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Vintage Motorcylce Jacket

Vintage Motorcycle Jacket 585

Material: Vintaged Cowhide

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Brown is the new black...Men's 28-inch antique brown cowhide motorcycle leather jacket with double-buckle straps at side hems, bi-swing back and underarm footballs, padded front hem and kidney back extension, snap tabs over zipper sleeve vents and satin lining. Union Made in the U.S.A by LOCAL 169 of WORKERS UNITED A/W SEIU.

19 of 19 people found the following review helpful:
Tough yet smooth quality leather
For those of you that like the heavy thick rugged yet soft and supple leather jacket, this is for you!! I bought two of these; one "L" and one "XL". The large is a perfect fit, but slightly snug; in other words, I can't wear any fleece under it or it would be too tight. The "XL" allows room to wear a fleece jacket under it but the arm length is a little longer. As for the quality of leather?... Incredible! very tough leather by the main zipper, waist, elbows, collar but yet the other areas are slightly thinner but still thicker than most other leather jackets. The photos on this site do not do the jacket justice. The quality is outstanding. I have two other Schott Jackets. I have an older model 135 that I bought in 1995 which is slightly different than what they are offering now. My 135 has a bi-swing back that is also one piece of leather instead of three as seen on this site.

Back to the 585.... I would love to see more jackets like this one in different designs. Schott?...You've outdone yourself with this one! Highly recommended. Thanks for continuing to make quality clothing.
Published: Sun, 2/22/2009 by Adam
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Beautiful brown show with limited go
This is a very beautiful jacket. The best of it's kind.
I ordered it knowing it was more of a fashion jacket than protective style motorcycle gear.
I only have one gripe: the adjustable side tabs are all show & no go. They look great but there is no dart or fold behind the buckles; there is nothing to adjust!
This jacket will provide the adequate protect of leather but will not accept additional pads.
This is not to say that this is only a jacket for posers. It is heavy & extremely well made. I've seen jackets from well know "race gear" makers that offer less protection, no style, and carry a larger price tag.
Is it a bargain? No. Is it worth the bucks? Without a doubt.

Here is the real skinny: I really dislike the guys that play black leather bad-boy dress-up for bike night. Very gay. The BS Retro-Rockers are worse. They live a romanticized version of the 50's. I was there; it wasn't that great. As a result, I DO NOT WEAR BLACK LEATHER.
This beautiful brown vintage style jacket delivers exactly what it promises. It ain't racing leathers but will provide good protection without the pretentious pomp.
Thumbs up even if a bit expensive.
Published: Fri, 4/10/2009 by W.J.S.
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Presto Perfecto! An instant classic.
I had been searching off and on for years for the perfect leather jacket. A jacket that fit great, exhibited quality craft and design, and achieved that certain look. I found those qualities in the Vintage 585.

As many have stated, the photos here do not do it justice! The leather has a wonderful feel of a supple, yet rugged durability. If you are looking for that "worn" look, then you have found it here. Coupled with a beautiful deep brown-redish color, this jacket proves to be an instant classic that will continue to be in style for years to come.

As for the price, I am not a wealthy guy by any means. The cost was considerable for me, but well worth it! I bought it as a gift to myself for quitting smoking cigs. Somewhat ironic considering "Perfecto" is named after a cigar.

If you want it, go for it! You only live once.
Published: Sat, 8/14/2010 by Geoff - California
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful:
The photos do not do this jacket justice. It is beautiful. Very soft to the touch, but thick and kind of stiff at the same time. A very heavy jacket that looks like it will last forever. Nice long sleeves that work perfectly on the bike. I am extremely satisfied with this...
Published: Wed, 8/20/2008
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You know what you are getting
It's good to know what you are getting when ordering on-line. Having already purchased a Schott 141L 5 years ago, I knew I would be getting a high quality jacket when I ordered my new 585 vintage jacket. I wasn't dissapointed.
The jacket is definately one of a kind. Beautiful soft buttery leather which is reinforced in all the right places. New from my 141L are two inside snap pockets which is greatly appreciated.
Because this wasn't available in long I was concerned about sleeve length. No worries....fit perfect when on my Harley.
The great thing about this jacket is that you won't be seeing everyone @ your local rally wearing one. If they only knew! Now I have to decide which jacket to wear to Sturgis!
Published: Mon, 7/13/2009 by Bruce R Carlson
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585 review
love this jacket, along with everyone that sees it, with only a few low points.


-incredible styling. haven't seen another on the street.
-the sale price is fair for the item.
-USA/union made.
-the 'shot' lining is really a great touch.


