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Men's Classic Horsehide Racer Motorcycle Jacket with Spread Collar 689H

Material: Horsehide

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This younger cousin of styles 141 and 641 has all of the flavor of our classic racer motorcycle leather jackets with a snap down shirt collar, bi-swing back, fixed quilt lining and brass hardware. This is a snug fitting jacket with a back length of 25"; we recommend ordering 1 size larger than your suit size. This jacket is Union made in the USA by UNITE HERE Local 169.

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Excellent Quality, Phenomenal Value
I received this jacket the other day and my initial impression was WOW, this is an amazing jacket, I've always liked Schott jackets (rode with a Perfecto for over a decade) and this one was no letdown. The horsehide is stiff and heavy not pliable like Schott's cowhide (which is still fantastic leather just different). The leather is fantastic, seriously.

The fit is definitely made for someone with a more athletic build, it's a tapered cut and fit me like a glove. I've had custom jackets made by certain Scottish makers routinely considered the measuring stick for leathers not fit this well (in fact the loose boxy cut on their jacket left me very disappointed after a very long wait). I went with the same size I typically do instead of ordering a size up. It's a trim fit for me, but I like that with an MC jacket.

I've been wearing the jacket non-stop and it's already starting to break in a touch. the leather is some of the nicest I've seen, actually it is the nicest I've seen. I've ordered and returned jackets from makers typically considered the best jackets on the market (as discussed earlier, the Scottish reference should tip people off without naming them). But at this point I have to attribute their reputation of greatness to nothing more than a bunch of mall walking old men with more money than sense.
Published: Sun, 1/29/2012 by michael dowling
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a real great jacket
I now have this jacket for 3 weeks i got it at Herald House 34st in New york city. This is one great Jacket it will take a while to brake in it will be fun.The fit is right on.It will take time to get it the way i like but i will do it
Published: Tue, 1/11/2011 by Angelo Iglesias
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simply wonderful
21 years ago I bought my first leather jacket and it was a Schott style A2 flying, and I wear it just today.
Now I wanted a new one (21 years wearing it are long) and I've bought a style 689H: wonderful as the first flying jacket!!!
I'm sure: the first jacket was a Schott, the second is a Schott and the third will be a Schott leather jacket!!!
A special thanks to Gail for her patience and informations.
my english isn't perfect ... sorry.
Published: Mon, 10/19/2009 by cristian ligabue
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True Classic
First, I am completely new to Schott leather jackets. I accidently stumbled onto this producer through a website. I didn't want to pay much more than $200 for a leather jacket but some of these reviews made me think more about a Schott. I haven't bought a new leather jacket since I got out of college 17 years ago and I wanted something that would last me. All I can say is that this jacket is worth every dollar. Several dealers made the same comments over and over again: "For the money, you can't be a Schott". Many of these dealers carried several lines and many in the $1000+ range, but many insisted that I wouldn't go wrong with this jacket. They were correct. This jacket is a STUD. It will take some time to break in but the quality is a whole other caliber that I am unfamiliar with. Everything from the leather to the stitching to the BOLD brass hardware is simply stunning in a very classic manner. A great classic style. I have broad shoulders and the back and shoulder room is excellent.

Second, their customer service is fantastic. Gail helped me get the correct size and always returned my emails within hours. This jacket exudes quality and their customer service follows suit. I have no reservations recommending this jacket.
Published: Thu, 10/16/2008
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A True American Classic
The post man just delivered my new jacket only three days after I ordered it. It's everything I expected and fits like a glove, the quality of the leather is way superior to anything I could find in the UK.

I bought a 118 style jacket back in 1982 from a store in Glasgow called the Warehouse which specialised in importing top quality clothing from overseas. This jacket has matured with age and looks better now than it did on the day I bought it, however my kids have comandeered it and I rarely get to wear it....it still fits perfectly though, honest....

