up and looking extremely unflattering. In the even of a crash, it would ride up and offer no protection. I hope that in the future Schott will rethink the cut of that jacket or offer a slimmer and more structured version for us smaller-boned ladies. If they do, I will certainly buy one. In the meanwhile, my old favourite Perfecto remains in heavy rotation.
Published: Sun, 11/8/2009 by L. Curtis
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My Second Jacket from Schott's
I am impressed with both the services and quality of both jackets I have received from Schott. I purchased a gents jacket in December 2008 and a ladies jacket in May 2009. The quality of the ladies jacket was of high quality and well made, both jackets could not be faulted. The jackets fit well and looks outstanding, most all persons who have viewed the jacket is impressed. I intend to purchase a third jacket in the next few days.
Gary Grant
Perth Western Australia
Published: Mon, 7/6/2009 by Gary Grant
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141W Classic Racer Jacket is Perfect!
I'm usually not much of one to write product reviews, but my recent experience with Schott warrants mentioning. After much anticipation and many months of research for the "right" jacket, my women's 141 Classic Racer Jacket finally arrived today! I could not be more pleased, nor could I say enough great things about this jacket. The leather is thick and substantial, and the size 8 feels like it was tailor made, with the sleeves fitting perfectly, etc. And after taking the jacket out of the box and wearing it for the past hour, it is already molding to my own body shape. The classic, understated, clean lines are conservative enough to wear out to dinner or to wear for my work, yet it still has enough of a cool, "bass-ass," sexy factor to make it fun! The quality of the leather, stitching, and overall construction is exceptional. As a petite, middle-aged professional woman who just purchased the first motorcycle jacket I've had in well over twenty years, this jacket makes me feel like a million dollars!

It is also important to mention that I truly cannot remember the last time I had such a wonderful, hands-on customer service experience. Jerri is amazing! She took the time to answer my questions quickly and precisely. Imagine in this day in age, a company that actually CARES about the customer and treats them with dignity and respect, like a real human being? This kind of 1st class customer service, coupled with exceptional quality of the product itself, is how a company inspires life-time loyalty from a customer.

Another big "winning" factor, for me at least, is the fact that the jacket is made right here in the good 'ole U.S.A. In this new economy, when finding American-made products and the jobs that go along with it has become nearly impossible, you better believe that I will am happy and proud for my hard-earned dollars to go toward the salaries of people like Jerri and all the craftsmen and women who make these gorgeous jackets possible.

My only complaint: Schott, is it possible to make other "real" motorcycle jackets for women? Having more alternatives, and also to have the 141W in brown, would be fantastic.
Published: Tue, 4/29/2014 by N. F.
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