-all major seams had 1" to 1.5" threads sticking out from the backstitching.
-one of the eyelets on the lower left waist belt was installed improperly.
-the ends of the waist belts and wrist snaps are cut raw edged instead of being turned in.
-inside, there were wispy threads of lining material sticking out of the seams in several places.
-the "locker loop" is non-functional. it is a thin piece of leather that will not support the weight of the jacket. as a decoration, it should have been left off.

overall, this is an amazing fashion jacket (not body armor) with some QC issues. maybe rushing to restock? but after wearing it, i wouldn't give it up.
Published: Tue, 6/16/2009 by R. Gage, upstate NY
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very nice jacket
this is a beautiful jacket. very well constructed.
the only reason i don't give it the full 5 stars is that the color is considerably more red than it appears in the picture.
still, a great jacket. i can't wait until it's broken in.
also, i might ad, that the transaction was extremely well handled. everyone at schott was prompt, courteous, attentive, and things were delivered exactly as promised.
Published: Sat, 6/13/2009 by mb
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Excellent Jacket...
It doesn't get much cooler than taking off your motorcycle jacket and seeing that "Perfecto" label inside. This is a great leather jacket that breaks in quickly and looks great. After three weeks of repeated wear and riding I couldn't believe how soft and supple the jacket became. The fit is great, it's comfortable and you don't see many of them. The couple of years I wore it to Daytona Bike Week I never saw it on anyone else. I've since sold it for a Langlitz, but I wish I held on to it. The jacket was really a good find and I'd definitely encourage others to pick one up.
Published: Tue, 3/10/2009 by Thomas Place
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Vintage Motorcycle Jacket 585
This jacket really has the cool factor. It looks really great. I feel a really good jacket must also feel great as well, this jacket does not have the butter soft feel of the A-2 jacket. I feel this jacket will take several years to get broken-in.

Thanks for a great looking jacket!
Published: Tue, 4/29/2008 Don Harrington
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Stop looking and buy one... in antique brown
Bought my first Schott jacket in 1980... it was a beautiful brown bomber... ruggedly made and warm in the winter... I was 19 years young at the time. Got it at an army navy store in Baldwin NY.
Bought my second Schott in 1982... was a black cafe racer style with removable liner... great for riding year round. Got this one at the same army navy store.
Fast forward to 2014... I've had other brand leather/cycle jackets but wanted a Schott that would suit my style. It had to be a Schott... no other would do and so, I bought the Vintage 585 in antique brown. Built just as well as my other Schotts and best of all in brown... brown is the new black. Got this one online... the army navy store is long gone, but Schotts have not changed. Buy one today!
Published: Sun, 6/1/2014 by Richard S
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Hurray! Finally found the jacket
I've been searching endlessly for a vintage motorcycle leather jacket similar to this gem. After reading this blog post on iconic vintage leather jackets, it led me to your website and voila! Now lets see if the boyfriend will like it in brown. Also you might want to check out the blog post. They seemed to mention Schott a lot and its a pretty cool historical on leather jackets and musicians.

Published: Thu, 3/13/2014 by Debbie Motobabes
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Stunning example of American craftsmanship
My Bride ordered this jacket for me for my birthday, as I have been eyeballing it for over a year. I am completely blown away! As stated in other reviews, the pictures do not do the jacket justice. It is, quite simply, stunning. This jacket will be perfect for riding on those (not so) cold Florida winter mornings. It will take some wearing to break it in as it is much heavier than it looks, yet somehow soft and supple. As a former union employer, I am continuously amazed at the quality of union craft labor vs. most everyone else. The construction of this jacket is no exception to my number one rule in life...'never try to beat a man at his own trade.' This product was not inexpensive but, as is usually the case, you get what you pay for. No regrets here!
Published: Fri, 10/19/2012 by Jackson
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One of a kind jacket
I was looking for a nice, sylish brown jacket and went through many stores in Manhattan before I ran into "585". I loved it from the "first sight", and realized that it possessed unique, and yet classic style that I couldn't find anywhere else. The retailer didn't have my size, so I ordered directly from Schott's. Size "M" was too tight, so I exchanged it for "L". But it was still not loose enough, so Schott let me exchange it 2nd time for size "XL"! Perfect fit, love it! Great service, guys!
Published: Thu, 5/3/2012 by Art
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Overall I'm very happy with the jacket after a month
The leather, as most everyone else has stated, is amazing. Out of the box it is thick and a little stiff. The sleeves broken in and became supple after only a week. The body took a couple more weeks.

The style is just what I was looking for. I ordered a small based on feed back from Schott about the cut. I wear a dress shirt size 15.5 33, am 5'10" and 155 lbs. The jacket is a little tight if I have a sweater or thick'ish layer underneath, but only in the arms really. I don't think a Large would fit well though re: arm length and would feel like a sack in the body.

I do have some issues with the jacket, but time will tell if they are warranted. The snaps at the cuffs have sharp edges. My initial problem was how it felt unsnapping them, but my true concern is that they feel sharp enough to eventually cut through the leather if you use the snaps a lot.

