Perfecto Leather Pants

Straight Leg Perfecto Leather Pants - Only size 28 Available 110

Material: Naked Cowhide

See item in Black Black

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Also available:
604 Boot-Cut Steerhide Leather Jeans Boot Cut Deluxe Heavy Steerhide

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Walk on the wild side in our Lined Naked Cowhide Straight Leg Jeans. Lined and styled with a 34" inseam; raw edge bottom for a customized length. Unlike most of the other leather pants out there, these are created with no leg seam. Each leg is one solid panel of leather. Our style 110 leather pants matches our 1 (Perfecto) range of leather jackets - all jackets made out of Naked Cowhide. If you are looking to match the Steerhide leather's try styles 600 "Straight Leg Steerhide Leather Jeans" or 604 "Boot Cut Steerhide Leather Jeans". Union Made in the U.S.A by UNITE HERE local 169.

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I have bought from Schott's in the past, but this purchase was bad enough where I have to mention the mayhem.

I bought a pair of leather riding pants, and the first thing to pull out was the pocket rivet... I fixed that myself and moved on. Then the next thing to go was the zipper. I sent them back to Schott and they sent them back to me saying there was nothing they could do. So I have a pair of expensive leathers laying in my closet collecting dust.
I give this one star for quality leather and none for craftsmanship and company transactions.
Published: Sun, 10/26/2008 David Smith
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Two Years Later!
I purchased these pant two years ago to match my 141.
When I decided to get them, it was for riding only. Well I have to say, they are now used every time I want to make a statement. Best of all they have aged beautifully. Thanks Schott!!!
Published: Fri, 8/19/2011 by Rob Rolley
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bought 'em today
previously i bought a 650 military jacket, i had an issue with the buttons, solved. thanks Gail/
i've been wanting a pair of these pants but that nasty review held me back. i thought about it and since i love my 650 so much and i'm pretty sure i could get a zipper replaced if needed to, they're flying to the coast to keep me warm and rash-less.
only Schott will do.
Published: Wed, 2/24/2010 by ash wednesday
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Phenomenal pants - live up to the Perfecto name
Tried a few other manufacturers leather pants for my Harley over the years and they all disappointed -- cheesy leather, poorly fitted and bad construction. I have ridden about 300 miles in these Perfecto straight leg pants and they are the most comfortable leather pants I have ever owned. II expected them to be hot and so far in low humidity even around 80 degrees, they have been excellent. The fit is loose - like relaxed fit jeans but you need that relaxed fit quality for true cycle pants. If you are expecting snugly fitted fashion leathers, look elsewhere because these are definitely a loose fit, even being "straight leg" style. They run just a bit oversize in the waist maybe an inch and were easy to hem. I would recommend Aleene's leather and suede glue (Amazon - about $10). Overall a 9/10. My only area of improvement for them would be to make the fly opening about 1 inch longer.
Published: Sun, 6/16/2013 by Tommy B.
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