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Vintaged Lightweight Waxy Cowhide Fitted Motorcycle Jacket 626VN

Material: Waxy Cowhide

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Men's 26 inch lightweight cowhide fitted motorcycle jacket has snap down collar and lapels, a fixed half belt with buckle closure and plaid cotton flannel lining.Hand vintage version of 626. Made in the USA

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Pretty much perfect
I bounce from working and living in Hong Kong to riding all summer in the Dakotas. I was really looking for a jacket that I could wear in both places/worlds; one that would function and protect while on a motorcycle but be fitted enough not to look ridiculous when out with the snooty, self-proclaimed 'fashionistas' of the city. This jacket is exactly what I was looking for, a true classic, updated!

I originally ordered a 613 but found the cut a bit too baggy for me, especially in the arms. The 626 is perfect. The only concern I have is that this would not be an ideal jacket for cold weather riding: the arm zippers are not backed with a leather flap (like the 613) so they will let some air by, and, because it is fitted, it would be difficult to wear multiple layers underneath. For me though, those aren't concerns.

Finally, the only downside I can think of is that because it is fitted, I too will have to keep fit. If I get fat, I will need to buy a new size!
Published: Fri, 7/12/2013 by Aaron A.
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The Best
Schott really needs to get this jacket back into production. The leather is broken in perfectly. It looks like I've been wearing it for 20 years. If this jacket was next to a typical Schott Perfecto I think most people would choose the Vintage. It is tight though. I wear an off the rack 40R and the large is very snug on me. Not tall....5'10 175. Like I said its tight but an XL would be to long in the sleeves and body. GREAT jacket.
Published: Mon, 10/14/2013 by Jim Bo
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