My second issue is with the zippers. I would have thought a jacket of this quality and caliber would have high end brass YKK zippers. The actual zippers, are in a word not high caliber. They work. They are brass, but are hard to start, stiff to move in either direction.

Again, both of these may last forever but neither feel like they will, at least a month into owning it.
Published: Wed, 1/4/2012 by Mike Lewis
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A couple of remarks
This is a great jacket as so many have written. I do have two remarks, though, which may be helpful to some of you:
a) The leather is so thick that you can't really wear this inside. It isn't that supple and I find it somewhat unwieldy to carry in inside spaces...
b) The pockets are for decorative purposes. Anything you put in, including a simple iPhone, you can feel the bulge. I don't know why because a also have a classic Perfecto which I have been wearing for 30 years and, man, the things I have carried in that mother...
Anyway, it truly is a beautiful product and I am thinking of buying the corresponding leather chaps. Anyone out there who has those?
Published: Mon, 1/2/2012 by Dean Stergides
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******Unbelievable Jacket******
The quality is beyond belief......American made. The jacket fits like a glove and the vintage look is like I've owned it for years. What an awesome color to stand out from all the black leather. Praise to everyone that was involved in making this jacket the finest I have ever seen in 30 years. Now I can finally stop wasting my time looking for the perfect jacket. Worth every penny!!!!!!!!!!!
Published: Mon, 11/15/2010 by Jdogg
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Incredible Jacket
As has been stated before in other reviews, pictures do not do justice to the quality of the leather, the unique styling, and the overall look of this beautiful jacket.
Published: Fri, 8/6/2010
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I just received this jacket from Schott and it is so ridiculously awesome!! The pictures do not do the jacket justice!! So much nicer in real life. Very very hip! Very cool. Perfect fit (XL) and just killer.
Published: Tue, 4/6/2010 by Greg L
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What a jacket.
I was nervous about buying a garment unseen,untried and from abroad(I live in the UK)but I decided to take a punt.
Well i needn't have worried the size was perfect, the quality is superb, the leather is fantastic far better than it looks in the photo, but the delivery was what impressed me most, 45 hours from placing the order in the US to wearing it in the UK.
Great jacket.
Great service.
Thank you all at SCHOTT.
Published: Fri, 1/29/2010 by Nick Davis
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Awesome Jacket
If your looking for a leather jacket, this is the one. I had been looking for a leather jacket for years, but could never find one that was just right, until now. This jacket is great - from the fit to the quality of the leather, and it's made right here in the United States. No need to break in this jacket. It looks like I've been wearing it for years. If you want it, just buy it - you won't regret it.
Published: Tue, 10/20/2009 by DC
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This is by far the best jacket I've owned, period.
Published: Mon, 10/12/2009 by Fred
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Vintage Motorcycle Jacket 585
I am very pleased with the above jacket. I have been looking for something similar for a long time and had almost given up on it until I spotted the Schott Vintage 585. It was exactly what I was looking for - stylish, worn looking and a lovely brown color. I thought the price was reasonable relative to jackets from other manufacturers I was looking at. I was also most impressed by the help provided by Schott in finding the right size and the prompt delivery - total of 4 days from ordering to receip in Singapore where I reside. It was a thorroughly enjoyable experience and I look foreard to more purchases from Schott
Published: Mon, 8/31/2009 by Ash Kahn
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The goal of perfection achieved.
I always try to purchase clothing from the U.S. or countries where a fair wage is paid and workers are treated fairly. I ordered a Schott Vintage Motorcycle jacket in the hopes that it would compliment my classic Moto Guzzi. I had high expectations, since it was an American/Union made jacket. When I received my jacket a few days later I could not believe the quality of workmanship and the perfect fit. It is not quite as heavy as a traditional motorcycle jacket, which makes it the perfect jacket for cool weather and with appropriate clothing underneath it will also be good for colder weather. It is the perfect every day Jacket. I can only say the "Schott Perfecto is Perfection."
Published: Fri, 7/17/2009 by Mike Howry
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have owned 4 or 5 leather jackets but when i saw this jacket i just had to have it. all of my other jackets were always black and had that same belt zipper theme. (you know the kind i'm talking about) but this one seemed to break that mold. it has that nostalgic, vintage worn look that i have seen nowhere else. the brown accents all of those features to the fullest. i have received more compliments on this jacket than any other one i've ever owned. can't wait until winter gets here so i can wear it again. would have paid double for it.

thanks, schotts
the rodman
Published: Thu, 6/25/2009 by rodney scott walker
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Admittedly, I was expecting something that needed breaking in, but the 585 is an amazing jacket. Soft, supple, comfortable, but still thick enough to provide ample protection. Not to mention the fact that it looks so damn awesome. I chose the 585 as something to commemorate my college graduation that I will have for the rest of my life. It most certainly fits that role, and it's absolutely the best article of clothing I own.
Published: Fri, 6/12/2009 by J. Pavlik
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