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Men's Slim Fitting Wool Peacoat DU704I

Material: Melton Wool

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An updated twist on the classic peacoat, men’s slim fitting fingertip length 24 oz. Melton wool peacoat has metal buttons and a cotton lining. The inside features two chest pockets. Made in Canada.

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Mens Peacoat Slim Fit Size 5XL
Im from New Zealand and found Schotts service and communication second to none. There size charts are accurate and very helpful. Their international courier service top notch. As for the coat itself, its all I hoped it would be, the perfect fit, the right weight fabric and the tailoring exceptional. What was described on the website was exactly what I got. I will certainly be ordering again from Schott.
Published: Sat, 9/26/2009 by Q Crawford
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
Prostota jest najlepsza. (Simply the Best)
To juz moja druga kurtka Schott.Wysylka wzorowa,czas dostawy blyskawiczny.Wykonanie idealne,krój i fason dopasowany do sylwetki.Kurtka idealna do noszenia z cieplym swetrem.Nosilem ja przy 2 stopniach Celsjusza i silnym wietrze a komfort termiczny byl nadal zachowany.Cóz super.Minus,otwórzcie swój sklep w Polsce bo te koszty wysylki mnie zabija.Pozdrawiam.

(This is my second Schott Jacket. Shipping excellent, delivery time quick. Workmanship ideal, cut and fashion fitted to figure. Jacket ideal to wear with warm sweater. I was wearing it in 2 degrees Celsius (36 F) and a strong wind and was comfortable and warm at the same time. WELL SUPER!!! Minus side --- open a store in Poland because all the shipping costs are killing me.
Published: Mon, 11/17/2008
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Very Nice...
The jacket came fairly fast and was in good condition.
The sizing and fit is great, which has been an issue with other places due to my height. The coat also looks great and is quite thick. If I was back in N.Y., it'd hold up well with the weather. Next time I'm looking for a coat, I'll more than likely shop Schott.
Published: Mon, 11/30/2009 by Yaoooowwwaa
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Meets Expectations
Style and fit were just as expected (which is good). However, the back vent flared even though the jacket did not bind or pull and the sleeve liner/cuff rolled over when I put my arms through.

I have taken the jacket to my tailor to see if he can fix both these issues though neither is enough for me to return the jacket.
Published: Mon, 11/23/2009 by Robert T.
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Beautiful coat with some quality issues...
I first saw the 740N pea coat by Schott and loved it, however I wanted a slimmer version of it and found the DU704i. The sizing chart is fairly accurate, however if you have a slim torso (41" chest, 32" waist) like me it will still not be exactly a "slim fit". Not a fault of the coat however, and definitely much slimmer than the 740. Overall, a beauty of a coat, one of the nicer pea coats I've seen.

Have had some quality issues with this, however. One button was out of alignment and another fell off due to loose threading (this is just after unboxing it). These are minor issues.

The wool blend itself sheds short fibers all over your clothes and furniture, so you might not want to wear this with a light colored shirt or sit on any light colored couches. If you flip up the collar, bits of fiber fall in between your shirt and back causing itches. I have gone over the coat lightly with a lint brush and shook it out a few times, however the coat still sheds. I have been assured this shedding is within norms, so buyer beware.

Overall a nice coat, however the shedding of the wool definitely needs improvement. Also very impressed with the customer service provided.
Published: Fri, 11/13/2009 by Shaun
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Looks amazing value, looks great but some finishing problems
I love this coat. It fits well and has a great silhouette. It feels authentic – there aren't the gratuitous bells and whistles on other coats that make them look fake. It feels hefty and there's a lot of value in the amount of coat you get. That said, it's not perfect. The cotton lining is really rough and it makes it hard to on and take off; it also accelerates the pilling on the sweaters I wear underneath. The wool collar is rough as well. The most egregious though is that the right pocket arrive with a hole in it and the hand warmers quickly developed holes. A more durable fabric should have been used. Overall I'm happy, but I really wish there weren't holes in my pockets regardless of the value I'm getting.
Published: Fri, 11/6/2009 by Justin W, New York NY
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Very Nice
Great coat! Well worth the money. Some department stores were charging twice this amount for a not as nice looking and not as warm coat. You can dress down or up. Also seems to be very warm and well made. I highly recommend this coat. Shipping was very fast as well
Published: Thu, 11/15/2012 by :D
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slim fitting pea coat
A truly great jacket that saw me through two back to back blizzards in the UK and then the US. The basic outline and material would make a fantastic full length coat that could stand up to anything thrown at it. Any chance of adding that to the catalog?
Published: Mon, 1/3/2011 by ron l hutchinson
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Slim Fitting Pea coat
What a great coat! I wanted a pea coat that is fashionable but capable of dealing with the weather and that's what I've got. You can dress it up or down no problem. The item wasn't is stock at the time of order but the communication from the sales people at Schott was excellent! The coat was delivered when promised and it was well worth the wait. It fits great, really contemporary, but the main thing is that because it's a Schott I know it will last for years. Thanks Schott!!!!!!!
Published: Thu, 11/26/2009 by Smithy - England
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very efficient but fast satisfaction let down by production mistake
Recently bought the Men's Slim Fitting Wool Peacoat, which is a beautiful jacket and fits absolutely well. On top of that it arrived in the UK just under 2 working days (excluding a weekend in between) and for some reason even went through customs without any extra charge. It would have been 5 stars and the perfect online shopping experience, wouldn't the production have led me down slightly. The jacket was sold out and 2 weeks for the production of new stock was estimated, which was correct. Unfortunately this pressing schedule obviously caused some lack of concentration at the factory as all buttons were sewn through all the different layers of fabric, which closed all pockets by mistake. Annoyingly I had to take them all off and re-sew them on, wouldn't it have been for the distance and mailing, I would have exchanged. Still very worth it, even with slightly wonky hand-re-applied buttons (and a dissappointing quality control)...
Published: Mon, 11/23/2009 by H.Gottschalk, London, UK
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Published: Fri, 5/1/2009 by JEROME FRANCE
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Well-made, looks great and super fast delivery
I was extremely pleased with the whole process from the initial order, the follow up communication to delivery and the quality of the jacket. It lived exactly up to what's on your website. I also liked how you ask for and appreciate customer feedback - very professional. I would definitely shop here again. The jacket being wool, which is warm, can be a little rough around the neckline for me at least. No big deal for I just had my local tailor sew in a velvet patch inside the collar - maybe something Schott could add as a future update? Thanks again!
Published: Sat, 4/11/2009 by Spencer P - Glenview, IL
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I like this jacket
Great fit, great style and fast delivery although i am in germany. If you like da good old classic - go for this one.
Published: Fri, 3/27/2009 by Harald
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