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One Star Perfecto Leather Motorcycle Jacket 613

Material: Deluxe Heavy Steerhide

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Men's Classic "One Star" Perfecto 24" Deluxe Heavy Steerhide Leather Jacket with one star on each epaulette and non-logo snaps. We suggest you order this style one size larger than your normal jacket size. Union Made in the U.S.A by LOCAL 169 of WORKERS UNITED A/W SEIU.

6 of 6 people found the following review helpful:
Can you say...Ramones
The original, a piece of history. This is the model the Ramones rocked out in the late 1970's. If you want the punk rock look don't order one size up :)
Published: Sat, 12/5/2009 by Chris
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Perfect for the times and designed use
This particular jacket is the finest on the market. You may pay more for other custom jackets of similar design but none witll give you the long years of servicability that you will receive from this unit. The quality of the leather is far superior to any I have encountered. Plaiable and easliy adapts to your body and the functions you perform. If you can find one better, then buy it, but not until you compare in person and apples to apples.
Published: Mon, 10/27/2008 Jd Delaney
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Great jacket, but sleeves too wide
Bought this jacket after selling my 118 due to the body being a bit too bulky. Bought it true to size for a snugger fit and it was as expected, though the body is still a bit too wide, buckling the strap to the second hole creates that slight "poking out" of the bottom of the jacket which happens when the body is too wide and you cinch it.

Additionally, I measured the sleeves on my 118 (fuller cut version of this jacket) and they sleeves in the bicep area on the 613 are actually WIDER than on the 118 (both size 40). Terrible choice as the jacket is short and slim with big bulky sleeves creating a poor profile.

Fit issues aside, the leather is great quality, but takes a decent time to break in. I recommend not hanging it but rather rolling into a ball and stuffing in a drawer. It will help to bend the leather and make it less stiff.

Also, I'd like to see Schott bring back the collar attachments for this version. No upper lapel collar snaps but still put in the inner snaps which allow attachment of the collar like previous models of the 613 had.

Satisfied with the purchase as a whole, but seriously...these sleeves are an issue.
Published: Wed, 2/26/2014 by James Von Dant
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Hey Johnny What are you rebelling against??
Absolutely perfect In every way and just what I wanted out of a classic motorcycle jacket.
5 stars for my 'One Star'
Thanks Schott~
Published: Thu, 4/9/2009 by *AJN*
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Thanks for a top quality jacket
After years of buying cheap imitations I finally decided to treat myself to a genuine Schott Perfecto leather jacket and I only wish I had done it sooner. Being a Ramones fan I opted for the 613 as famously worn by the boys and I have to say it's fantastic. When I took it out of the box I just knew it would be the best jacket I will ever own, it screams quality and blows every other make out of the water, the quality of the leather is just second to none. I live in the UK and ordered it on the Thursday night and it was delivered first thing Monday morning....outstanding customer service!!! many thanks to Jerri and everyone at Schott, you are a credit to your profession.
Published: Mon, 9/30/2013 by Graeme
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Let´s Rock
I will wear this piece of history proudly regardless I´m on my bike or on foot. If you prefer tight fit don´t purchase one number up than you are.
Many thanks to Jerri for heaving patience for me.
Published: Fri, 3/15/2013 by Stjepan Golubicek
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Best jacket I've ever owned.
I've owned a couple of leather jackets from varying brands, but none have held up or been as high a quality as this 613. Being 5'7" and 125lbs, I ordered the XS and it fit perfectly. A nice, slim fitting jacket that looks great when I step out of my 84 Cadillac Eureka hearse. Embroidered patches look great on this jacket too, I should add. It might be as stiff as a board when you get it (the leather is pretty tough), but after you break it in, you have one fine fitting jacket.
Published: Thu, 3/3/2011 by Justin
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Thanks for the super-fast delivery
The jacket is simply…gorgious!!!
Published: Sat, 3/1/2008 by Nathalie M
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Size Down!
If you want a grandpa fit size up. If you want a comfortable slightly loose fit get your size. If your like me and you want a tight jacket that looks good and breaks in and molds to you over time SIZE DOWN! High quality jacket. Arms are not nearly as baggy the reviews make them out to be. At least not when you size down. Best jacket I've ever owned!
Published: Thu, 8/28/2014 by Tim McCarthy
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613 for ladies!
I finally received the 613, and it is so perfect and soft leather that is way exceeded my expectation! Really, it is the perfecto motorcycle jacket for me.

