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Multi Pocket Perfecto Leather Motorcycle Jacket 125

Material: Naked Cowhide

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The 26" Multi-Pocket Motorcycle Leather Jacket features laced side gussets, belt loops to hold your favorite belt, kidney back extension, zippered pocket and sleeves, underarm footballs for action sleeve and a zip-out pile liner. Union Made in the U.S.A by LOCAL 169 of WORKERS UNITED A/W SEIU.

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125 Love
Just got my 125 and I absolutely love it. Arriver 3 days after my order, and fits me like I have been weraring it forever. Been riding longer than I care to say and had jackets from all over. Make no mistake, this is the best I have had... by far. Love it so much I am just gonna be hot this summer, cause I am gonna wear it anyway!
Published: Sat, 4/7/2012 by G. Mel Howell
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Bury me in it
I have been wearing a Perfecto 125 since 1992-1993. Think of Linus and his blanket...that is me and my 125. I don't even know who I am any more without it.
Published: Tue, 3/15/2011 by Chris W. Borkin
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Best. Jacket. Ever
Gail was so helpful and patient in helping me figure out the right fit for me. In my lifetime I've owned custom made Langlitz leathers, owned Harley, Wilson's, and the gamut in between. I have never EVER owned a jacket, custom or non-custom, which fit as well as this one. These jackets are incredibly well made, cut to fit real human beings, and a true joy right out of the box. Schott NYC are everything they say they are customer service and quality are BEYOND stellar. I will continue to tell everyone I know, if they're in the market for a great leather jacket, go to Schott, and if they're looking for the most comfortable cycle jacket in the world, get a 125.
Published: Wed, 11/4/2009 by EKW
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Not perfect-o but great
First off, I really like this jacket and have worn mine for close to eleven years now. It's much more "stylish"/ good looking and comfortable in daily use than any of its cousins with non-removable belts, and I like the main portions of the leather (i.e. the back piece and the forearms): sturdy yet flexible with a smooth surface. I'm not an expert on leathers tho so that's just my subjective feel.

What wasn't so great was that I had to return the first jacket the retailer (not Schott directly) had sent me, and since I live in Europe that started a long and difficult period of convicing the customs I hadn't bought a second jacket. Those was the retailer's faults, not Schott's. The reason for the return however was that the arms of the first jacket were of different lengths (a bit more than an inch) and there were several sprinkles of something like white wall paint on the front parts. That was an unexpected slip in quality control for such a big name.

The replacement was much better and has served me well ever since throughout warm, frosty and rainy seasons, and it might be in even better shape had I cared better for the leather (but many people say the "patina" is what makes the jacket great - it fascinates them). I should note that the less visible parts (inner side of upper arms, armpits, inside of the collar) are obviously made of inferior leathers, but I'm fine with that for economical and ecological reasons. I'm not for unnecessarily throwing away parts of animals that are basically usable. The jacket still looks great.

The only complaints I have that the pockets' cotton lining had to be replaced after a year already - that's *not* good economy or ecology.

Also, someone mentioned the zipper handles breaking and that also happened to me. Aren't there zipper brands that can handle the considerable traction required in such leather jackets?

I'll very probably buy a 125 again once this one's *too* worn out, and I won't throw away the old one but pass it on to some punk rock youth or whoever is into really scruffy old stuff.
Published: Wed, 8/27/2014 by S. K.
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Couldn't stand to be without it
I bought this jacket for the first time about a year ago and it was the finest piece of clothing I have ever owned. (The most expensive, too, but you pay for quality.) It fit me great and I got LOTS of compliments when I wore it.

Then I went and lost 30 pounds. That was great for my health, but of course now my favorite jacket no longer fit me. I held off as long as I could, but with colder weather here, I knew I had to have a Perfecto 125 again. So today I ordered my second one. (My original, still in perfect shape, is up for sale in the Trading Post area if anyone is interested in a size 54.)

Now I will be anxiously waiting for that big box from Schott to show up on my doorstep!
Published: Fri, 10/25/2013 by Steve Reubart
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Excellent Quality and Fit
I got my first Schott motorcycle jacket when I was 17 (1960s). It's still a great jacket but I've grown a little, okay, more than a little. I replaced it with a 125 and I have to say the 125 fits like a glove and the quality of the leather, stitching, snaps, and zippers are excellent. Not sure what model the Todd dude is talking about as this is perfect for riding and it already has a collar. I looked and tried a lot of jackets before purchasing a 125. Even Harley's but the quality on this is better than anything I've seen and the Harley jackets I tried were all made in China. Just can't bring myself to ride a Harley wearing a Chinese jacket.

I picked up another older one (25+ years) thats missing the liner and Schott was quick in answering my email and letting me know I can send that one to them and they will make a new liner for it at what I thing is a very reasonable cost. That's service you won't find anywhere else. If you want the best jacket out there then it's a Schott NYC.
Published: Sun, 8/4/2013 by Steve J
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fashion not function? not impressed...
this jacket was not what i expected from a company with such a great history. although the quality and fit is first rate(except for the loss of one of the zipper pulls.

more of a fashion statement than for serious riding jacket way too light weight. if you remove the lining not much more than a heavy shirt. i was planning on buying a collar but will probably pass...i gave this jacket four stars because of the very high quality craftsmanship and fit not weight.
Published: Wed, 6/19/2013 by teddy d. strong
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Excellent Product and Service
My 125 arrived today and the quality and fit is truly excellent!!!

Schott's service was also excellent -- Jerri and Jennifer both went out of their ways to help me get the perfect fit and resolve a banking issue, and I'm truly grateful to them.

As Men's fashion editor in NYC, I can't recommend this product and company enough!!! Three thumbs up!!!
Published: Wed, 3/13/2013 by Andrew
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The BEST Perfecto!
I've owned a number of Perfecto-clones over the years, including jackets from Excelled, Brooks, and Wilsons, as well as older 118 and 618 Schotts.

Just received my new 125 today, and I like it better than any of those others. It fits right, it has the removeable liner which makes it much more versatile, and it doesn't have the permanently attached half-belt which is so often in the way.

The naked cowhide leather is really thick and soft, feels like much higher quality than most of those "other" jackets.

Definitely adding it to my permanent Schott collection (also have a 141, and a 184SM, both of which I love).

Thanks for continuing to produce such a high quality product!
Published: Tue, 10/23/2012 by Ron Russell
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Great riding jacket
Hi I been riding for 40 years . This is one of my instand favorites . I got Aero, Eastman , Langlitz , and Vanson. This one I like the best comfortable out of the box, and fits me perfecto :)
The leather is nice and smooth to the touch, as much as I can see it ages nice do to its quality to begin with.
A great buy I feel. Good luck to you , I sure Recomand this jacket.
Published: Fri, 9/14/2012 by Andreas Mario Muller
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This isn't my first Schott jacket, and the way Schott makes these jackets right here in the USA, it certainly won't be my last. The quality of this jacket is unsurpassed, and the classic style of the 125 is as timeless as the other Perfectos in the collection. When I put my new 125 on, it fits like a glove, even when it's not broken in yet! I'm looking forward to some great years ahead in my Perfecto 125. Buying this is not an expense, but an investment.
Published: Mon, 10/19/2009 by RK
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