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Waxy Natural Cowhide 50's Perfecto Jacket 519


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25" 1950's Perfecto jacket in waxy natural cowhide has three zippered front pockets, snap down collar and lapels, and half line belt with buckle closure. Lined with diamond-quilted black satin. Union made in U.S.A

This is THE jacket.
I just got one of these yesterday and I instantly fell in love.

First off I want to say thank you to Jerri, Gail and Nate for giving me stand up service, especially Nate at the Flagship store in manhattan. I must have called the guy 6 times, going back and fourth between size small and medium and he was always willing to hash it out.

I went for a Medium because my shoulders are 18 inches, the same as what the sizing chart says. Nate recommended a small (17 inches) to get that real tight look. I'm really glad I got the medium. The shoulders would have been way too tight and being in Halifax, Nova Scotia, the probability of wearing a light sweater under one of these is pretty likely.

The chest is a bit loose, but I do have a smaller chest (38 inches and a bit), however I'm hoping it'll give me an incentive to get back to the gym and maybe fill out those few inches. It's nothing crazy, hardly even noticeable.

The leather is fucking beautiful. Everyone should note that it is true black, not the grey that it looks like in the photo.

One thing that would have made it easier to make this purchase would be to have more photos available of it. Especially how it looks on someone.

It is indeed expensive but I can tell I'll have it for a long time.

I'm proud to say I have a Schott perfecto. They're cool as shit.
Published: Fri, 8/8/2014 by Gharrett P
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First I bought a 626 in medium and it fit OK. couldn't move my arms much and my shirt sleeves constantly rolled up due to tiny arm hole openings. Then I got a vintage 613 and it fit better but it was super high waisted. Then I got the 519. Absolutely perfect. Fits slim but not too slim. Can move my arms comfortably. Super soft cowhide. Tight when zippered up. Its a little bigger than my 626 in the chest but it looks wayyy better so whatever. Great Jacket!
Published: Thu, 6/26/2014 by Tim M
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