Thanks again guys. Both of these jackets will probably be worn by my grandkids and beyond such is the quality.... A true American Classic.
Published: Thu, 3/6/2008 by Ian McG
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Top Quality in Every Detail
Purchased this jacket at Legendary USA in Exton, PA. (Great customer service and advice from them, BTW...) I got it in size 40, although my chest is 41, and it fits me perfectly. The horsehide is magnificent and heavy, but it is breaking in very beautifully after 2 weeks of constant wear. The hardware is very impressive; strong and solid, especially the main zipper and the adjustment buckles, and the overall quality is just breathtaking. The attention to detail in this jacket must be seen, and worn, to be believed. It is a perfect jacket if you want to wear heavy horsehide, are a bit shy about wearing the more highly-styled Perfectos, but still like the spread collar instead of the cafe racer style. It is my first Schott, but not my last...
Published: Fri, 3/21/2014 by Jonathan M
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1st wearing impressions
Love the fit and finish. Went with 44 my normal size. Tried on one size up a 46 as reccomended but way too loose in chest and shoulders less snug but not loose at bottom edge. In size 44 standing with jacket zipped the chest has room , belly has room,jacket is snug at the bottom around hip area. Love this jacket already. It does ride up while zipped and driving a car as other reviews state. Did not ride the motorcycle with it on yet (winter in Ohio). Sitting on the motorcycle the sleeves feel good not as short as some reports but I am 5'8" with normal length arms. Wearing at desk unzipped right now. What a nice quality jacket. If you are thinking about this jacket you will not be disappointed with purchasing one.
Published: Sun, 1/6/2013 by al cutcher
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Just got My 689H
Nice jacket. The nicest part was dealing with the Schott Dealer. I went to Washington Surplus in Buffalo New York.
They put up with me calling for 2 days and asking questions.
I drove 4 hours to this dealer just because they had a 689H in stock. The dealer closest to me wouldn't order a 689h. If your close to this store it is worth your time to visit.I am very happy with the jacket but really want to convey the quality of service from this dealer.
Published: Sat, 1/5/2013 by al cutcher
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Sweet jacket!
I'm a motorcycle guy. I have a few top-end Vanson and Dainese jackets and pants and a Vanson custom 1-piece race suit. I use those for going really fast, as they have lots of armor, which cushion the inevitable falls. For around town this is the jacket, hands down. Beautiful! The fitted design is superb. Much better than a box-style, for me anyway. The horsehide is thick, but not over-the-top thick (my race suit is thicker, and is very cumbersome). Quality is very good -- no complaints at all. The horsehide is just a winner -- stands out big time from a cowhide jacket. Very very pleased. And I love the cut and full-piece back-- classic and attractive. In sum, I LOVE the horsehide in combination with a classic fitted cut -- superb. FWIW, I'm 6-1" and 200 lbs and the 46 fits very well. A little loose in the body, but the sleeve length when riding is perfect. And I have room for an undergarment for winter riding.
Published: Tue, 8/14/2012 by eddie
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Best jacket I've ever owned
I've owned about 5 leather jackets (3 motorcycle leathers) and when this one arrived, I could tell it was high quality. My H-D leather jacket was tough but not very good looking with all the labels everywhere. I wanted a jacket I could ride all day in and still clean it up to go to dinner...this is the perfect compromise. I ride close to 6,000 miles/year. The fact that the collar snaps down for riding is a huge plus. It would be useless to me otherwise. I'm around the 2 month marker and its breaking in beautifully. I could not be happier. Thanks Schott for making these in the USA.
Published: Tue, 2/21/2012 by Brent Flemming-New Hampshire USA
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A lifetime of smiles!
I love this jacket so much! Gail was so helpful in talking me into going one size up and I am so glad she did! The fit is perfection...the quality is amazing and the look is exactly what I wanted! I don't "ride"..but I do want to look good and this jacket is the best.

For generations the Schott family continues the committment to supporting local, union based craftsmen and for that reason alone we should support companies like Schott!
Published: Sat, 11/26/2011 by Myles McPartland
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best damn jacket you could own
runs a little small so order one size larger than what you normaly wear. very stiff at first but will break in over time. you know what they say some things get better with age. had to lay my bike down at 45mph. and thank schott for my leather to keep me rash free. it wears like iron and worth every penny i paid. thats from someone who rides every day. rain,snow or shine.stay schott leathered my friends.
Published: Fri, 10/28/2011
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tailored fit
Just received the jacket from Sterling Leathers. The fit is perfect and took advise to order 1 size up. The jackets looks awesome. The quality and finish on the horsehide is top notch. Just for comparison, the fit on the jacket is close to a size 40 in the style 118 which I also have(physical measurements are height 5'07", weight 160 lbs. chest 41 in. waist 32 in. As far as the stiffness of the horsehide, I'm used to it and not as stiff as it's mentioned in the ads.
Published: Tue, 7/12/2011 by Arnel Fernandez
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Great jacket
This is a great heavy jacket. I just got it and it looks like it will take a little time to break in. It will be fun HA HA.
Published: Mon, 12/27/2010 by Angelo Iglesias
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fifties style, top-notch quality, flawless finish
This is a true classic. I bought this jacket a few weeks ago at Glory on Hollywood Boulevard in LA. I needed a biker jacket, but I didn't want to go with the Harley Davidson apparel, as there are too many logos on them.

The Schott offers way better quality and style. The leather is impeccably uniform, and the finish is flawless. This jacket weighs a bit, so in SoCo it's a bit warm in it in the summertime, but it looks truely 50s - a timeless classic.
Published: Sun, 8/22/2010 by Walter Lotje
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The jacket of my dreams
Amazing, is the jacket of my dreams, I hope enjoy it . All good, very good and fast. Greetings from Valencia, Spain. Thank You!!!!
Published: Wed, 8/12/2009 by Slow ride
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High quality motorcycle jacket
Thanks to Gail for her help to define the right size. The jacket fits me well : neck, chest, waist and hip measurements, length of arm are alright. I am entirly satisfy by this jacket.
Published: Mon, 6/29/2009 by JPG
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Great Jacket
Fast delivery. Its a heavy good quality jacket that will last as long as my motorbike. To fit armour order one size up. A classic!
Published: Sun, 4/19/2009 by Otto, Oslo Norway
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Scott Tracker Horsehide
This is one hardcore jacket! It is a bit stiff, but will break in and wear for years! The only drawback, is that it is not offered in tall sizes. I am 6'3" tall, 180lbs, and normally wear a size 42 tall. Usually, you will need the next size up, for a motorcycle jacket. This jacket is for average size people, and I ended up giving it to my son, as it was too short for me. It fits him perfectly...
Published: Sat, 3/28/2009 by Dave S., Omaha, NE.
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