Thank to Jerri from customer service as she was patient enough to advise my size even though she initially said that Schott leather jackets are made for men so that woman like me (5"6, 125LB, Women size 6) would rarely fit well on the wide-shoulder and sleeve-length. But, I insisted to get one, so she suggested me 613's size 34. And, it fits really great! Maybe, I may want to alternate for slimming down the sleeves though I can wear heated inner jacket under the jacket.

It is indeed cool and rocking motorcycle jacket, especially chick riders wear :p
Published: Fri, 12/7/2012 by Kumi
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Star of perfection
I got my 613, finally here, I feel unbreakable in it...
Thanks to Jerri Reyes for the great help for the size, outstanding customer support, five star for the 613 and five star for Jerri.
Published: Wed, 9/26/2012 by lionnel yarric
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A legend
This Jacket is a amazing. If you want true quality look no further!

If you are a rock n roller or punk, Don't order one size up!

And thanks for the superb service.
I'll be back!
Published: Thu, 5/31/2012 by Svein Sundkvist
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A Great One Star
I've got the jacket and it's perfect. Incredibly stylish. Thanks to Jerri for her help and assistance. Schott definitely rocks!!!
Published: Thu, 3/29/2012 by Ivan Chayka
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A quality jacket made to last
I have the One Star Perfecto purchased new in 1971. It is a top quality thick leather jacket made to last. Wear a sweater under it, and you can ride in sub freezing weather.

It is now a little tight and I may have to purchase a new one. I would not consider any other manufacturer or consider owing imported chinese trash.
Published: Fri, 11/25/2011 by Gary A. Murphy
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That was my response when I opened the box that contained my new and first ever Perfecto 613 One Star. I had to wait about a month for the production of this jacket in my size (40 but ordered a 42) and I will have to say it was well worth the wait. The quality of the leather is just amazing and I can also tell that it was put together very well. Even though I ordered a size bigger than I should have (38 is my true size but I was supposed to order a 40) I will have to say that it fits like a glove. I am very sure that this jacket will last me a very long time unlike the one made in "other" countries, which leads me to the very best part of this jacket, MADE IN THE USA!!!!!! Thank you so much Schott for producing a beautiful jacket of this quality!
Published: Tue, 3/30/2010 by Robert
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Awesome one-star perfecto Jacket
this is a great jacket. service was great and shipping was super fast. Schott exceeds all my expectations
Published: Sun, 11/29/2009 by lunatic fringe
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It is hard to find one in China.
I am Happy i have one.
Published: Tue, 10/27/2009 by cz ramone
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Black Rebels Motorcycle Club
I was so pleased with my Schott Easy Rider Jacket, that I also bought the One Star Perfecto Leather Motorcycle Jacket. The quality is the best. Detail is second to none. It fits perfectly. I would never buy a leather jacket from anyone but Schott NYC. I can't praise Shott enough or express my satisfaction, there are no words to describe it. The price is high but you get what you pay for. What am I rebeling against? Anyone who buys a jacket, from any place other than Schott NYC!
Published: Sat, 7/11/2009 by Rick B. Carter
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Perfect Perfecto
It is incredibly hard to articulate just how amazing this jacket is. The specs online do no justice to the actual product, but if you get a chance to try one on you'll immediately realize why the company has been in business so long and why they're the undisputed king of the field. Also, Gail was extremely helpful in talking to me about sizing, and the order was shipped so fast. Couldn't complain about a thing even if I wanted to.
Published: Wed, 5/20/2009 by Paulie Wax
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Wonderful. Exactly what I wanted! not cheap but worth every penny AND made in the USA! Perfect- Will do business again for sure. Thanks Gail and Schott
Published: Thu, 4/16/2009 by AJN
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