Men's Vintaged Cowhide Perfecto Asymmetrical Motorcycle Jacket PER2


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Men's vintaged cowhide leather motorcycle jacket features original USA made brass Talon front zipper with nickel snaps and buckles with a cotton plaid lining. This is a replica of an original vintage jacket with mismatched hardware.

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Hefty price tag, but man oh man does it feel good once you put it on. Just got this in the mail today, looks even better in person than the picture. Though the leather is aged, it's still a stiff jacket right out of the box and will take some time to break in. The mixed component's looks great, the brass zippers stands out a little more than your typical silver zipper and gives it a more "worn" look. Fits true to size.

This is an amazing jacket, if you an afford it I highly recommend it
Published: Mon, 11/14/2011
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A Seriously special piece of kit
This is a very special jacket and by far my favourite. I have bought other iconic motorcycle jackets in the past and none have been as tough, rugged, elegant and stylish.

Materials are top notch, styling just perfect. Not over the top nor bland; but functional and eloquently stated. The rugged finish just adds to its charm. Iv had other more refined jackets with unnecessary finishes. This jacket does not need such distractions.

It is simply perfect. Looks great and does exactly what it should. Keep you warm safe and looking great
Published: Fri, 12/30/2011 by Drew
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I never review anything online. This time it's a huge exception.

The Schott Per 2 is a beautiful example of a quality, stylish, and understated piece of clothing that one will cherish for decades. It is a masterpiece of design, and a truly perfect jacket.

The leather is very supple and will conform to your body. Sizes rub big, so seriously consider going a size down. In fact, as a 6'3 guy who weighs 200 pounds, I had to exchange my original purchase for a medium.

All in all, fantastic purchase. I love my jacket.
Published: Sun, 8/24/2014 by Rahul W
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This is great jacket
I live in France and we have here in Europe quite different collection of Schott NYC. I've had before 3 Schott jackets bought here in France. But when I visited Canada and found this one I could see the difference. It's expensive - OK but its really the best leather jacket I've ever had. In Europe I am wearing M size. I bought the same for PER 2 and it fits perfect.

you should buy this jacket. The leather quality is really high. It't thick and quite soft at the same time. I am wearing this all the time almost.

I have never had a jacket that has so much style and original character. Probably not for hot summers but for evenings and for spring, autumn.

If I had to tell 2 things what's the best about this jacket I'd say - Leather quality and jacket style.

You wear it once and don't want to take it off.

fits super fine to jeans. I think I am not going to buy any other jacket ever! ;)

Aha - tip for Canada - I bought it in Montreal and the distributor for Schott NYC. The guy's name is Franco and he knows a lot about Schott - professional sales. I can recommend him.
Published: Sat, 5/10/2014 by Jack M
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An heirloom Jacket
After much anticipation, I received my Schott Bros. Steer-hide PER2 motorcycle jacket. The wait (and money) was well worth it. From the moment I pulled it from the package, I knew this was no ordinary 'leather'. I found this jacket to be very robust, well tailored, and despite being made from the hide of one very tough critter, very supple. The fit, a size large, was just right for my 6'3" 218lb. frame. The arm length is appropriate for a jacket of this type, and will keep one protected from wind and bugs out on the open road. This garment is very nicely appointed with brass zippers and chrome hardware, and lined with a comfortable and stylish plaid cloth. On the bike, or in the club, Schott N.Y.C. is the jacket for form, function, and fashion. A high recommendation to anyone who demands high quality, and wishes to pass along a fine heirloom.
Published: Sat, 5/4/2013 by Erick Buchholz
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Bought the Jacket over a year ago
Very nice jacket, great fit (size large).

This is a very heavy jacket for me as I am used to wearing hi-tech jackets.

I know this jacket was made to be as close to the original as possible, however I wished that the zippers on the sleeves had some sort of backing to them as I cannot wear my watches with this jacket without fear of scratching them.
Published: Thu, 11/29/2012 by Ron
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I just got my jacket today, very fast shipping took 3 days to arrive. The jacket runs a little big you might want to order one size smaller, it also does not look as shiny as it does in the picture it's a duller look, very lightweight. This is my second Schott purchase the Easy Rider being my 1st
Published: Fri, 10/19/2012 by kurdt94@aol.com
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